Jenna Sativa in VR! Brand New Bangs from BabeVR!

Jenna Sativa Featured in Brand New Bangs from BabeVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  ​Full BabeVR Review
Release date:  3/21/2018
Running time: 29:25 minutes
Starring:  Jenna Sativa
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Brand New Bangs Preview
Notables:  Jenna Sativa, Dialog
Negatives:  Shorty short torso
Review Score: 8/10 - on the torso doll
5 words or less:  Jenna Sativa in VR!
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Brand New Bangs

     Sup guys. Just got done watching the new Jenna Sativa shoot for BabeVR and I guess I am in my solo phase or some shit here lately which is pretty out of character for me, not that I am opposed to solo vids, it's just that I think the way the vast majority of them have been shot for VR in the last four years is just not particularly.....well...virtual.  When I think back to the very first VirtualRealPorn movies I watched in 2014 and the girls broke your personal space barrier by just like sitting in your lap, the closest thing my brain could relate was like a lap dance situation where a woman is as close as you can get, but there is also this barrier of no touching with hands at play as well. 

Unfortunately, what we got with most solo vids over the first few years — and a lot of VR porn in general for that matter — were these more distant affairs where the girls were not really all up in your shit taking full advantage of that powerful virtual effect. Things began to change in a meaningful way in 1st person after studios like Wankz started pushing the envelope open on the deliberate, focused use of proximity effects in VR in 2016, but there were precious few solo scenes that were ringing any real VR bells for me beyond some standout one-off performances or innovative work at Czech VR over the last year or more.   

What I am finding refreshing about BabeVR's productions— beyond some of the simply amazing castings you are not likely to see anywhere else in VR — is the deliberate focus on some of the things that just play the absolute strongest for me in VR porn: Proximity, Eye Contact, Virtual Intimacy and most importantly just conveying that more illusive sense of sharing close space with a woman that you find attractive.  Another thing I was keying on today, was that I kind of feel more like I have the girls all to myself in these movies, like.... they are more fully focused on you, instead of doing this odd split routine between fucking the guy below but interacting with the camera. So I feel like the combined effect is really focused with the kind of talent that BabeVR is often casting that can completely nail the camera interaction like Jenna does here. 

Jenna Sativa

Jenna Sativa!


Setup for Brand New Bangs is basically: Jenna's folks have split for 30 minutes which gives the 2 of you just enough time to knock out your first quickie. You are doing the bodyless PoV thing here and Jenna is speaking to the cam as if you are there with her. 

Jenna looks fantastic and does a great job carrying the entire scene here in all respects from start to finish. What I like about these movies like Sasha Heart's scene last week or this one when I sit down to write them up in contrast to some of the other walk throughs I do, is I can't really describe the most important part of the scene for you, which is just the vibes of the women that carries a significant part of the scene weight... and that's pretty much exactly what I want to experience in a solo VR situation.  Like, if you are a Jenna Sativa fan, you will likely really enjoy this cause you get a nice sense of her here. 

Jenna Sativa VR

Starting out in the VR deep end

Starting off face to face like this just throws you into the immersive deep side of the pool straight off, making it really easy to get taken away with the experience, and giving you that real holy-shit-she's-beautiful-and-right-there-in-front-of-me thing that VR can hit on. 

Jenna Sativa virtual reality

Tech bits

On the tech stuff, pretty much the same as recent releases I have caught at BabeVR: an average for 2018 image with some pretty solid sounding audio and some slightly washed out lighting. What I do like about the lighting is that I find it very similar to classic early Virtual Taboo scenes, in that the women's flesh looks really soft, feminine and....fleshy! lol. I dunno how to pin it down, but it's a nice soft effect that is lacking at other studios. On the downside though, there is just a slightly washed out look to it that tends to bleach the girls out some. It's kind of like a really soft, diffused glare where we typically see harder glare and shadows on these rigs/set lights. 

Jenna Sativa solo at BabeVR
Jenna Sativa breasts

Kissing's dialed in

Kissing as a side detail is right on the money in this scene as well as other BabeVR movies I have viewed and I might have to give them the gold zone consitency crown on coaching VR kisses at the moment out of all the studios, unless the girls I have just happened to catch have been exceptionally lucky for first timers. 

Jenna Sativa ass

"I wanna make you harder"

Jenna's slips out of her shorts at around 4 minutes into the movie, giving you a fantastic ass show while she eases a finger inside of her honey pot and the audio capture is like wow, so big points to BaDoinkVR production for making some huge strides on audio recently after a fairly dismal sounding 2017.

Jenna Sativa BabeVR Brand New Bangs
Jenna Sativa Brand New Bangs

"Mmmmmm....I'm sooo wet baby!"

​The backside view is followed up with some lovely butterfly action before Jenna tells you she wants you to smell her pussy and brings things up close for you.  In terms of the airlingus effect being triggered here, or in other BabeVR scenes I have viewed, the distance is still a little too far, just matter of an inch or 2, to get into that golden trigger zone, but on the other side of that, some guys will appreciate less of the up close double vision effect that can occur at that distance as well. 

Jenna Sativa virtual

Scent play is interesting

I kind of liked the "smell my pussy" type of approach here and prior to that Jenna also leans in to smell "you" so there was a bit of a new play there I felt like came off as interesting in effect.  At proper trigger distance, you are flirting with your head telling you that you should be able to get smell signals anyway, so having the talent discuss that is an interesting artificial reinforcement. 

Jenna Sativa solo

"I wanna get you sooo hard....I'm gonna make your dick grow another inch...and then I'm gonna make you stuff it in my"

Jenna delivers some straight up ace color commentary and overall, I thought it was a first class warmup that runs for right about half the duration of the 30 minute scene.

Jenna Sativa fingering pussy
Brand New Bangs from BabeVR

"Now I wanna taste your big cock"

This movie utilizes a torso cock and I would say that that would be the only shortcoming for me here, as it is not a full torso, but rather a half a torso, and this makes it both challenging for Jenna to work with in terms of actually fucking it, as well as placing the action VERY close to the camera.  

Jenna Sativa BabeVR

Takes away some from the virtual fucking portion

This diminishes the virtual effect some here in terms of positioning in space, say in contrast to last weeks Sasha Heart scene utilizing a larger torso base and there are times when the back side of the half torso will compete for your eyes attention as it pops up on your lower border under the glare of the set lighting.  Another effect of the stumpy torso here is a bit like feeling Jenna is placed in space emanating more from out of your chest instead of on your lap/groin area. 

Jenna Sativa virtual fuck

Otherwise, Jenna does her best with the shorter tools where especially in reverse, things are really pretty challenging for her.


The short torso places Jenna very close to the camera for the simulated fucking/sucking sections

BabeVR Brand New Bangs with Jenna Sativa

"You wanna cum in my pussy don't little horndog!"

The movie winds up with a last bit of cowgirl action before similar to last weeks movie, things get jerked out from under you rather unceremoniously as Jenna acts like her parents just got home and tells you to get dressed while running off and I can't say I am ever a fan of wet towel endings for the sake of plot where I would rather just chill out for a minute or 2 with the ladies after spillin ma man batter. 

Jenna Sativa VR movie

Jenna nailed it, torso just too small for a solid VR effect


So, all in all, I thought Brand New Bangs was a pretty sweet solo vid for Jenna Sativa fans and a great chance to get to check her out in the holodeck. She looks amazing, rocked her dialog from start to finish and brought a whole lot of personality to the scene.  

The first half of the movie was probably more effective for me vs. the doll section where the action started to feel quite cramped due to the size of the torso doll.  When contrasted to last weeks scene with Sasha Heart, the longer full sized torso has some clear advantages, both in terms of an acceptable depth from camera as well as positioning the girls closer in virtual space to where you would roughly expect them to be in terms of simulated fucking.

The only other critique I would have would be on the lighting, and I am not sure if that is more of a post production or set lighting shortcoming but it would be nice to see a tweak in that department, as it is really one of the only technical flaws present in the last few scenes from BabeVR that I have caught. 

I just am finding these scenes to be a breath of fresh poon in 2018,  I gotta be honest with yall! lol. 4 years of funky feelin PoV's n stuntdicks, sometimes it is just nice to sit back and have the woman be the entire focus of things.  The PoV is a bit of an issue here with the doll size, but I am just overall enjoying the combination of talent and VR element focus from production so far at BabeVR and to me, the other divisions of BaDoink such as the home brand and VRCosplayX could take a thing or three from these scenes in terms of ramping up the virtual intimacy to a higher degree.  

If you have been wanting to see Jenna Sativa in virtual reality then I think you will probably be pretty stoked on Brand New Bangs, she's super cute and fun here and it's great to see this caliber of talent rolling through BabeVR in the last month.  8/10.  Just on the virtual effect being lacking with the doll here some, Jenna hit a boner homer. 

Brand New Bangs from BabeVR!

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