Solo Virtual Doggie Style! Diva Sativa with Jenna Sativa at BabeVR!

Jenna Sativa vr

Jenna Sativa Featured in Diva Sativa from BabeVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BabeVR
Release date:  7/18/2018
Running time: 36 minutes
Starring:  Jenna Sativa
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Diva Sativa Preview
Notables:  Jenna Sativa, Virtual solo doggie style
Negatives:  Not much on fuck flow, Hot Pink glow continues
Review Score: 6.5/10
5 words or less: Solo virtual doggie works
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Diva Sativa

*I've had this one in the can for a few days but am finally getting a chance to post it up this weekend after a super busy week. Fuck, this Summer is flyin!!

Sup guys! Doubled back to catch last weeks BabeVR scene Diva Sativa today as I wanted to check out the new doggie shot they were trying and had been left wanting to see another scene with Jenna after her last BabeVR release Brand New Bangs which featured a jr. sized Tommy Torso.  I thought the solo doggie shot was an interesting proof of concept here and totally worked in the virtual sense, but I found Diva Sativa lacking some in terms of the scene fuck flow and visual department in the end.  

Jenna Sativa

Jenna Sativa!

"Hey babe.......what are you doing up there?"

Setup for Diva Sativa has you just hanging out in floating missionary, hovering up above a waking up Jenna. You're at around an arm lengths distance above her and the shot feels pretty similar to the opening found in the earlier Georgia Jones scene this month. 

Jenna Sativa Diva Sativa

Screenshots were hard to get for this scene with all the overemphasized pink highlights—such as around Jenna's eyes —making for fairly unflattering conditions. It's hard to find a clean looking shot of beautiful Jenna.

Tech stuff

On the tech, much the same as the last several releases from BabeVR I have reviewed, there is significant chromatic aberration observable in the form of pink outlines on the edges of surfaces, and accentuated pinks on the ladies features. It's not the most flattering of effects on the girls and this scene was quite hard to get decent looking screenshots out of despite the beauty of the subject, same as the Georgia Jones scene. 

Jenna Sativa solo

Not much of a hover lover

The view of Jenna below is quite nice as far as a view goes, but I can't say I'm much of a fan of the hovering-in-mid-air effect the distance imparts on the virtual side.

Jenna Sativa VR
Jenna Sativa panties
Jenna Sativa virtual

I'd rather see the same action I think with Jenna simply up on her knees in front of the rig, or say standing by the edge of the bed for a standing opening, and then using the closer face-only or upper torso type mish shot later on in the scene for the VR power that it offers: mainly being another intimate position that is easy to employ without a stuntcock that also offers a solid proximity effect.

Jenna Sativa at BabeVR

Lacks intimacy up front

One of the strengths of many of the BabeVR scenes this year for me is the fact that many of them start off quite close to the girls faces, and this plays on proximity and intimacy in particular to start the scene off, where you don't really get that with this hovering birds eye view opening setup.

Jenna Sativa masturbating

Would love to see a moving version

I think the other way this shot could work is with a moving rig like Czech VR uses, where they could slowly zoom in on the girls face, down to the muffin, etc. Static like this, it doesn't really add much for me other than the vague sensation of hanging face down in mid air, wishing I was a little closer to Jenna's face. 

Jenna's a cutie

Jenna looks really sexy though other than the pink glow and does an otherwise great job with the intro section of the scene.

Doggie style

Opening setup runs about 9 minutes before transitioning right to the new doggie shot as Jenna gets things lubed up. Lighting conditions take a bit of a further dive in this section where the glare picks up in addition to the pink glow.

Jenna Sativa ass

Cool to see BabeVR trying new shots

I was quite curious to see someone finally try a setup like this, and I thought it worked quite well for a first attempt really. The view feels a bit low, a little close to the bum, but the effect of having Jenna's big beautiful rump right up on your body is quite tangible.  In many ways, the shot was reminiscent for me of the amazing Busting a Nun doggie shot that has seldom if ever been achieved, with the closest results coming from WankzVR in my view. This shot is VERY similar to effect with that one, in making it feel like virtual assflesh is right there rubbing up against you.

Jenna Sativa virtual doggie

It's just..... kind of rubbin on yer belly!

The funny thing here is it feels like it's ticklishly on your belly, instead of your groin due to the slight height disparity on distance to dick measure.....but the virtual effect is fully there. You can see with a tweak or 2, this could provide a nice feeling virtual solo fuck shot similar to how the cowgirl shots sell. 

Jenna Sativa VR doggie style

Kind of very much the upright doggy effect

The doggie section runs about 9 minutes total and works out pretty good for a first attempt I thought. The more upright sections here are also quite nice with Jenna raised up close in front of you. 

Jenna Sativa

Oral break

The experimental doggie transitions to oral next.........for 7 loooooong minutes, which is about 6 too many for me, and fairly rotten for fuck fluidity. There is really not much virtual effect with the oral shots, Jenna is obviously sucking on a doll dick, so not sure why BabeVR likes to often shoot up to 10 minutes of it when the real virtual cheese nuggets are more the intimate openings and simulated riding/fucking sections for many of us I think.

Jenna Sativa torso doll

On the upside though, Jenna looks pretty awesome with her ass sticking up in the rear of the shot here for the oral action.

26 minutes in.....

It takes till around the 26 minute mark to get back to the action with a reverse cowgirl mount, and it kind of felt like trying to fill up the clock here in some ways, like: "OK..... let's roll 10 mins of oral now" rather than a more organic type feel. This was also a shortcoming in the Bailey Rayne feature I thought as well.  

Jenna Sativa reverse cowgirl

This one's bootycentric

Jenna finally gets back to riding with some reverse action and this scene is pretty asscentric between this and the doggie time, so if you are a rear end guy, there is quite a bit of focus on dat beautiful Sativa ass.

There's also a nice section here where Jenna cheats her ass over a bit with one leg up that grants a really sexy view as well.

Jenna Sativa cowgirl

2, count em boys...2 mins of forward cow

We finally get to some forward cowgirl action at around the 29 min mark.....ya know, the position that works about best for these virtual solos, and if this is your jam, you best work quick, because it lasts less than 2 minutes... before? Moar oral! You know, the position that works about the worst for these virtual solo's, lol. 

Jenna Sativa smile

"I bet you want to cum in my mouth right now"

Actually............I was kind of hopin for more of a virtual creampie finish myself! Jenna does mount up again for a little more forward action, exactly about a minute, but the rhythm feels totally stunted in this scene in terms of the virtual fuck flow knowing this is going to be cut short again for the much requested...solo oral finish

"Now I want your big dick in my mouth"

And...... we got 3 minutes still to go.  "I want you to fill up my mouth, with all your hot cum!" BUT...... IT'S A DOLL! lol. I mean, you can kind of go with the virtual creampie scenario when shit is buried from sight and you are not looking at the torso, but the full focus view here is just a hard sell for me to suspend disbelief in the virtual sense despite a sweet sales pitch from Jenna. 🙂

You're going to have to have to rely heavily on your own imagination here!

Lackluster nuttbuster

Jenna does her best to sell the ending but it's kind of a lackluster nuttbuster on the virtual side of things honestly.

Jenna Sativa ass

Love to watch it go!

Jenna Sativa leaving

"I'm gonna go jump in the shower now!"

Diva Sativa closes on a fully sweaty Jenna heading off for the shower along with the customary BabeVR scene tag at the end with Jenna asking you to leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed fucking her at BabeVR.

"You just fucked me on BabeVR!"

Solo doggie works, scene flow jerks

6.5/10 - Not on Jenna

Wrapping up Diva Sativa, I was glad to see Jenna Sativa back at BabeVR and she turns in a nice scene here.  I like what Jenna brings to the table on the solo tip and any Jenna Sativa fan should enjoy this movie on those basic merits, especially if you want her rear view, which this one primarily features focus on in terms of simulated fucking action.  If I had to pick between her 2 scenes at BabeVR at this point, I would roll on the last one as a more intimate feeling virtual experience I think for my own tastes in a solo VR presentation but this one has some nice moments as well.   

On the strong points, I like that BabeVR is mixing up the shot selection with hovercraft missionary and now the doggie shot and it's good to see them expanding upon the basic recipe.  I feel like both views work well, with the doggie needing a little distance to dick tweak, and the missionary.......well that one just works better as a virtual sex position for this camper. 

Diva Sativa

Jenna without the blown out pink highlights!

On the weak links, for me the flow was just not there, and it stalled as a virtual fuck simulator much in the same manner as Bailey Rayne's scene did for me, when contrasted to some of the other BabeVR movies this year. Too much time spent on oral in my VR fuckbook, and located in a bad spot in terms of pacing, breaking the action for 7 minuts between doggie and cow. The hot pink highlights are definitely a bummer visually, and I am not sure who is asking for solo oral simulated cumshot endings.....but I'm sure there must be 2 or 3 of you out there! As well, the hovercraft missionary position, while providing a nice view, does not really achieve the more immersive starts that some of the other BabeVR scenes have managed for me, including Jenna's last scene, where I felt like the close up warmup was excellent. 

For this scene, In terms of fuck flow construction/rhythm I might envision something like: Intro/tease section 10 mins with focus on intimacy/proximity/eye contact/girls feminine vibes.  1-2 mins oral.....or just skip.  10 mins forward cow into 5 reverse or vise versa.  5 - 8 mins doggie with upright, etc.  3 - 5 mins close up face only missionary, with a simulated creampie ending in either missionary or forward cowgirl.

Overall, I thought Miss Sativa was delightful, but would opt for a little different scene design virtually speaking.  If you are looking for a nice 40 minutes with Jenna and some interesting belly rubbin doggie action, it's not bad at all, you get some solid time with Jenna's booty here, but if your high point for some of the BabeVR scenes is more the virtual riding sections—forward cow especially—you might be a little let down by that missing element here as well as a more distant feeling intro section.  6.5/10 for production on the Pink glow, bad flow and oral blow, not on Jenna at all, she's wonderful.   


Diva Sativa from BabeVR!

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