Checking Out Vanessa Decker at Reality Lovers in I’ve Been Promoted!

Vanessa Decker in I've Been Promoted! From Reality Lovers!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Reality Lovers
Release date:  1/18/2017
Running time: 23:19
Starring:  Vanessa Decker
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review
Notables:  Vanessa Decker, Experimental zoom shots  
Negatives:  Experimental zoom shots
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Nice Vanessa Decker Movie

"I've Been Promoted!"

Just got done watching the new Reality Lovers release today with Vanessa Decker and putting together a scene recap here. I have enjoyed watching Vanessa over at Czech VR and it's been a couple weeks since I have checked on Reality Lovers so I hit the download on this one as soon as it was released today.  I've Been Promoted sees Reality Lovers trying some new things, to varying degrees of effectiveness, and while some elements didn't really work for me, it is great to see them pushing their production into new areas. If you don't dig, you won't find any gold, so in that spirit, it's good to see them mixing things up here some.

1 vanessa decker min

Vanessa Decker!

Bit low on your stunt body incline

Setup finds you slouched back in a chair, and you can tell right away, the PoV will be a bit high as far as where you sense your groin area to be, as the incline here is quite shallow, even if you are reclined in a game chair like I sit in.  Vanessa Decker enters and she is pretty  stoked she has just gotten a promotion at work.  She utters her one and only line in the movie,  pops the top off some bubbly and pours you a glass.

2 vanessa decker reality lovers min

Nice opening shots with Vanessa

She kneels down between your legs, and starts caressing your chest while opening up her top a bit.  Vanessa feels very present in the opening here, and you get some nice moments as she moves up your chest in a few sections bringing her closer in to the rig.

3 reality lovers ive been promoted

My favorite moments were up front

More drinky drinky and off comes the top followed by the skirt, leaving Vanessa clad in sexy black lace undies. She lays back down on your chest and these opening moments with her were my favorite parts of the scene, with Vanessa feeling very "there" in the VR sense.

4 vanessa decker ive been promoted

Some very present moments up front

5 ive been promoted
6 reality lovers vanessa decker vr min
7 vanessa decker virtual reality

Combo oral shot

Vanessa busts your dick out around the 6 minute mark, and after taking a few more swigs from her glass, gets to work sucking you off for a bit.

8 reality lovers movie review

Wasn't really feeling the up close action here

Dick's eye view

It is your standard suck shot until a cut comes at 7 minutes, and you then assume a right on top of your dick PoV...that really didn't work for me. 1. It's a bit on the distorted side, and the image didn't look particularly clean in that regard.  2. You are buried in this bros groin, and the whole perspective is claustrophobic feeling, at least for me.

I am not against these types of shots per say, but... if I was going to break PoV and jump to a fly on the wall shot....I would not bury it in the guys groin, I would most likely either shoot it from above, or from profile or something that offered a better feeling shot in VR.  I will give points to production however for trying some different shit here.

9 vanessa decker vr porn

Little Wankzy style spread action

Helping hands

Around the 10 minute mark, Vanessa backs that ass up for a close up man hands spread shot that winds up coming off pretty Wankzy and I will always contend that I would much rather see the girl show off the merchandise, as opposed to bro hands up in my grill in VR. But, some guys like this shit, so your mileage will likely vary here.

10 vanessa decker virtual fuck

Vanessa looks great

Vanessa stands to mount up cowgirl next and I have to say, she looks sexy as hell here, and I always enjoy watching scenes with her. She finally settles on a reverse mount and you get some sweet views of her ass in this section along with some more hands on ass from bro.

11 reality lovers ive been promoted review
12 reality lovers ive been promoted

Distorted zoom crotch shot again

Zoom shot part deux

Action then cuts back to the buried in your shit shot, and again, this just really didn't add anything extra for me to the scene, only serving to break PoV, scene rhythm and continuity.

13 vanessa

Nice sweaty orgasm

Vanessa mounts up forward cowgirl next and settles in to take care of business for a few minutes, winding up grinding herself up to a panting, sweaty orgasm that looks and feels pretty great in VR.

14 vanessa decker vr porn movie

Vanessa looking quite satisfied with herself

One last close up

A bit of jerk time between your legs finishes the scene and Vanessa rubs your cum all over her chest before coming back up and laying sideways across your torso for the final moments of the movie.

15 virtual reality porn vanessa decker

A nice Vanessa Decker feature from Reality Lovers


So wrapping up I've Been Promoted, I felt like it was a pretty solid scene for Vanessa Decker fans, she looks great here, and there were some fairly intimate moments with her on your chest, especially up front. The location and wardrobe, etc. were all typical of Reality Lovers high quality look and the tech here, other than on the somewhat distorted crotch shots, looked quite nice. As far as the crotch shots, they really didn't work for me, but it is cool to see new things tried, and I am always going to support that. I think if I were going to employ such a shot, I would try to find a better feeling vantage for a male viewer, than in the crux of some other bros junk. Otherwise not a bad scene if you can live with the occasional zoom shots which make up perhaps 2 minutes of the scene total,  and a slouched perspective that leaves you feeling like Vanessa is a bit higher than your virtual crotch area. Vanessa Decker looks awesome throughout and turns in a nice performance. 8/10

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"I've Been Promoted!" from Reality Lovers

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