Kali Roses Inks the Deal at WankzVR! Kali-fornication!

Kali-fornication Featuring Kali Roses from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  5/22/2016
Running time: 58:00
Starring:  Kali Roses
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Kali-fornication preview
Notables:  Kali Roses, Lawn chair, outdoor setting
Negatives:  Lawn chair has wheels, some brief head cropping
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Great scene for Kali fans


Finishing up a super busy month with a week of updating privacy policies on my various websites and I am kind of looking up at the end of May going.... dam......where in the fuck did it go?  From GDRP rollout, to a C drive crash/windows reinstall on my computer, to gathering up discovery evidence for a lawsuit I am involved it, it's been a few weeks of rather-not-be-doing-this-shit, so it felt good to take a break to view some pron Saturday night and I decided to spend it watching Kali-fornication featuring WankzVR's latest contract girl, Kali Roses.  

Kali Roses


Kali-fornication is an outdoor backyard poolside scene, and in the past I would often be like..... well.....let's see how this is going to look when WankzVR would choose to shoot outside, as the results on the old rigs could vary quite a bit, from downright decent to downright snowstorm washouts like Pool Boy.

Kali Roses in Kali-fornication

Kali Roses!

Nice looking foiliage!

With the recent WankzVR rig upgrade though, things look substantially better outdoors, and I actually spent a lot of time tripping on the surrounding vegetation in this scene, which, unlike the previous kind of washed together effect on past rigs, was virtually hopping out at me in 3D all over the place. 

Kali Roses WankzVR
Kali Roses at WankzVR

Deliverin the goods

You're playing the part of messenger boy in Kali-fornication, having been dispatched to deliver Kali Roses' new WankzVR contract and you have found her chillin poolside in the Cali sun. She of course, thinks you're cute, and sets about makin with the moves after signin the line.

Kali Roses in Kali-fornication

I highly suspect that Miss Roses may be baked!

Blazed n glazed 

Kali looks fantastic set against the background greenery, and judging from her bloodshot eyes, she had had some fantastic greenery herself prior the scene getting started! She comes in for a kiss and they are often right on the nose in Kali-fornication.....in the literal sense, so you get that tickly VR feeling but not quite in the right place.

Kali-fornication scene review

"So......do you want to stay and play?"

Kali puts the offer to you, dispensing with the paperwork to get down to business and this brings us to our first transition of the scene, and the first of some classic Kali off screen looks.  When Kali's looking at you... her eye contact is great, but she has a habit of looking over at direction and this is kind of classic Kali for me after 4 scenes now. It's both a little endearing and immersion blowing all at once!

Kali Roses in VR

Classic Kali off screen look!

Kali Roses ass
Kali Roses WankzVR contract
Kali Roses virtual
Kali-fornication movie review wankzvr

Solid intro

Otherwise the opening action is close up and intimate and the intro does quite well at setting the scene off.

Kali Roses nipples

"Here....pinch my nipples....but don't cum in your pants though!"

Kali breaks out the dumbbells and lets you grab a pinch before moving over to the lawn chair for some close ups.

Kali Roses ass

"I feel like you have a nice tongue...I want you to lick my pussy"

Kali takes a knee on the lawn chair and action transitions down to a front row seat on Kali's meat for the next 4 minutes or so while Miss Roses twerks it and werks it.

Kali Roses virtual reality
Kali Roses spreads pussy
Kali Roses lawn chair

A great looking sideways shot

"I really wanna taste my pussy on your lips"

One of my favorite shots in the scene came where Kali lays sideways to the camera on the lawn chair to give you a smootch, and I just loved the close up view here, where you get a nice sense of her breasts and presence, and we don't often get treated to profile views in VR, with most of the action being more dead on to the camera. 

Kali Roses from WankzVR
Kali Roses ass

Lawn chair PoV

Stunt dick Damon Dice warps in proper in the seated position on the lawn chair at the 12 minute mark, and I was stoked on the lawn chair PoV, as for the last 4 years, a classic reclining lawn chair has been the one of the first things to pop into my head when I think of something to sit a VR stuntbro in.

Kali Roses VR porn

Lawn chair.... with wheels

This one turns out to work great as a prop..... other than the fact that the fuckers on wheels, and winds up needing some of those wedges they pound with mallets under airplane tires to keep it steady for the fuckins, so this does lead to some camera knockin when the van gets rockin later.

Kali Roses virtualoral sex
Kali Roses blojob

Klassic Kali!

Kali Roses cowgirl

Straddle style

A few minutes of oral and a sunlit Kali hops on for some tasty lawn chair straddle cowgirl and I was lovin the way she was able to move in this positioning vs. being on her knees for a similar shot.

Kali Roses virtual sex

Great lines/movement

The straddle allows for some really nice visual lines as well as more hip grind than pogo action, so I thought the lawn chair worked out great in that respect and Kali looks super hot here doin her thing.

Kali Roses head crop

Framin it up Naughty America style

Could use an uptilt on the rig

The only nitpick I would have would be to tilt the cam up some here so that Kali doesn't come so near to the top frame when getting super close to the cam. You get less bro below and more room at the top border for a win win, and this overhanging footage is really nice VR candy when framing accommodates it. 

Kali Roses pussy

Kali's gone....

Right on the nose

You get to rub your nose in Kali's asshole n pussy next, with the placement landing about where the kisses land in this scene, and you will also have to compete for Kali's attention some here with production cues.

Kali Roses pussy

......annnnd back!

Kali Roses from behind

Standing reverse

Standing reverse straddle cowgirl's next and things look quite nice other than some odd reflections bouncing of Kali on the lighting side. 

Kali Roses virtual fuck
Kali Roses VR cowgirl
Kali Roses lean back cowgirl

Tasty leanback

This section also features a great looking reclining position with Kali laying back towards you.

Kali Roses squat fuck
Kali Roses virtual sex
Kali Roses prone bone

Prone bone zone

The lawn chair continues to serve up great views with a sweet prone bone section around 35 minutes in, with the only weakness being that the chairs on wheels and things get moved around a bit with the subsequent thrustins.

Kali Roses prone bone WankzVR

If the thing was anchored somehow though, I could see the handles working well for dude to stabilize himself in this position.

Kali Roses prone bone
Kali Roses virtual prone bone
Kali Roses hair pull

Cam bumps

With it bein on wheels though, things drift around some here in terms of PoV as well as the cam takin some shots as Damon tries to keep everything in place while giving Kali a good hard dickin. Great looking shot, other than the unintentional movement. 

Kali Roses VR doggie


The prone bone action transitions naturally to on your knees doggie...and hey...again with the lawn chair versatility!

Kali Roses virtual doggie
Kali Roses sitting missionary

Sitting mish

Sitting missionary is next and I was thinking here they might could have swapped the lawn chair around with the inclined section behind Kali, so that she could have been more up in your face and in your lap for another winning prop shot. 

Kali Roses WankzVR

Upright mish

Kali pretty much hauls herself up into that position anyway, so you do get the more assfleshy grindy lap style ride here as well as the lean back boner killing angle.

Kali Roses

"Make me cum all over your cock while you choke me"

You give Kali the neck grip next and haul her in close face to face so there is about every positional variety in this last setup.  

Kali Roses cumshot

"I'm all cummed out...but I'd love to suck your cock until you cum"

Kali-fornication ends up on a couple of minutes of oral with Kali gobblin up everything you have to give her and givin you a cummy kiss at the end.

Kali Roses
Kali Roses burns one

"Well...now that we did that, why don't we go and get a smoke!"

Cooldown features a sunset burn sesh with Kali, so you can get yer virtual smoke on on the way out in true Kali-fornication style.

Kali Roses smoke session
Kali Roses ass

The end!

My favorite Kali Roses scene at WankzVR


Wrappin it up, I thought Kali-fornication was a great scene for Kali Roses fans and my favorite of the four scenes she's done for WankzVR to this point. The outdoors rich green backdrop was a really flattering setting to shoot her on, and the new WankzVR rig held up nicely outside. The WankzVR dog even made a cameo in the background!

On the strong side, I was diggin the lawn chair action, other than it moving around some, and I thought it facilitated some great positioning for the scene and especially loved the different looking sideways shot on it.  On the tech, the image looked quite nice for an outside shoot and I also felt like the audio might have been a notch up from the standard WankzVR audio quality. 

On the negatives, the chair's on wheels, so the cam gets knocked around at times and there is some PoV drift in that sense. Otherwise, beyond Kali's habit of looking off screen quite a bit and a short section where her head gets cropped out in cowgirl, there isn't a lot to pull you out of this Kali Roses virtual experience.

Overall, I thought Kali-fornication was a great scene from Kali Roses and WankzVR and I'll be looking forward to seeing some more scenes with her this year as a WankzVR contract girl, hopefully with her looking forward as well! 10/10


Kali-fornication from WankzVR!

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