Buckle up Fucksticks! Time to Take a Wild Ride with Jenna Reid at WankzVR!

Road Test featuring Jenna Reid from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  10/24/17
Running time: 61 minutes
Starring:  Jenna Reid
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or: Road Test Preview
Notables:  Jenna Reid returns, First ride-along/public car fucking in VR,  Breaks out of the mold. 
Negatives:  Lots of cam bumps, Moving footage may bother some, Poor visual clarity due to sun/outdoors
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Still breaking ground at WankzVR

Road Test

     Alright, alright, alright.....the day is finally here! The long awaited return of Jenna Reid to WankzVR in the new October 24th release, Road Test. Jenna Reid is maybe the cult fan favorite of WankzVR vets along with Leah Gotti, with her performance in Private Tutor having caught more than one bro unawares with her bratty charm and expert teasing. There were many of us that had been hoping that she would make a return engagement to WankzVR at some point, but it didn't look like Jenna was shooting much over the last year,  so it was great to see her on the upcoming schedule at Wankz. Previews for this one showed action in a car, so I was really curious to take a peep today, knowing this scene looked like it was taking some chances, with a car scene being an adult VR first at this point. I will say up front, if you are prone to motion sickness, this one is going to push your limits, as you will be not only riding in a car, but the cam, that is riding in the car will also be getting knocked around quite a bit. This is a break the mold type scene so don't expect the standard formula and be ready for some things that work and things that don't. It's not the same 30 minute cowgirl scene we get at some of the other studios, that's for sure. And Jenna Reid...she kills it and remains one of my favorite girls to spend time with in VR.

Start yer engines!

So, we are going for a ride today fellow fappers, and to my knowledge, this is a world first for VR pron. I have seen some 360 degree type ride-along stuff in terms of corporate demos, but this is the first time I have seen a car used in a virtual reality porn other than as a stock prop like Poppin the Hood, where it was put to absolutely terrible use. 

Jenna Reid WankzVR Road Test

Jenna Reid!

Jenna fuckin Reid

Setup has you playing the role of a driving instructor and Jenna, your bratty testee for the day, who could really give a fuck less to be there with you. I say Jenna fuckin Reid because I fully expect fuck-fuck-fuckity-shit-fuck to spill from her dirty little mouth at any moment and she is soon reprising her Private Tutor type demeanor to the T, throwin' F-bombs and tellin you she's got better shit to be doing than fuckin around with this fucking stupid ass fuckin' drivers test.  The shit cracks me up and makes me love Jenna all the more, cause this is the kind of girl I like hangin out with vs. a prim and proper princess. 

Road Test WankzVR

"I really have to fuckin do this shit? I have better fuckin' shit to do."

Pretty sure Jenna rocked that line last time in Private Tutor and she hits you with it up front here as well, setting the tone for me perfectly.

Jenna Reid Road Test

"I really have to do this dumb ass shit?"

Jenna sees there is no talking you out of this shit, and reluctantly agrees to the test, but decides to remove her panties before getting into the car, which I thought was pretty brilliant up front, and super sexy when she came around to the diver seat giving you a peak of her bare ass flashing out from below her skirt.  That shit had my motor goin!

Jenna Reid no undies

"You're already writing marks!?!?? What the fuck!?!??"

After trying to plead her way out of shit for a few, Jenna reluctantly agrees to this waste of her fucking time, throwing a shit fit as you begin to jot down demerits before she even has a chance to start the fucking car.

Road Test WankzVR Jenna Reid
Jenna Reid wtf
Jenna Reid VR porn WankzVR Road Test

"OK, 10-2, everything good???"

Seat belts n' 10 and 2 and you are off on your virtual drive as Jenna eases the car down the driveway approaching a busy Cali arterial.

Driving with Jenna Reid Virtual Reality

Can't see shit vision

As the car gets out into the bright Cali sunlight, the image ahead goes to almost whiteout conditions, lending a comical vibe to the oncoming action but the image holds out well enough inside the car.  Just get used to shitty visuals in this one, we are going on an adventure today and fuck the pixels. 

Jenna Reid Road Test driving

"Do you ever have girls that uh ...come in here without panties on?"

Once out on the open road, Jenna switches gears from bitchy n bratty to slutty and aggressive, figuring the fastest way to passing this fucking test would be to show you how well she can drive a stick shift.

Jenna Reid driving test

"You're annoying! You just need some like... pussy in your life or something."

The test drive goes on for quite a bit, a few miles at least, and Jenna is comedy the whole way, doing the whole thing as pretty much a one shot without any cuts or stumbles. And it is pretty fuckin trippy feeling, driving in traffic and shit in the headset.

Jenna Reid virtual reality road test

"You can do so many things in the care while you're stopped"

Jenna make a play for your cock at the next stop light and begins rubbing your thigh and shit through your pants.

Jenna Reid driving handjob

"I can multitask very well, I'll show you"

Jenna breaks out your cock at the next light and you are now getting the first VR hand-job while driving in a car whilst wondering if the cars driving by next to you can see whats going on inside.  You experience some temporary reluctance and put the snake back in its lair for a few until Jenna busts your nuts about bein such a pussy.

Jenna Reid road head

"You must really want some head"

Your student driver asks if she can just pull over already, putting your dick in her mouth at the next stop light and again, the feeling of being watched from other cars next to you is tangible.

Road Test drivers
Road Test WankzVR drivers

This guy knows wut's up

"You're not even markin' me anymore, once you realized I'd suck yer dick"

The Jenna comedy show with complementary hand-job continues and we are nearly 14 minutes in so, I told ya, you go for a ride in this movie.  I was totally stoked just to hang out with Jenna here, it was fun and the whole thing feels pretty real, other than the white out conditions ahead.

Jenna Reid Car Sex

This spot'll do

Jenna next appears to take a turn into a totally random neighborhood, drives around for a minute and then just pulls up to a totally random curb on a fairly busy street...and jumps your shit! Dam girl, there's houses right here!

Car sex with Jenna Reid in VR

"Now we can have some real fun....you never get fuckin laid!"

Miss Reid starts in with a sexy bare ass in the air blowjob whilst the neighborhood traffic buzzes by doin' their thing, lending the whole scene a very real feel and creating some additional tension. It just totally has that vibe of gettin' yer dick sucked in a car, heat of the moment style.

Jenna Reid virtual reality movie

"Oh i forgot, you don't ever get blowjobs....cause you're a little fuckin bitch"

Jenna keeps up with the comedy lines while she services your shit and that is half her charm for me, half of me wants to fuck the shit out of her and half of me just cracks the fuck up cause she is so fuckin funny.  Which ultimately makes me wanna fuck her even more, lol. 

Jenna Reid VR sex

"You better fuckin pass me for this shit"

Jenna hops on the stick at around the 21 minute mark, and it has that authentic cramped up car sex feel to it. *One thing to note here, is the cam gets bumped A LOT during the car fucking so get used to it. 

Jenna Reid virtual sex in car

Tight action

The action is tight and present with the claustrophobic environment serving to focus the presence up sharply. Jenna looks tasty as fuck squat-riding in reverse here and things feel good in the virtual sense.

Jenna Reid public sex in car

"Fucking mirror!"

Jenna has to dodge the fucking mirror by her head as she puts in a slow and sexy grind on your shit in true awkward car fuck fashion.

Jenna Reid jerking cock

Close up with Jenna Reid

She turns around to face you around 24 minutes in and the intimacy goes through the roof here as you are compressed against her for some of my favorite footage of the movie.

Jenna Reid virtual cowgirl
Jenna Reid having sex in car

"Are you scared with all the cars? Does that make you shy?"

Cowgirl fucking and some comedy activation of the 4-way blinker switch on the center dash makes for more fun here as well as the.... oh fuck, the blinkers are now on, and...I can see peeps in the driveway over there vibe!

Jenna Reid fucking cowgirl

"You better not cum in there"

Well, I have to admit to doing just that before this section was up, and this first car fuck is kind of it's own scene, so feel free to chuck a nut here. I went and took a nap before I watched the second half, lol. Thanks Jenna!

Jenna fuckin Reid WankzVR
Jenna Reid virtual sex in car road test

Splooge!  Yawn. 

WankzVR Jenna Reid Road Test Movie review
Jenna Reid WankzVR driving in virtual reality

"You know....I live really, really close....we could easily just drive to my house"

Jenna suggests you head back to her house for some proper fucking and hops back in the drivers seat for a topless drive-off back through the neighborhood.

Jenna Reid lollipop

Daddy's house

I was hoping we would get to bang Jenna in the comfort of Daddy's house in the next bit here, but for whatever reason things remain in the driveway/car for the rest of the scene as Jenna exits to approach on your side armed with a fresh green lolli in her hand.

Jenna Reid oral sex

"You want me to ride you again?"

After some time suckin on yer lollipop, Jenna mounts back up for some crazy half-in, half-out the door sidesaddle action.

Jenna Reid sidesaddle

"I think... this really isn't working...I want you to come in my Daddy's house"

YES! Errrr, No! I guess "Daddy" was home or something because it looks like shooting in the house was a no-go today, and we are stayin' in the car in spite of this foreshadowing from Jenna. Perhaps "Mommy" was home instead?

Jenna Reid blowjob

"I wanna taste my cum"

Jenna goes back to suckin' here and things kind of stalled at this point in the scene for me in terms of rhythm, where it felt like perhaps the original plan was to move inside, but that wasn't happenin so maybe it was improve time in the car.

Jenna Reid green lollipop

"Lick it... lick it for me. You like that flavor?"

This break in continuity continues next with an odd feeling edit that sees Jenna going from sucking on your dick to insta laying in your lap for a lollipop show that felt pretty forced as an element, and took away some from the previous, "I really want you to bend me over and fuck me" commentary from Jenna.  Despite the break in flow, Jenna keeps it rockin and we get another Tutor flashback. 

Jenna Reid doggy

"Please, come fuck me outside"

We finally do get to bend Jenna over at around the 41 minute mark of the scene, which gives us our first real PoV change of the movie. The shot is tilted down more than I prefer for a standing shot, but otherwise an alright feeling PoV and Jenna looks great below.

Jenna Reid virtual doggie
Jenna Reid hair pulling

Private Tutor hair pulling

Action here improves with some upright hair pulling sections that put Jenna closer to you, and harken back to Private Tutor.

Jenna Reid at WankzVR
Jenna Reid close fuck
Jenna Reid virtual missionary
Jenna Reid missionary vr

"You wanna come fuck me in the back seat like a good little whore?"

Action transitions to face only missionary in the back seat next for one of my other favorite sections of the movie, as you are pressed up tight against Jenna here for a nicely present feeling VR shot. There is a lot of lighting glare (like... HoloGirls glare and shadow) and shooting screenshots this close up is not flattering to anyone, but everything feels quite good with Jenna here for those that like these kind of shots. It quite feels like bangin' a chick in the backseat of a car.  I just didn't screenshot much of it, but it's really nice VR missionary, with a touch of car cramp.  And, some crazy lights n shadows, lol. 

Jenna Reid on hood

"I wanna suck, and you cum all over my mouth"

Jenna begs you to please let her put your cock in her mouth for a couple minutes before the scene cuts to some slippery-slope on-the-hood fucking at about the 54 minute mark.  It is also now rather comically the pitch black of night for you continuity buffs and looks to have been a long day on ye ole porno set.

Jenna Reid hood of car fucking

"Fuck me like you wanna cum for me"

Jenna does an awesome job with the verbals down the finish stretch with a few minutes of hood fucking before she slides down to mouth your cock and take your load.

Jenna Reid virtual reality wankvr movie
Jenna Reid cumshot

"You dirty little fucker"

You give Jenna a full facial glazing and she asks if she passed her test before she gets up onto the audibly dimpling hood for a cut to some of the hand held footage WanzkVR have been doing lately, that was mercifully left till the very end of this feature. This was the only section of the movie that I had to bail on in terms of movement induced nausea, so your mileage will vary here with your personal tolerance level.

Jenna Reid ass
Jenna Reid on hood of car

"What are you waiting for, come clean out my pussy with your little tongue.....you dirty little fuck"

Hand held zoom in's on Jenna and a few hood dents finish up the scene and our Road Test with Jenna Reid has come to an end.

Jenna Reid ass WankzVR

A Sweet VR Ride with Jenna Reid!


Wrapping up our VR Road Test with Jenna Reid, I thought it was an adventurous shoot from WanzkzVR production and an awesome performance from Miss Reid. I wondered what a car might feel like in VR as far as fucking went, as we all know what that cramped up feeling of trying to get your fuck on in a smaller car is like. A car is an intimate place to be with someone, think about that first date driving tension, and in that regard, it suits a VR fuck scene quite well I thought.  Action in the car felt immediate, present and intimate, as well as a little uncomfortable, so....pretty much like fucking in a car!


Throwing in fuckin Jenna out in the open in some random neighborhood in Cali with cars driving by and folks in their driveway felt oddly "they can see us" despite sitting in my living room, so that whole vibe kicked things up to another level that has not really been exploited in VR yet and the whole thing felt pretty alive and adventurous. 


On the negative side, there is a lot of wing-it kind of stuff going on with this shoot. The car footage is like driving into a white out due to typical camera overexposure on these early VR cams, and you have to deal not only with the car moving but the camera mount being rocked quite regularly throughout the scene, likely due to the cramped quarters, road bumps and whatnot. I am super sensitive to car sickness and was able to get through it without much issue and the cam being knocked about was much more disturbing than the car moving surprisingly for me.  Once the car got moving, I was like, cool. 

The only footage I had to totally bail on was the hand held shit at the very end of the scene after the pop, so easy to bail out there if you need to and overall, movement was not an issue for me here if the cam wasn't getting jostled as much during the actual fucking. 

As well, the lights at night were pretty glarey, but I kind of get the impression perhaps some issues came up on the set that required some impromptu setups or shoot time for the 2nd half of the scene.  Either that or Jenna was just wingin it with all the fuck me in Daddy's house commentary, which seems less likely. 

All in all, an awesome scene

In terms of the scene as a whole,  the first 30 minutes ran really strong in terms of sexual tension and continuity, and then the later 30 featured some more great moments with Jenna, but things like the break in fucking for a good bit, to going from day to pitch black night really drained away some of the flow and rhythm of the fucking sections, creating a bit of a void right down the middle.


In the end, I enjoyed the scene on its own merits and it stands alone as a VR porn production in 2017. I will always give WanzkVR credit for not being afraid to tear up the envelope and in this case, it provided some really intense moments with Jenna Reid in the car.  After nearly a year and a half, it was great to reunite virtually and spend an hour with Jenna in VR again, and I thought she was fantastic in this.  She deserved a special scene and this was that. 

For some reason Jenna totally rings my bell in VR, and she's tops on my list of current adult performers.  She gets the way you have to interact with a camera to make it feel like a person for the viewer in VR, with solid eye contact throughout and a totally unforced way about her.  Jenna's sexy, ornery and funny, and I am stoked WankzVR got her to come back for us for another classic scene. 

Lets be honest here, this movie kind of looks like shit in terms of visual clarity but that's not the point here for those that don't get hung up on that end of things. Zombie Slayers, also looked like shit in terms of visual clarity. But both the movies were groundbreaking and daring to take chances on very basic gear and memorable precisely because they took chances.  We are breaking the rules here. You are not supposed to drive with a VR rig. You are not supposed to shoot outside in bright sunlight.  You are not supposed to fuck on the street in broad daylight. Fuck it! Lets have some fuckin fun from time to time. Jenna fuckin Reid. WankzVR. Road Test bitch! 10/10. 

"You better fuckin pass me for this shit"

Road Test from WankzVR!

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