Kesha Ortega Keeps it Up Close and Personal with Latina Ass Shake from BadoinkVR!

Latin Ass Shake from BaDoinkVR

"Latina Ass Shake" featuring Kesha Ortega from BaDoinkVR

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Latina Ass Shake"

Latina Ass Shake is a new 25 minute May 2016 release from BaDoinkVR featuring voluptuous Kesha Ortega in some saucy Latin action.  This movie is set in the same great looking house that many of their other recent titles have been shot in such as Heart Shaped Ass and Pumping, Jumping and Humping, and I never really get tired of looking at the views in this place.

Kesha Ortega Latina Ass Shake BaDoinkVR

Kesha Ortega lookin hot to trot in black lace

The flick starts off with Kesha in a dynamite black lace cutout number and she looks really tastey as she walks over and flips on some music to get her groove on with.  The music here, similar to what HoloGirlsVR did a couple weeks back, is piped in via studio magic, and as with the HoloGirlsVR scene, I wish they had just used the ambient room mic, as the music pretty much pulls you out of the VR space. But Kesha is lookin HAF dancing in front of you, she can move for sure and overall, the music is not tooo much of a detraction here.  It is however really, really , really repetitive in Spanish.

Kesha Ortega

Kesha gives you an up look close at the goods

The music fades and Kesha is standing nice and close to you with her leg up rubbing her pussy, and the closeness remains for much of the rest of the scene, and I would categorize this one as being fairly up on the intimacy scale due to Kesha's proximity to you throughout.  There were a few moments where I even got goosebumps, so that is usually a sign of good VR in my book.

Kesha gets to work on your dick with her mouth, and makes lots of solid eye contact throughout, really adding to the blowjob section.

Kesha Ortega BaDoinkVR

Lots of eye contact during the sucking

8 Minutes in there is a switch to laying back in bad perspective and Kesha comes in super close,  getting really close to kissable distance here, and I wished she had come just a tiny bit closer overall.  But Kesha FEELS very present in VR here and this is a great section in that sense. You get a sense of her moving around physically, and at one point, I even feared for my junk when she came in with her knee.

You get some really close cowgirl for the next section and Kesha spends more time leaning in with her huge tits in your face, than she does laying back, which is a good thing.

Kesha Ortega Latina Ass Shake

Too close to get it all in here

Around 15 minutes in, Kesha turns around and puts her badunkadunk up in yo face, and she got a nice big, meaty ass and she knows how to move it and they actually stick with the shot here and let you get a good view for a few.  Indeed, Kesha even stands up and puts it in your face while you can see here sucking your cock below and this is another really great VR shot, and hats off to BaDoinkVR for stickin it in our face and keeping it there for a good amount of time.

Kesha Ortega 1

Really great shot here!

Kesha then reverses her position and I have to say, she begins to move her ass like you wont believe and there is little hype in this title folks, this is some prime Latin booty shakin here.

Kesha Ortega Ass

Kesha puts on some SERIOUS moves here

Latina Ass Shake

A bit of nice titty fucking at the end

You get a bit of titty fucking next before Kesha jerks you off to a fly everywhere cum shot and leans in for a quick taste of it from her fingers before the scene ends.

Kesha BaDoinkVR

Pearl Necklace!

Overall, this was a really strong effort from BaDoinkVR and Kesha Ortega.  The lighting was much better in this scene than in many of the recent BaDoinkVR releases and there was no noticeable up close distortion as was so distracting in Pumping, Jumping and Humping, ....which makes me wonder if we are seeing a new tweak to the camera setup here.  I think there is a strong likelihood something changed on the rig, for the better.  The scene was shot closer than normal for BaDoinkVR and it had a really nice VR sense to much of it due to this proximity and I hope they continue on in this direction, with even closer, kissable face shots.  Really good, my fave BaDoink VR Scene in the last month or so of the ones I have caught and a strong entry to their catalog all around.   Would recommend to lovers of luscious Latin ladies, big titties, dancing, and folks who like their VR porn shot a bit closer up.  Also, dude is pretty neutral in this, not a lot of hands and no sounds or groans that I can recall. 10/10.

"Latina Ass Shake" from BaDoinkVR

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