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Jynx Maze Featured in Jynxed from Naughty America VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Naughty America VR
Release date:  January 27, 2017
Running time: 41:22
Starring: Jynx Maze
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Jynxed Preview
Notables:  Jynx Maze, easy dialog, nice shots for anal fans 
Negatives:  Q&A in the middle of the T&A, abrupt ending
Review Score: 9
5 words or less:  Nice change of pace @NA


Doing a review tonight for Jynxed from Naughty America VR featuring lovely Jynx Maze.  Jynx is right up my ally taste wise, and this one is primarily an anal movie, so that got the auto download from me this weekend for sure. Naughty America movies have been feeling a little stock for me lately, with a great deal of scenes in late 2016 sharing similar setups and similar fuck sequences, so I was stoked that this one dared to try some new things in the form of a solo intro tease that was more in the style of Real Teens VR and it's good to see Naughty America mixing up their VR recipe some here in Jynxed.


Setup finds Jynx Maze before your bodyless PoV on a long, white, kind of ottoman/bench type deal, and she is introducing herself in a talking-to-everyone kind of manner, telling you she knows we tuned in to see her big, brown butt.

​Closer than normal for Naughty America

Jynx looks awesome and is soon showing off that sweet booty of hers, and she gets her goods right up on the camera much closer than what we typically get from Naughty America for some spreading action.  As is kind of par for the course, most girls tend to move around a lot when doing this shot, and Jynx is no exception here with some tailwagging that can make it a bit hard to focus dat great ass.

​Different vibe right away

So right off, this one feels different from your standard Naughty America VR scene, and that was welcome for me on that front. Image quality is decent here, but I noticed I was having some sort of mild convergence issues it seemed like, as if something was not quite right with the 2 images so not sure if that's just me or if others will notice this.

​Mixed signals

Jynx is a talker and spits a decent rap, and after a bit of intro....leans in to kiss the camera. Which, is kind of funny, when she was just talking to it like it was the window to the world and we were all on the other side. So some mixed signals here from production as she says "aw yea babe" and continues to swap between talking to the camera as a group or a person.

​Miss Maze would like your tongue in her wink!

A bit more close up on the booty and Jynx gets onto the bench for some quick ass fingering while telling you what a little ass whore she is.  Backing in close to the camera again, she then asks you to put your tongue in her wink and this is the kind of thing that gave Jynxed a bit of new zest for a Naughty America scene.

"I got a surprise for you guys"

Back to addressing all of us after just addressing one of us, and Jynx says she has a surprise, busting out a buttplug which she easily stows in her rear compartment before moving in close again for some hands free, in out action which should make the ass guys happy indeed.  In fact, this reviewer was getting pretty happy indeed, with this plug section going for a couple minutes and me thinking about setting up my tent. And then...

/recordscratch...​stow your boner bro

Naughty America suddenly pulls the rug out on you and it's time for.....Reddit Q&A??? Da fuq? /zipperupsigh.  So ya...7 mins in, Jynx shuts down the A play, in favor of some flashcards, and despite recognizing some of the names on the cards, I was fastforwarding that shit by question 2, Beginning, yes. End, yes. After she has a buttplug in your face for 2 mins teasing you? Fuck fucking no! lol

​3 minutes later...

So ya, I can't even tell you what interesting anecdotes are shared in the Q&A, but it goes for like 3 full minutes before there is a bit of a weird cut, and they warp the stunt dick in, who is now laying back on the same white bench Jynx was just on. Perspective is average here, guy is laying below you clearly, but the depth is about right as Jynx gets to work sucking on your cock. The shot, like most of these types of shots, would look better in the virtual sense if the guy was inclined or seated.

Couple of minutes of suckin is followed up by some hard pogo cowgirl, that is more jump than grind before Jynx gives you a kiss and gets off to sample her snatch from your cock.

​Some choice reverse views

Tasty reverse standing cowgirl follows next and Jynx looks great here riding her ass on your shit. You get about 4 mins of vag for those counting before some more P2M and it's then time to tap that big beautiful booty.

"You ready to stick that big fat cock in my tight little ass?"

A quick smootch and Jynx sits that ass right down on your cock and as an anal fan, this section was pretty solid action for the next 6 minutes or so, offering up a sweet rear view of the proceedings. 

​Transition to reclined doggie

Some ATM for a minute or so and there is a transition cut, that finds you now in, like, the lean back Wankz position from 5 months back that always leaves me thinking, that probably sucked balls for bro there.

"I want some more cock in my ass"

Jynx backs up for round 2, and other than the why-would-anyone-fuck-like-this perspective, the anal action is quite nice and I was feelin Jynx in this scene with her easy dirty dialog and enthusiastic fucking.

​Pause for some feet time

Cock pops out presenting a quick ass to mouth op, and Jynx then gets down on her back and throws the feet guys a bone with a mid butt fuck foot show, lol. Feet aint my thing, so I was ready to get past this bit of podiatry and back to brown town but the feet guys have to take it where they can get it right now so get yer virtual toe suck on bro. 

​More sexy ass fuckin from Jynx

More anal in the same position follows and overall Jynxed is a pretty solid movie for ass lovers, offering up great rear views and Jynx putting in some super sexy grinding.

​Some WankzVR style asshole appreciation

You get a close up view of Jynx's worked hole next featuring some more Brown-eye winking and in that regard, this scene felt a bit more Wankz and a bit less traditional Naughty America VR, who are really not known for putting the naughty bits up on your nose much at this point like they do in this scene. 

​Final position

Jynx mounts back up facing you for the final position at around 36 minutes in and gives herself a pretty good forearm workout while giving you a hard ride in her ass down the home stretch.

Dine n' dash

One last round of A2M and Jynx is back on for a final grind before tellin you she wants that nutt all over her ass, turning back around to give you a prime target for your man batter after which the scene almost immediately comes to an abrupt end and it is pretty much dump your load and lights out in Jynxed. 

Glad to see Naughty America mix it up a bit​


So Jynxed felt like a bit of fresh air at Naughty America for me, with many late 2016 scenes having relied on similar setups and plot mechanics it was nice to break out of the current mold and fuck sequences a bit with Jynxed here.  The intro felt much more Real Teens VR than NA and other than kind of derailing it midway with the Q&A bit, worked as a nice way to set the scene up: some solo tease time followed up by some fuckin.  The Q&A is totally cool, just load that up at the end as an after dinner mint, or just start the fucker up with that shit, but don't let some guy get mid chub after 5 minutes of work up, and then whip out the stack of flashcards for 3 mins of bring-back-the-buttplug! 🙂  Jynx Maze came off really strong in this feature and I'd definitely be interested to see some more VR scenes with her in the future.  She has that really relaxed, casual confident vibe that works really well for VR movies, great eyes and she is able to keep the scene colored with more natural sounding dialog than your standard fare while keeping things nice n nasty. And dat ass! Only real negatives here for me were the oddly timed Q&A, and the abrupt shutdown after the pop.  As well, I would have preferred a more inclined position when laying on back and a less reclined position in doggy as more honest and present feeling VR perspectives.  Other than those small gripes though, Jynxed was great scene for Jynx Maze fans and anal lovers should be quite happy with this one as well.  Jynxed does stand out a bit in the Naughty America VR catalog and this would certainly be one of my favorite anal scenes there so far. 9/10.

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