Best Lesbian Kissing in VR Porn to Date? Examining Virtual Taboo’s Smokin’ “Lesbian Taboo!”

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Lesbian Taboo starring Ally Breelsen and Silvia Rubi

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Lesbian Taboo from Virtual Taboo

Today we will be taking a look at the smoking hot girl/girl scene "Lesbian Taboo", a February 2016 release from Virtual Taboo featuring Silvia Rubi and Ally Breelsen.  This 40 minute video is packed full of great girl on girl action, mostly filmed from a 3rd person perspective, that is sure to please both guys and gals alike. 

Ally Breelsen and Silvia Rubi

The movie starts off in a modern looking room with a very high ceiling that adds a nice open feeling to the space in VR.  Ally is seated in front of you on a chair and Sylvia is standing behind her and these girls are close.  Silvia introduces them, and they start to kiss a bit, and it is apparent right off the bat, these girls enjoy kissing each other.  It is the kind of thing that can really make this type of scene, and the next 38 minutes are a pleasure to watch Ally and Silvia work together.

Silvia is rubbing Ally down and taking her time with every touch, and when she begins to work on Ally's neck gently kissing and licking it, things are incredibly sensual and you are going, ok, this is going to be a great scene.  Silvia begins to help Ally undress and when their eyes meet, you can feel the heat!

silvia rubi and ally breelsen

Can you feel the heat Silvia?

You get your first peak at Ally's amazing breasts and Silvia goes straight to work on them.  Both girls have beautiful eyes and make lots of contact throughout the movie.  Ally gets up on the chair and you get your first look at her cute little ass, while Silvia gives her a few whacks and begins to finger her pussy.  This action is right in front of your nose, and looks amazing.

Perhaps the Best Kissing I Have Seen in VR

Ally helps Silvia disrobe next and you get a look at her awesome tattoo work and cute little landing strip before she gets up on the chair and puts her own amazing ass in your face.  Ally is by her side, lubing her pussy up with spit and spreading her cheeks for you.

ally and silvia

Ally lubes up Silvia

Silvia sits back with her legs spread and Ally begins working on her pussy while telling you how wet and hot it is and stopping to taste Silvia from her fingers.  They begin to kiss again even more passionately now and they pretty much can't stop kissing each other, and you can't stop watching it! 

ally fingers silvia

Ally with her hand in the cookie jar!

Heating Up

Next, Silvia grabs a dildo and starts to slowly tease Ally with it.  Nothing is rushed here, and the girls look incredible.  Silvia begins to work it into Ally's pussy and you can see how tight she is gripping down on the dildo as it enters her.  If you are not rocking some serious chub by now, you likely have vision problems.

Ally gets back up on the chair and lets Silvia fuck her from behind while she rubs her clit until she gets herself off and cums hard.  More slow kissing before Silvia sits down and spreads her legs in front of you while Ally declares it is her turn to give Silvia pleasure, and she sounds like she means it.

ally fucks silvia

Ally brings Silvia much pleasure

Silvia has a sexy full pussy and it looks great as Ally fucks it with the dildo, stopping to add spit along the way until she succeeds in bringing her friend pleasure as promised.  They pull the dildo out and come in close to suck it in front of you, with more never gets old close up kissing.

Camera change to 1st person POV for a bit

At this point, you are about 20 mins in, and there is the first camera change of the movie, where you assume a first person POV view from Silvia's perspective as she looks down on Ally between her legs. Ally removes Silvia's shoes and begins to suck on her toes before coming up to dine on her pussy and this looks pretty hot here indeed with Ally obviously enjoying herself.

ally tastes herself

Ally tasting her pussy juices from Silvia's fingers!

She comes up and sits on Silvia's chest very close to the camera, and Ally goes a bit out of focus in this section, while Silvia fingers her wet pussy inches from your face.  Though Ally drifts in and out of focus here, she also cums seriously hard and looks really hot while doing so.  After she cums, she gets down between Silvia's legs and cleans her juices from Silvia's fingers.

Double Dildo

You get one more camera shot change here and the girls are before you kissing with a large double dildo having shown up.  This is probably my favorite camera setup in the movie, and both girls look spectacular while they get going sucking on the double dong.

ally and silvia double dong

I told you this shit was hot!

Ally leans in close while Silvia starts fucking her from behind, and you are probably fumbling around for your paper towel at this point, cause it ain't gonna be long.  This is awesomesauce!  They then position themselves ass to ass and go at it on the double dong, and it is pretty much time for you to do what you came to do.  Don't spill.  This shit is SUPER HOT and when they turn around and go at it scissors style, its a wrap with Ally coming to yet another quivering orgasm.

ally and silvia scissor position

The girls sharing that double dildo......rawr!

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Awesome VR Porn Scene from Virtual Taboo

All things considered, we loved this movie from Virtual Taboo, and while we were familiar with Silvia Rubi before, we are definitely new fans of Ally Breelsen.  This was an amazingly sensual and sexy video, that did not feel rushed or unnatural at any point, and it was quite obvious the girls enjoyed each others company.  No major technical complaints other than the one slightly out of focus section with Ally, which is only a min or so.  Would recommend for guys and gals both, and to fans of Silvia and Ally, Girl/Girl, dildo play and super sensual kissing. 10/10.

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Lesbian Taboo from Virtual Taboo!

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