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Iris Rose Featured at Real Teens VR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

Iris Rose from RealTeensVR

This weeks 9/16/2106 release from Real Teens VR features Iris Rose in what is surely one of Real Teens VR's hottest movies to date. Real Teens VR has kind of been my main ride for the last couple months, and with the new changes with Naughty America's rig and bit-rate, the movies are looking pretty great, with some standout performances from Lily Jordan and Kylie Page being amongst my favorites thus far.  Iris turns in a suuuper hot performance here, and if you like the whole "daddy" thing, you will be in hog heaven.  If on the other hand, you really enjoy positional whispering in VR, you may just lose your shit before the opening is even finished!

Sexy solo opening section

Per standard Real Teens VR formula, this movie starts out with a solo section from Iris, and holy fuck, she gives you a good one here. You immediately get close up face time on Iris as she sucks on her fingers, and while some of the kissing that follows is a bit too far out or off a hair, it is more the proximity of you to her here that will pump yer nads.

"Don't you wish your dick was in my mouth?"

Iris delivers her lines easily and with conviction and takes the soft and sultry approach with her dialog, turning up the sexy big time.  If you like being called daddy, well, thats a bonus here that you can expect for the duration.

"Give me your whole load of cum inside my sweet pussy"

Iris gets on the bed, ditches her shoes, comes in close to the camera and lets you know that she really loves creampies and wants you to dump a whole load of cum inside her sweet little pussy.  By now, you are probably going, fuck, this shits pretty hot for an intro!

"Don't be scared Daddy, you can do whatever you want to me"

The bed show goes on till about the 9 minute mark, when Iris approaches the camera, for possibly the moment of the movie for me, and I am not going to spoil it with some half assed dude commentary....just trust me, it's an choice VR moment and one of my absolute favorites this year.  If things like nicely captured positional whispering do it for you, just this 45 seconds is worth the price of admission.  I dunno....maybe the best whispering section  Somebody else pick up the gauntlet and beat this one and Iris's delivery cause this is gold medal.

Nice Transition

The transition to stunt cock is near seamless in this movie, and where I have been a bit frustrated with the last couple releases, where Violette and Maya get naked, and then unaked again when the dick comes in, this one was an easy change-over in my eyes.  It felt natural, as far as respecting the momentum generated in the fantastic opening minutes.

"I love that dick down my throat Daddy"

Iris is calling you daddy and stroking your cock and it is not long before she starts working it slowly with her mouth, pausing to keep the dirty talk up the whole way.  Her speed is slow and deliberate, nothing is rushed or forced feeling and the sections where she approaches you while jerking you off below come off really strong.

Daddy, you wanna eat my pussy?

Next up is some up close action that should make the pussy eaters happy in the crowd.  The distance is pretty sweet here, as is every word out of Iris's dirty little teenage mouth 😛

"Get it nice and wet for my pussy baby"

Iris mounts up for some excellent cowgirl, and the action is hot with her leaning up towards the camera by your ears rather than away from you and keeping the talking rolling while she fucks you.

After some nice ass in your face time, Iris asks if you want it back in her pussy and shimmy's her legs under yours for some tasty reverse cowgirl.  The distance to dick and perspective feel right on here, and its a nice shot for the ass fans.

"Oh my god, your dick feels so good in my pussy"

Legs come back up over yours for a switch on the cowgirl and Iris continues to put in a full grind on you cock until transitioning into doggie.

Some upright doggie action

Next up is a decent feeling doggie shot in terms of height, and as I am growing fond of at Real Teens VR, it features segments where Iris is upright in front of you while you slam her from behind. You get everything from 90 degree doggie here, to up in your face, to head down on the bed.

"God, your dick feels soo good"

Quivering butterfly missionary follows the doggie action and Iris is goin off below you, her vocals and intensity growing as she is fucked.

"Ohh my god, my tight pussy wants your warm cum"

Things boil up to a crescendo with Iris beggin for you to dump your load in her sweet pussy and the whole creampie section is excellent.  There is not much visual evidence, but there is some bend over in front and finger time from Iris and the ending line is a keeper to finish the scene.

Another solid movie from Real Teens VR 10/10

Overall, I though this one was pretty badass, Iris Rose was sexy as fuck and all the shots felt good on angles and perspectives.  Iris's dialog was a definite highlight, as was the super strong opening solo section and creampie ending.  Love the upright doggie, and up close cowgirl as well as the great use of whispering to launch the opener over the edge.  I am trying to come up with any negatives, and nothing is really coming to mind, the movie is pretty on point from front to back and all the tech looked and sounded good.   Another cool example of VR porn from Real Teens VR! 10/10  Find our full Real Teens VR Review here.

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Iris Rose from RealTeensVR

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