Upside Down Missionary with Jureka Del Mar at Czech VR!

Jureka Del Mar Featured in Chinese Massage from Czech VR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Czech VR
Release date:  February 10, 2018
Running time: 37:04
Starring:  Jureka Del Mar
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Chinese Massage Parlor Preview
Notables:  New upside down missionary/cowgirl shot, face fucking setup, clean tech
Negatives: shot makes you strain some unless you tilt your view... but that's natural
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Why it took 4 years?

Chinese Massage Parlor

     Wuttup dickslappers! Czech VR rolled out a new experimental shot this last week that I wanted to make sure to take a look at and finally got a chance to hit up Chinese Massage Parlor with Jureka Del Mar tonight. I had Czech VR's Valentine's release on the slate for review Wednesday with Lady Bug being a bit more of my cup o poon and was only going to check the first shot out really quick for Chinese Massage Parlor. But I wound up watching and enjoying the entire scene so I figured I would go ahead and write this one up as it marks, at least to my knowledge, the first time this particular concept has been employed when shooting a flat on your back cowgirl setup.  My tolerance for VR is pretty high after 4 years, and this movie managed to give me that weird VR vibe I haven't caught in awhile so I wound up feeling the overall effect of the new shot was pretty strong.

Jureka Del Mar VR Porn

Jureka Del Mar!


Setup is the traditional Asian happy ending massage setup and you find yourself laying flat on your back and staring....rather logically, up at the ceiling. Madness!

Jureka Del Mar Chinese Massage

Old VR position, new view

The view, which is essentially straight up, looks a little off at first with Jureka standing beside you and leaning in over you, but it's very much the view you would expect while laying on your back, as opposed to the view we have been getting for the last 4 years in this position.

Chinese Massage from Czech VR

Works best when she is on your chest

I kept thinking it was going to look great once Jureka climbed on board and indeed, the shot looks and more importantly feels very nice when she is directly centered on you. If you crane your neck down, you can still see your junk if you need to, but it is very much in the same way that you would have to do in real would need to work some to get a peak from flat on your back.

Jureka Del Mar facesitting

"You want to see my pussy?"

Opening dialog, which is quite good really,  runs around 4 minutes with a bit of jerk action before Jureka climbs up on the table with you for a facesitting shot, that is rather easy for her to pull of with this camera setup. No crabwalk necessary. 

Jureka Del Mar butthole

"How bout my butthole?"

Jureka turns around to show off her 2 hole next before taking a seat on your Slim Jim to get things going with some overhanging cowgirl action. If you wanna see the dick in the hole down below, you can look down at a strain, and everything that is in front of you and in your face, feels present and rather natural in terms of your expected view.

Jureka Del Mar virtual cowgirl
Jureka Del Mar virtual reality porn

"Can you feel my pussy?"

Some of the action is so close here, that it felt pretty much like upside down close up missionary to me in many respects, just the mirror setup.  It is every bit as effective, if not a little more so I thought, as the distance is easy for Jaruka to play with, where it can be tricky on a bed with missionary without a pillow or a hand to bring the girls head closer to the camera.  Everything looked and felt great here, and I found myself at times getting a twinge of that ole' VR feeling that gets auto triggered when everything looks about right to your brain, and there is little left for it to call bullshit on. 

Virtual Cowgirl with Jureka Del Mar

I dunno why this took 4 years

I have always favored overhanging cowgirl if the flat on back setup has to be used, say vs. lean back footage, so this shot setup just feels quite logical to me, the same as when BaDoinkVR at least started tilting their rigs up some for cowgirl last year.  The only problem with BaDoink's approach, is that the cam is still under the chin, right on the dudes chest.  Where this approach utilized by Czech VR here, cleans up a lot of that and serves up an honest PoV from flat on your back.  

Jureka Del Mar anal

This is the only setup that didn't really work for this PoV, being quite a bit downrange to try to view without tilting your player settings or craning your neck.  Just not the right action for the setup.

"How bout my backdoor now?"

Jureka takes up a seat for some reverse anal next, and I felt like this was the only setup in terms of action that didn't really suit this particular PoV, as this lean-away action is a fair ways to crane your neck to view from the flat perspective staring up. You could certainly tilt things in the player if you wanted to improve this, but this footage is fairly brief in duration as well. 

Jureka Del Mar gaping

More upside  down missionary

Jureka shows off her freshly stretched holes with another over the head shot before resuming more forward facing fuck action where her dress can be a little bit of a hindrance if you are looking to view the downstream action.  Otherwise though, more quality overhead cowgirl footage here. 

Jureka Del Mar Chinese Massage Parlor
Jureka Del Mar cowgirl fuck
Jureka Del Mar virtual porn
Jureka Del Mar fingers pussy
Jureka Del Mar at Czech VR

Change to standing PoV

The opening setup runs for around 22 minutes before Jureka beckons for you to come with her and the shot resumes with you standing at the end of the massage table with her crawling towards you.

Jureka Del Mar spreads holes

Bit of an odd angle when she is in the top of the frame

She stands up in front of you on the table, spreading herself from the front and then the back, and the angle, with the rig pointed down some here to frame the impending fuck action, didn't look particularly good, as she is fairly high in the frame and you can tell by looking at her legs that the vertical is off. 

Jureka Del Mar virtual fuck

Feels good when she is on the table 

The PoV clears up once the fucking begins however, where the down-tilt for the framing there feels a little more appropriate.  

Jureka Del Mar anal sex

Double dippin'

Action here is split between vag n' anal and Jureka's positioning ranges from laying back fully on the table to dangling off you in close proximity ape hanger style.

Jureka Del Mar in virtual reality
Jureka Del Mar anal gape
Jureka Del Mar face fuck

Face fuck ending

Fucking ends up with a seldom seen upside down face fucking shot for another winning VR PoV for the last few minutes of the movie.

Jureka Del Mar cumshot

Pearl necklace

You leave with Jureka with a pearl necklace and the scene winds down quickly from there on some cum cleanup.

Jureka Del Mar cum on face

Czech VR always raising the bar in VR


Cleanin up the cum at the Chinese Massage Parlor, I was into the scene and enjoyed the fresh perspective on a flat on back PoV after 4 years of mostly the same, in my view, largely failed approachs, generally involving a camera located somewhere around the guys chin, or lower even.  Jureka did a really great job with smooth natural dialog and this oddly powerful "yeeeeeesssss" thing goin on, lol and I thought she was quite strong here playing the part of your Chinese Massage girl. 

Positives, I dug both the new pointed up perspective as well as the face fuck finish up and felt like they were both awesome setups for VR.  I think there is room to play with this type of approach on a looking up PoV,  from doing it flat, to slightly tilted forward, and feel like anything in terms of rig positioning that starts to match the sight lines of the real dude, winds up being an improvement on virtual cowgirl shots. Tech was tops as we come to expect at Czech VR and there really wasn't much to distract from the show with this movie.

Nitpicks for me would be that the opening, where Jureka is standing off to the side was not quite as effective as when she got on top of you and the downward tilt on the standing shot later looked awkward when she was up on the table toward the top of the frame. As well, the cowgirl reverse anal was pretty hard to it should be at that angle, and I might have perhaps rather bent Jureka over the table and slammed her ass for 5 minutes instead there.  

In the end, Chinese Massage Parlor was another winner for me from Czech VR and Jureka Del Mar.  Czech VR are always looking to uncover new details that resonate strongly with viewers and continue to break new ground in the industry, producing porn that caters deliberately and effectively to the unique strengths that VR has to offer up to adult entertainment. 10/10.

Chinese Massage from Czech VR!

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