Introducing Nikkita Diamond! WankzVR Breaks Out the Special Reserve for the Holiday Season!

Introducing Nikkita Diamond VR from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Wankz VR
Release date:  12/13/2016
Running time: 58:09
Starring:  Nikkita Diamond
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Introducing Nikkita Diamond​ Preview
Notables:  Solo start, Standing Fuck, Prone Doggie Fuck, Fuck fuck fuckity fuck, Nikkita Diamond
Negatives:  Nikkita wasn't on my dick when the mask came off
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Top Shelf Shit from WankzVR

Introducing Nikkita Diamond

Wussup dirty birds. Taking a look at this weeks December 13th release from WankzVR, Introducing Nikkita Diamond tonight.  I watched this immediately on release the other morning, which = my late night that day and pretty much beat ma dick n got sleepy so doubling back to get a review up today!  WankzVR have been freight trainin it for awhile now, plowing through mid winter with releases like Thanksgiving Day and Champagne Room that were not afraid to take some chances with new ideas while still serving up the WankzVR main course to their faithful fappers. 

With this film, you take one-part top VR studio of 2016 and mix that with one-part experienced cam girl Nikkita Diamond's first foray into "porn" and you walk out with one of the years best VR scenes and yet another reason to let that WankzVR sub keep re-billing.  Because you really don't want to be missing out on movies like this one brah!

2 nikkita diamond

Nikkita Diamond!

Stairwell setup

Introducing Nikkita Diamond starts off with your vantage point being located at the bottom of a well lit, curved stairwell from which Nikkita is descending.  This scene builds on the excellent male-less intro served up in the opening section of Dream Girl Dillion, taking that stairwell setup to the next level of engagement with a performer like Nikkita Diamond and a bit longer runtime.

3 nikkita diamond wankzvr

Tons of time to just peep Nikkita's beautiful face

What I loved right away about this scene, was the focus on very close face time with Nikkita.  You just start off face to face with her and you can really take her in as a woman, in much the same way you would when meeting a new person face to face, and tripping on this feature or that feature.

"Wow, look at her eyes" or "cool necklace" and there are a lot of great details to trip out on up close on her stunning outfit and flawless features.  Kissing starts from jump in this movie, and they are all pretty high quality VR attempts, coming across as natural and with just the appropriate amount of tongue to where it's not oversold and hound doggy.

4 nikkita diamond vr

First section qualifies as its own solo scene

As with recent movies such as Champagne Room, the following 20 minutes could just as well stand on their own merits against other 20 min limp-dick solo efforts being released from competitor studios, as it gets everything right on the "VR porn" aspect of VR porn.

5 nikkita diamond virtual reality

Cool and confident delivery

Nikkita walks down the stairs and pretty much engages the fuck out of you immediately, displaying a confident, in control energy that makes her the center of attention.  She is not looking over for direction—even when receiving direction— and she is not stumbling over her schtick, she is staring dead at you and is engaged with the camera in an effortless fashion allowing for what is virtually a seamless one shot to take place with the exception of a camera position change and I think one other edit.

6 nikkita diamond first porn
7 nikkita diamond wankzvr

Cam skillz

Nikkita has the kind of on camera skills of one that really really gets the whole big picture of PoV style interaction, and how maintaining that focus on the viewer and trying never to let it drop is what can really be powerful at drawing someone in.

8 wankzvr nikkita diamond
9 introducing nikkita diamond wankzvr

She is a woman that knows how to work both the camera and a man, and that makes for VR dyno-mite.  I mean, she says some typically funny shit, but she just sells it straight up.  Nikkita Diamond is a lot to take in and you should soon be thinking of little else besides assuming the familiar position there in your virtual fap hutt.

10 wankzvr nikkita
11 nikkita diamond ass

Close means close

The initial section is pretty much close-up face time and kissing for the first 8 minutes, followed by close-up pussy and asshole from a lower perspective in the 2nd portion.  And close meaning, as close as you can fucking get shit pretty much to a VR cam.  Some of this close-up pussy footage is nicely framed in by Nikkita's ornate lace stockings on either side of you, standing out in fine detail with contrasting blue garter above and providing a nice visual and proximal effect in VR.

12 nikkita diamond virtual fuck
13 nikkita diamond porn debut

Front row on the Diamond buffet!

14 wankzvr nikkita diamond

Stuntcock arrives

Transition to stuntcock finds Bruce Venture warping in around the 20 minute mark for a standing PoV at the foot of the stairs, and Bruce brings his A game to this scene.  And who the fuck can blame him with a girl like Nikkita on his dick?

15 nikkita diamond virtual

Bit high/tilted  here

Standing section starts with some sexy ass rubbin on your shit, from a standing perspective both a tad high, and a little bit tilted for my tastes, but the ass in front is first class and the subsequent oral action is nice to gaze down on as Nikkita slowly undoes your pants and licks your stomach before going to work on your schlong.

16 nikkita diamond oral

Standing doggie

Some tasty doggie action follows here with plenty of looks back from Nikkita the whole time keeping the engagement factor on high.

17 nikkita diamond doggie

Holy fuck standing fuck

33 minutes in, the scene transitions away from the staircase to a standout standing fuck section that breaks some new VR porn ground and was perhaps the highlight moment of Introducing Nikkita Diamond for me.

18 nikkita diamond vr porn

Stellar standing fuck

The action is body to body and swaps between some choice leg up scissor fucking to straight up hands around neck suspended action and this intimate, visceral positioning continues for a good solid 3 minutes or so.  The PoV here is dead ahead and felt quite strong.

19 nikkita diamond wankzvr movie
20 introducing nikkita diamond movie review

Ape hanger fucking

My favorite position

38 minutes in transitions to what I will forever think of as "my favorite position" in VR: 1. Because it is my fav position, and 2. Because I mentioned this to Agent Lifestyles after he filmed it for the first time in Game, Set, Fuck with Skyler Nicole and he then repeated it with the amazing Kristina Rose in Riding the Roadie with her adding the unforgettable line "I know this is your favorite position" making for one of my personal standout VR porn memories this year 🙂

21 nikkita diamond wankz

My favorite position!

The best this position has been shot yet

And what red blooded assman don't like this position, watching Nikkita take the big dick here.  Once again, for action facing the other way, Nikkita is always looking back at you with those killer eyes and other than the cam being tilted down a bit, I was lovin this section.  It is perhaps the best it's been captured technically yet for VR and Bruce lays down some pipe for us.  

22 nikkita wankzvr


Bonus ass fingering by Nikkita

When you think it's already a 10, Nikkita slips a finger in her ass and makes it an 11, telling you she can feel your dick in her pussy and likely resulting in many racers just throwing in the wet towel at this point.  This particular moment had me already wishing for Part 2: Introducing Nikkita's Diamond Hole.

23 introducing nikkita diamond vr porn

Hard riding cowgirl

Full on ride em cowgirl is next with Nikkita taking your bull by the horn for some hard rodeo fucking as she achieves her own liftoff moments.

24 nikkita diamond virtual

Nice final position

Fucking winds up in a fantastic seated doggy type position, with Nikkita's lovely ass doin the bounce in front of you while her dirty mouth is beggin you to squirt a hot load of man chowder all up in her cum dumpster.

25 nikkita diamond creampie

Tip in creampie

Classic creampie

Tip only cream injection is duly delivered and this one is a nice, complete creampie, with Nikkita first giving you a drip and then making sure she milks every last drop of cum from your cock with some sweet, extended deep grinding while asking you if you like being in her cum filled pussy.  The creampie ending is one of the best so far, not a ton of cream, but a whole lot of pie and Nikki is awesome.

26 wankzvr creampie
27 nikkita diamond cum inside

Fucking that cummy pussy

More post cum fucking

This bliss is extended even further with some profile CPP2M cleanup action for what amounted to probably the most satisfying finish of perhaps any VR porn I have watched?  The finish goes like 5 mins bros, it's a feature, not a 15 second countdown to a black screen.

28 wankzvr nikkita

That freshly fucked look

One last look at Nikkita's freshly fucked honey hole and the latest WankzVR saga takes a smoke break and lights out at almost an hour in duration, not one minute of which ran long.

29 wankz nikkita diamond virtual reality

That freshly fucked look

Top Shelf Holiday Cheer from WankzVR and Nikkita Diamond


So, for me, this one comes off the top shelf and goes into the special Reserve section of the WankzVR catalog.  Introducing Nikkita Diamond builds on strong elements from  Wankz movies that have came before it such as Dream Girl Dillion, Riding the Roadie, Game, Set, Fuck , Zombie Slayers, and Casting Couch VR purifying them into a finer, more potent distillation. 

It is a blend of the finest ingredients: First class talent with genuine PoV skills mixed with production that set the stage for capturing every bit of Nikkita's essence and the result is a mastercraft VR porn for 2016. There is really very little not to like here for a hot blooded American male suffering from restless palm syndrome, and if you like what you see on the cover, wait till you get this one home and get the wrapper off Broseph! Introducing Nikkita Diamond is just flat out fucking good. 10/10.

Introducing Nikkita Diamond from WankzVR!

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