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KinkVR Website Review

KinkVR Review

Updated for December 2018

The KinkVR website has not been updated since July 2017

December 2018: It looks like BaDoinkVR has stepped in to revive the KinkVR brand. More information coming.

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kink vr review

From KINK.com & HologirlsVR its KinkVR!

ella ariel kink vr
penny pax kink vr movie

Ariel X

Penny Pax

venus lux kink vr
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Venus Lux

Madeline Marlowe

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Ella Nova


KinkVR Review Score: Full Review Below


Number of Movies

Subscription Pricing 

Update Frequency

Variety of Pornstars

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VR Production



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  • Oculus Rift, Gear VR, Google Carboard and many other headset formats supported.
  • 32 clips of all flavors and nastiness.  Top stars such as Penny Pax and anal queen Ella Nova!  Straight, TS and Gay, KinkVR has it all, and its all dirty!  3rd person POV camera shots breaks the 1st person POV mold.  Speculum's, Insertions, Fisting.  Hardcore VR Porn!  
  • KinkVR used to be closely associated with the Kink.com network, but it appears that this will be it's own entity in conjunction with HoloGirlsVR, which so far, has meant a typically broken/partially functioning HoloGirlsVR clone website. 
  • KinkVR content was available for FREE for more than a year. All of that early content, is now behind a premium sub price.
  • KinkVR still says "beta" on its logo....and it still should, even after this years restart on production.
  • June 2017, KinkVR appears to be barely updating at all, with 12 minutes of content being added in May and 28 minutes of content added in June.  Pretty craptaculous for the price. July saw 2 clips added or 23 minutes of content. 
  • Kink.com made major changes this year, and it appears KinkVR is dead on the vine. 
  • September 2017:  KinkVR has not been updated since July 2017.

$24.95/mo, $71.40/year

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KinkVR Review

Updated for November 2018

*Kink VR have not updated since July 2017*

  1. Number of movies: 2/5  32 clips on the front page at the moment in November 2018.  This would be a 3/5 if there were not so many "clips".  It is the most clippy catalog in VR porn in terms of run time and scenes chopped into multiple portions. 
  2. Sub pricing: 1/5  At $24.95/mo and $71.40 annual, KinkVR pricing is not that bad, it's on the high side, but when you consider they only released 47 minutes worth of clip content in March 2017, this becomes a really premium price point in my eyes based on the competitors monthly outputs.  Similar output for April releases is not a lot of motivation to carry a 25 dollar a month sub.  Even less content was put up in May and June 2017,  so I certainly would not pay $24.95 more than one month to leech.  Annnnd they are now dead, so ya!
  3. Update Frequency:  1/5  At less than an hour of month worth of clip content for the first couple of months of business this year, it was already pretty craptacular at KinkVR.  As of May 2017, they are no longer even updating the trickle of content they had been releasing in months prior.  June and July saw a couple of clips added apiece and July 2017 was the last time the site was updated.
  4. Variety/Kinky stuff/Niche content:  5/5  KinkVR is associated with Kink.com, so about every niche and fetish you can think of gets shot by Kink.com.
  5. Variety of Pornstars:  2/5 Kink.com gets all sorts.  Pro's, Amateurs, Male, Female, Shemale.  Well established names like Penny Pax and Abella Danger, and many others.  
  6. Tech:  1/5  KinkVR tech is pretty bad, with old original footage being beta at best and newer footage being shot in 360 with seams. 
  7. VR production:  2.5/5  The production wasn't too bad at KinkVR, they were initially trying some interesting ideas, albeit on beta gear.   I still really enjoy a few of those old clips, as they just stand all by themselves in flavor. 
  8. Searchability:  2/5  It is pretty much a one page site. Tag navigation works as does performer filtering. 
  9. Extras/Networks:  1/5  Not much in the way of anything extra since KinkVR got cut off from the Kink.com home site.
  10. Download Speed:  3/5  Average to good download speed for the new clips I have grabbed in the past.
  11. Other Points

    • Scaling/ Distortion:  Early KinkVR releases are beta clips, and display larger scale as well as some distortion.  The new clips I have seen post re-launch have looked better in this regard but the tech was never that great at KinkVR.
    • Overall Immersion/ VR Sense: I like KinkVR clips in terms of immersion.  You get some great dungeonesque settings, ominous KinkVR undertone setting music and if they would just stop chopping the longer footage up into smaller clips, they would have some fairly immersive scenes for sure. 

Kink VR Review Score


KinkVR Review

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