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HoloGirlsVR presents "Joanna Angel Teaches Yhivi to Fuck!"

Review by DirtyD

Review setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with AutoplayVR

Review Score 7/10


"Joanna Angel Teaches Yhivi to Fuck"

Joanna Angel teaches Yhivi to Fuck is a new July 19 release from HoloGirlsVR featuring two of my favorite HoloGirls, Joanna Angel and Yhivi.  Yhivi is perhaps one of the most natural VR performers around right now in my estimation and Joanna is just an old favorite for many years now so this sounded like a winning combination for sure.  While it turned out to be a pretty hot video, it really wasn't a strong VR movie I felt like, which is what I am tuning in for at the end of the day and after 2 years, I am less and less impressed with efforts that fail to play to the strengths of the format, regardless of the caliber of talent involved.

The Setup: There is none

You pretty much just get a cold start here.  The scene begins, you are laying on a bed, almost immediately getting your dick sucked, and your feet appear to be waaaay too far below you.  Either you are inhabiting the body of an average NBA player, lying on a bed made for a giant, or there is a problem with the camera setup here, I am not sure, but this was pretty odd looking in an Oculus with both Whirligig and AutoplayVR.

The scale for the most part, seems fairly close at the level of your waist where both girls spend the entire next 20 mins, and other than seeming to have an overly long torso, the shot looks decent I guess.  I can't say that I am a fan of the lighting that has been used in the scenes HoloGirlsVR have shot in this room such as How to Fuck like a Rockstar, so you may either like this lighting flavor or not.

Joanna Angel Yhivi HoloGirlsVR

Joanna gives Yhivi a hand.  Screenshots of this movie, for whatever reason, look really bad on same setup as always, not sure what is different with this video, but there is something noticeably different about it, that seems to have nothing to do with my setup.  Generic .264 Oculus Version.  

Straight to spittin an' sucking

You pretty much just get going right away, with both girls taking turns slobbering on your knob here, with copious amounts of spit being the theme, so if you dig that, here ya go.  Joanna spends a fair bit of time looking behind camera while Yhivi is her usual rock solid VR self, maintaining her eye contact more with the camera, as it if were a person.  Yhivi really gets this and it distinguishes her as a performer in VR right now.

While I can't say elaborate Porno setups are my bread and butter, I find just starting a scene with your cock almost immediately in mouth, is well....kind of underwhelming, and most HoloGirlsVR scenes I find devoid of any real type of rhythm for me as a result of this kind of quick start and subsequent edits.

Teach Yhivi HoloGirlsVR

Depth of the room feels really bizarre here, torso seems long, legs seem super long, bed seems to go back forever. 

Most of the action takes place below your waist

What I really dislike about this scene as well as past similar outings like Double your Pleasure with Dani and Leah, is that here you have 2 top talent pornstars in the room with you and they both spend the ENTIRE scene, below your waist.  And really good VR porn does not happen below your waist, it happens in front of your FACE.

So while other studios such as VirtualRealPorn, WankzVR or Naughty America, will often have the second girl come in close while the other services you below, HoloGirlsVR opts to keep all the action 4 feet away from the camera, where it is absolutely the least effective in an HMD.  It makes you wonder, if the people filming some of this stuff actually watch it back on HMD's or not?

Yhivi Joanna Angel HoloGirlsVR

Really, about as close as things ever get, beyond some asshole shots later.

Some nip level kissing is pretty much as close as you will ever get to the girls faces

Around 6 minutes in the girls get as far up as your belly button for some nice kissing and that is as close as you are ever going to get to them here so enjoy it while you can.  It was literally the only section of the movie that started to breath in a VR sense to me, otherwise, it was totally stale and devoid of VR immersion.

Which is not to say Joanna and Yhivi do not look great and you should honestly be able to get some work done here, it is pretty hard to put these 2 girls in a scene and have it not be sexy.  Just, if you are looking for anything approaching intimacy in VR, this scene will not be for you as there simply is none to be had here.

Joanna Angel Teach Yhivi HoloGirlsVR

Joanna's ink is awesome, if only we could get a close up look at it

Who is them? And who are you? 

One peculiar thing that Joanna does in this movie is to comment at the camera to the effect of "show them" several times, which....well, that isn't too great in a first person POV, amiright?  Why have the stuntcock at that point?  Are you or aren't you the guys head?  Or are you a window onto the interwebs?  For me, this type of commentary further serves to pull you out of any hopes of immersion in this scene and this is literally the first time I can recall a VR performer breaking the wall like that.

Yhivi HoloGirlsVR Virtual Sex

Yhivi employs a bowling ball grip

The actual scene progression

Yhivi is first to hop on for a ride, and in keeping with the theme here, seems bent on leaning as far AWAY as she can from you.  It is a great standard porn shot but it is a shitty VR porn shot.  That said, I fucking love watching Yhivi fuck, she has the best eyes and really just commits to whatever it is she is doing, there is no reservation and things come across really naturally from her. So some nice fucking here with Yhivi and Joanna after, but its just fairly disconnected, as you are watching it all from 4 feet back.

Yhivi Joanna Angel VR

Yhivi! m/

Joanna mounts up next and again, the goal seems to be to place the girls as far towards the back of the shot as possible, with Joanna riding reverse and leaning away from the camera and Yhivi staying right by her side while she fingers Joanna's asshole.  The action is hot, but distant and I was wishing for an up close look at Joanna's striking ink.

Yhivi HoloGirlsVR Virtual

Some nice fingering from Yhivi

Some quick anal with Joanna is nice, but it cant go more than even 90 seconds before Yhivi hops on for her own ride.  Yhivi is super sexy and makes great eye contact throughout, while Joanna is much more "on camera" with her performance here.

Joanna Yhivi teach HoloGirlsVR Movie

These close up asshole shots are all the up close action you get, and they are pretty short

The only close up action in the movie comes with some asshole shots while both girls spread and lick each other in front of you, and this sequence is decent, especially from Yhivi, who is just fully down to tongue Joanna's asshole.

Hope you didn't wanna bust one....Da Fuq?

Uh, cumshot?  I dunno.  /benstillerwhereisit? You may nut in Joanna's butt, but there is no confirmation of this anywhere and the end, is just kind of weird frankly, finishing with no cumshot, and a very bizarrely spliced close up gaping shot of Joanna's asshole, where all of a sudden, you are in a totally different scale, with heads looking larger, half of the shot cut by the stitching line and Joanna's asshole gaping at you, in what felt like a really gratuitous addition to me.  And that was it boys n girls.

Joanna Angel Gape

Uhhhhhh, ya. Not worth the inclusion in my estimation. Scale huge, stitching seam in shot.

Kind of bored of 4 foot cowgirl at this point, 2  years in

For me, I am personally, 2 years into VR porn, not intrigued by these types of presentations in the least.  I can go to Burning Angel right now, and pick up better views of Joanna getting fucked in the ass.  There should be some reason to watch in VR.  And to have a 2 girl scene, and neither come in close, ever in 20 minutes....well, that just seems downright silly to me.   It seems like something only people who did not spend much time consuming Porn in a VR headset would do.

It boils down to production and presentation here.  You watch Leah Gotti at WankzVR and it is an AWESOME VR scene.  You watch her at HoloGirls, it is like watching grass grow, it is night and day.  Same performer.  So whats difference?  The way they are being captured.  These two women are top adult performers, and this is a largely stale scene in the VR sense.  There is something wrong with that equation to me.

It is disappointing to see a movie with these 2 ladies or Leah Gotti and Dani Daniels and have it be just totally flat, when they are some of the hottest adult performers going right now. 7/10.  It's ok if you like Joanna Angel and Yhivi and really don't care about having any intimacy in your VR porn and just want to watch people fuck from a weird, too tall perspective on a giant bed in a weird room, from a fixed, never changing POV.  

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"Joanna Angel Teaches Yhivi to Fuck" from HoloGirlsVR

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