Kenna James in Virtual Reality! Proving Yourself from BabeVR!

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Kenna James Featured in Proving Yourself from BabeVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Release date:  5/16/2018
Running time: 31 minutes
Starring:  Kenna James
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Proving Yourself Preview
Notables:  Kenna James natural goodness
Negatives:  Desk PoV, left and right audio signal crossed during the 2nd half of the movie
Review Score: 9.5
5 words or less: Kenna James in VR motherfuckers!
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Proving Yourself

Sup guys!

Getting back to some movies this week after my home computer C drive went tits up after a power outage/surge last Friday and a weird bug showing up here this week affecting my ability to upload larger files that I have been trying to get solved, so it felt good to sit down today and blow off some cream with Miss Kenna James at BabeVR! I think if there were 2 girls I was really excited to see do some sort of virtual reality pron that had yet to do a scene, it would've probably have been Bailey Rayne and Kenna James, so BabeVR getting both of em in one month was like holy shit!  Bailey's scene never really achieved virtual liftoff for me unfortunately, more on the production side, not Bailey, with like 10 minutes of oral doll action featured and a shortened fuck section....... but Proving Yourself proved to be a little more on point in terms of the torso action for guys that are enjoying that aspect of BabeVR productions and Kenna James was pretty awesome here I thought.

Kenna James in Proving Yourself

The PoV of a desk lamp

I am the table (insert Hetfield meme)

Opening setup has "you" playing the part of..... a desk?....or maybe a lamp on the desk would be more the approximate height here. It's pretty low, bro.  

Kenna James is splainin to you what your potential duties as her assistant would be if she deems you worthy for the position and lucky for you, it seems one of your primary tasks will be to make Miss Kenna cum on the regular.

Kenna James

Kenna James!

Odd view

It's a weird table PoV — that was reminding me some of Thanksgiving Stuffing with Adriana Chechik last year— where Kenna is looking down on you at close range, which is odd feeling in terms of your view and this disparity does rob some of the focus away from the proximity with Kenna, stealing away from the illusion of being face to face with her. 

Kenna James VR porn

Kenna has to stoop due to the low height of the camera

Kenna James virtual reality

Kenna James looks awesome!

On the Kenna tip, she looks great up front, rockin some sexy wardrobe and she does a really nice job with the entire scene in terms of her dialog and keeping the vibe goin.

Kenna James ass

Other Tech

Audio, for this scene is currently backwards for latter half of the movie, so left and right stereo image are swapped on my file, and hopefully they can fix the audio and re-upload this one, because the whispering sections are pretty funny currently with Kenna whispering in your right ear but the audio playing back on the left.  Otherwise, you wont notice it.

Kenna James at BabeVR

The lights are even bright in the damned screenshot!

Lite it up

Lighting here, I was not a fan of. BabeVR/BaDoinkVR have been trying some new things with lighting I think to combat the often bleached out look of shoots from earlier this year, and the new thing seems to be turning on every available ceiling light, which in this case amounted to some 17 that I was able to count at one point!  So ya.... you got lens effects from the lights shining into the rig like you can see above, and often a light is positioned right by Kenna's head which can be a fair distraction from the action.

Kenna James tits
Kenna James at BabeVR

Hitting the top border

First things first

Kenna decides the first order of business is to get you hard and stands up to show off a bit for you and the PoV oddness is especially accentuated here, as Kenna basically now has to stoop to keep in front of the rig, as well as coming very close to having her head cropped out of frame when she does attempt to stand up fully. 

Kenna James bare ass

More fleshtones this week

As Kenna removed her panties I was noticing that at least on the positive side of the lighting/post processing, there was much more in the way of pink/flesh tones than in many recent BaDoinkVR shoots, so a slight improvement visually there. 

Kenna James spread ass
Kenna James in VR

"Now....I'm gonna crawl on my desk here and show you how I like things!"

The cam backs up a tad next and Kenna hops up on the desk to show you how she likes it done, and I was kind of fighting this PoV as well.  It's not close to her face, it's not close to her pussy, it's just kind of middlin around without any real effect.  Kenna's great on the other hand and kind of settles into her groove here rubbin her pussy, totally relaxed and sexy.

Kenna James at BabeVR
Kenna James on desk
Kenna James ass up

Ass up

The rear facing footage probably comes off the best of the desk shots, with Kenna looking back at you heads down off to the right where the rig height makes a little more sense.

Kenna James rubbing pussy

Kenna finishes up

The opening desk section winds up with Kenna facing you one more time while she rubs one out before transitioning down to the floor for the torso doll section of the movie. 

Kenna James torso doll

"Now I'm gonna jump on your cock, and you're gonna make me cum"

Tommy Torso makes his entrance at around the 13:30 mark of the scene, and Kenna gets things warmed up nicely with her mouth. Her vibe is totally chilled and relaxed, with just enough talk to keep things engaged, nothing forced, just natural. 

Kenna James
Kenna James at BabeVR
Kenna James virtual

"I want you to roll up for me, that way I can get to your balls"

Kenna goes in for a little nutt lovin n' asshole lickin next, before slipping a finger briefly in your back door, and while this section is short in duration in comparison to Sasha Heart's excellent scene from a couple months back, the effect for some reason seemed to work really well again for me despite it being "too close" from a PoV perspective on the math side.  It's kind of a weird effect, and Kenna looks really great looking up at you while lickin yer virtual balls here.

Kenna James simulated ass licking
Kenna James fingers ass
Kenna James cowgirl

"I want you inside me"

Simulated fucking gets going around 20 minutes in, and for the torso fucking aficionados, this section is all pretty nice in the virtual sense.

Kenna James virtual cowgirl

Ceiling lights

Lighting.... is not that great with the glare from the ceiling lights hitting you here as well as some less then flattering shadows falling on Kenna at times, who shines regardless.

Kenna James VR cowgirl

Bit flat still

While this cowgirl shot is smartly tilted up some, BabeVR could benefit greatly from the improved cowgirl angles Czech VR have been shooting with this year for example to enhance these torso riding sections even further, allowing the girls to hang over more and close up the distance. 

Kenna James virtual reality porn

While Kenna is close above you here, she never really gets into that overhanging zone, where you get more face time like you do with a sharper angle on the cams. But in terms of being able to skim up over the doll and enjoy Kenna James in virtual space above you, this section along with the following reverse action was definitely the VR pay dirt for this scene for me.

Kenna James reverse cowgirl

"You wanna see my pretty little ass in your face again?"

I'm an assman and this was probably my favorite reverse cowgirl shot at BabeVR that I have seen, as the lighting pretty much works at this angle, and Kenna's ass just has that extra ...VR sense to it with the more muted lighting hitting it. It just starts to look more like virtual assflesh in front of you with a bit more pink and fleshtone in this image. 

Kenna James reverse cowgirl
Kenna James
Kenna James virtual fuck

Kenna kills it

Kenna kills her eye contact throughout the scene and shoots some fantastic over the shoulder looks back at you during the reverse cowgirl section.

Kenna James footjob


There's a couple minutes of footsie action featured next, and for me, it was kind of hard to reconcile the feet being right in front of my face while on "my dick" at the same time in that sense, but I'm sure there are also dudes who will enjoy having Kenna's feet up close to "their face" in the other sense.

Kenna James
Kenna James virtual
Kenna James virtual porn

Creampie finish

The movie winds up with a few more minutes of forward cowgirl action where Kenna gets hers first before giving you some short but sweet creampie coaching down the home stretch.

Kenna James scene at BabeVR

"You know what.....I think you got the job"


So, wrappin up Proving Yourself, from a Kenna James fan standpoint, I thought it was a pretty awesome scene and I'm super stoked BabeVR managed to book her for us. I know there's a lot of Kenna James fans that watch VR porn, and this is a pretty awesome chance to get to hang out with her for 30 minutes in the holodeck. Her chill personality really shines through here, and the whole scene had an easy and natural sense to it, nothing forced or porny, just sexy Kenna James goodness.

On the highlights, the cowgirl riding both forwards and backwards were the money moments for me in the virtual sense, with the opening desk shot never really shaking the cam/observer feel for me personally. As well, just Kenna James's overall attitude and warm presence was a constant highlight.

On the lowlights, just the whole I-am-a-lamp-on-a-table shot didn't really work for me with the opening setup, and resulted in an odd viewpoint during a section when you can really be setting things up nicely with proximity for a scene like this using a largely forgiving bodyless PoV.  The 17 or more ceiling lights were another distraction, and I hope the turn-them-all-on phase of BaDoinkVR production will be soon be a thing of the past, as this is really not doing anything for the overall image quality, only hurting it in my estimation. The only other wart for me would be the audio being reversed during the floor footage in the 2nd half of the scene, so that when Kenna whispers in your right ear, the audio is in your left ear and hopefully BabeVR can do a quick fix on that detail and repost the scene. 

Overall, I enjoyed Proving yourself, it's hard not to enjoy Kenna James, and I would place this scene up there with Slam Cam, Stokely Session and Brand New Bangs as my favorite scenes from BabeVR this year on a natural performance standpoint. Kenna's an awesome natural girl and that comes right across here and if you're a Kenna James fan, you gotta get this one at some point. Like an 8 on production, a 10/10 for Kenna's end, 9.5/10 for the one and only Kenna James virtual experience!


Proving Yourself from BabeVR!

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