Rockin the Shaggin Wagon with Jade Nile at WankzVR!

In de-Nile featuring Jade Nile from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio: WankzVR
Release date:  August 14, 2018
Running time: 43:00
Starring:  Jade Nile
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Trailer & Gallery
Notables:  Jade Nile's energy, real feeling scene
Negatives:  Audio, rough looking opening shot in sun
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  If the Van's a Rockin...

In de-Nile

Sup yall. Sittin down on the weekend after a busy fuckin week to relax and check out some porno tonight with the last couple of releases from WankzVR. I had Kali Roses and Jade Nile on deck and after sampling through the first couple minutes of both, I decided to roll on Jade as I've seen Kali quite a bit at this point, and had yet to check Miss Nile out.  Plus, I wanted to get a better look at that funky van I saw in the trailer, lol. 

Jade Nile

Swing set setup

In de-Nile starts off with an outdoor swing set setup, which makes a for a nice prop, and provides some interesting motion to look at in the mask as you give Jade a few virtual pushes.

Audio woes

The audio is pretty much ass, with over-amplified everything-but-jade's-voice, and it was not until the second viewing for screenshotting that I was actually even able to discern the basic plot premise because you literally cannot hear what the fuck she is saying over the background traffic n' bird noise!

Jade Nile ass

Road trip adventure

Apparently, you are in some random park...err....backyard..... that you have stopped off at while on a road trip adventure with Jade and I guess you can pretend that the prominent low end background white noise rumble is the lovely campground river flowing off in the distance!

Rough vid at the start

The opening video quality is also kind of ass for recent WankzVR standards, suffering quite a bit from the oncoming sunlight washout effect but fortunately the scene does not stay on this location for long and the image quality fares better after the initially sunny setup.

Jade Nile at WankzVR

Jade certainly looks cute in the sun, but the IQ is pretty low here

Back to the fap

Despite hardly being able to make her dialog out, Jade's got an awesome energy, the opening kisses are pretty much on point and it's not long before she's professing her hornyness, losing the clothing and climbing back on the swing for a sweet little back and forth pussy show. 

Jade Nile naked swing

"See....I know where you really....really want to be"

Jade Nile VR porn

The Shaggin Wagon

The solid opening tease wraps up and the action then moves over to the open barn doors of your forest green interior custom conversion van, featuring a pop-tent roof, lots of random brickabrak and some what-the-fuck-happens-when-you-slam-on-the-breaks-in-this-fucker looking furniture. There's even a random Hitachi laying by the drivers seat that never does come into play in the scene and I spent a good couple of minutes just tripping out on the van interior.....which funny enough, looks a lot  like my own custom green and white conversion van.

Jade Nile virtual reality porn

"Babe, will you pound it into me....please?"

Fucking stars off with a nice standing doggie shot set in the open doors of the van and Jade puts out some great energy, bringing to mind for me more energetic VR performances like Kristina Rose in Riding the Roadie or On Set with Riley Reid

Good standing setup

I liked the standing PoV here in terms of the shot, and Jades fun to watch, constantly shifting around and giving you different angles to look at and making the most of the doorway setup, from upright to bent over positioning. 

Jade's a natural

Jade's got one of those natural vibes where nothing seems forced or phony and it helps make it easy to get "immersed" in the virtual van action where you next get some standing missionary from the same PoV.

Jade Nile in In de-Nile from WankzVR

Back seat driver

Action moves along to the rear of the Shaggin Wagon next where you can now bask in the full interior glow of this hippy dippy trippy adventure van!

Nice setup for cowgirl

Backseat PoV feels/looks a little close on the initial blowjob, but this is due to a preemptive cow friendly up-tilt on the rig which moves the bottom border up a little more in the frame.  Once Jade mounts up, things feel right in the zone for some close-up van shaking cowgirl action. 

"OH my're really fucking in there!"

The cowgirl riding pretty much feels like fuckin a chick in the back seat of a van where things are nice and tight, and Jade pretty much fucks the ever loving shit out of you here, causing the shaggin wagon to shake on it's foundations and rattle it's popup rafters.

Jade came to fuck

Jade Nile spreads pussy

Quick close-up

There's a quick standing close-up pussy shot that makes nice use of the upward tilt on the rig before Jade hops back on for a bit of lean back perspective, before asking you to pound it into her and snuggling up close and tight to you again.

Fun to watch fuck

Jades really fun to watch fuck, constantly changing up her position and bringing the energy bigtime in this scene, without it feeling like she's just playing it up for the cam or going through the setups, it just all comes across as quite genuine and sweaty and I enjoyed the overall real feeling vibes she was puttin out.

Cool lap shot

There's a really tasty in your lap shot where you are kind of in Jade's pit area, and you can almost get a round the bend sense of the front her body from this perspective, which brings some unique presence to this shot and there's quite a bit of this angle featured over the next several minutes.

"You know the rules of the van babe...."

"...if you're gonna cum.... you have to cum in my mouth! That's just van life, you have to cum in my mouth!"  

Big gulp finish

All internal oral cumshot is follow up by a big gulp finish from Jade, and she exits the bus to head down to the "river"... you know, that wash of white noise in the background.....and In de-Nile— I still have nfi what the tie in/play on words for the title is— fades down to black. 

Cool VR scene for Jade Nile fans


Wrappin up In de-Nile, this was my first time seeing Jade Nile and I thought she was a natural here, bringing some great energy to the scene and making for a "real" feeling VR experience in the Shaggin Wagon. The scene was never boring to watch for me and Jade kept things moving nicely, constantly shifting around and giving you lots of different looks during a sweaty 40 minute van fuck.

On the positive stuff, other than Jade's natural performance, I enjoyed all the PoV setups along with the overall scene design and pacing.  The rocking van setup was pretty comical and the swing set functioned as a nice way to start things off, other than the image quality on that particular shot.  

On the negatives, Wankz has been rocking some shitty audio for some of these outdoor scenes lately, where the ambient signal to noise ratio is pretty bad and typically overwhelms the subject.  It's often easier to make out the background blur than the actual dialog, and they might wanna consider another less omni-directional outdoor audio solution, cause this one pretty much blows for that purpose, lol.  Other than the audio, just the poor image quality on the opening shot was really the only other nitpick I had and that's only about 5 minutes of footage. 

Overall, fun virtual times for me in the van with Jade Nile and I'd totally recommend giving this one a shot if you're a Jade fan, a van fan, or if you like higher energy, real feeling, non porny VR scenes. 10/10. 


In de-Nile from WankzVR!

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