Just Friends with Riley Reid from BaDoinkVR

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Just Friends Featuring Riley Reid from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 7/10

"Just Friends"

Well, after a week off swapping my website hosting over, it's time to get back on some movie reviews, and first up today is the new BaDoinkVR September 15th release of Just Friends Riley Reid.  Riley has been making the VR rounds, being featured at HoloGirlsVR, WankzVR, VR Bangers, Naughty America VR and now BaDoinkVR, so I was curious to see how this one measured up to some of her other VR scenes with Riley being one of my favorite VR performers at the moment in terms of her just bringing it to every scene.  While Just Friends has some nice moments for Riley Reid fans to be sure, the movie is not without some really awkward bits as well.

2 riley reid freinds

We can still be friends

The scene starts out with you laying on a bed with Riley before you.  She is asking you how she looks in her outfit in a fairly thin opening setup that finds you playing her "friend"  and her getting ready to go hook up with some random dude.

The audio, immediately, was standout for me, and I would rate it as some of the best I have heard in a VR movie.  Crisp, clear and present with good positional effect, it does a lot to define the space aurally in this video and when Riley approaches or moves around you, the audio follows.  She makes her way up onto the bed, working up close, and there are some nice moments in this section as Riley makes it known that she is into fucking around with you.

3 riley reid badoinkvr just friends

From this.......

Abrupt transition

Riley starts to unbuckle your jeans to get at your cock and there comes the first of a few really hard edits in the movie, where one moment you have jeans on, and the next you don't.  You just find yourself with Riley on top of you suddenly, sporting raging wood and it kind of blows the continuity and rhythm a bit here.

4-badoinkvr riley reid just friends

...to this in a second flat

Opening section is solid enough

Some close up titties as Riley gets out of her sun dress are followed by some in your face ass action and off to the side suck n jerk before she stands up with her ass in your face and bends over while blowing you from below.  Overall, the whole opening section is pretty decent with Riley feeling quite present and giving you a bunch of different looks and angles to enjoy. 

6 just freinds
8 just friends riley reid

Some wet fucking

Riley hops on for some lean back cowgirl, glazing your cock up in one single plunge into her wet pussy, and all the fucking in this section is sure to please most Riley fans as she grinds and squirts on your slick cock for the next few minutes.

9 riley reid squirt virtual

Riley squirts

Might wanna do your bidness by now

Some reverse cowgirl follows and this all looks quite good with Riley bouncing on your big dick to the point of fearing for it slipping out and getting KO'd, but if you are storing a nut, you might think about chuckin it here in this section, as the following scenes get a bit weird.

10 just friends riley badoinkvr

Some nice mish, but only for one minute

At around the 18 minute mark, there is a scene cut, and you find yourself going from on your back, to kneeling mish, which actually feels pretty great on perspective, but is inexplicably dropped only a minute later.  So by the time you re-orient yourself to looking down at the shot, it is already over, and you are going, what was really the point of that?  Because it is right back to your back all over again next and it just comes off pretty odd feeling in the end.

11 riley

You get one whole minute of this otherwise nice shot

Back to your back for some slight of gland

You next find yourself right back on your back again, and Riley has your half-limp shit in a death-grip jerk with you really appearing to be in no shape to be throwing any rope in the short term. 

12 riley reid virtual reality

Not quite ready for liftoff

In fact, there is a scene edit, and you then find yourself almost totally limp as Riley seriously crams every inch of your shit down her throat in a super sales job, coming up off your cock with the line that you shot down her throat without warning.  You be the judge, lol.  Looked to me like homie had dumped like 15 minutes back.  

The camera perspective on this last odd shot is also off, as compared to the same opening setup, with the camera being a bit lower, but you have to give Riley Reid an A for effort here for sure with some serious cock throating!

13 just friends badoinkvr riley reid

Deepthroat....check.  Cum? You decide.

Was OK for me, Riley Rocks, Weird Ending  7/10

Wrapping Just Friends Riley Reid up, when I saw the time on this movie was 20 minutes up front, I thought to myself, "they must have had to edit some shit out", and by the appearances of the end of the movie, there must have been some tech issues or something.  The scene otherwise felt good up until the last few minutes and for the most part I think most Riley Reid fans will enjoy it for the short 20 minute clip that it is. 

The opening and middle were all pretty solid and I guess I would rate this one about even with Riley n You from HoloGirlsVR, with On Set still being the defining Riley Reid Virtual Reality experience to date.  Audio, image and scale were all sharp and the cam perspectives were on point on all but the odd shot at the end, where it looked to have been repositioned too low.  A bit more jerking than I like to see in total minutes out of a 20 minute video, but who knows why the missionary was cut away from after only a minute and it seemed perhaps they were scraping for footage a bit on this one.  7/10.  Fake cumshots suck, Riley Reid rocks as usual! 

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Just Friends Riley Reid from BaDoinkVR

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