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In The Hot Tub Featuring Violet Starr from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  8/4/2017
Running time: 55:00
Starring:  Violet Starr
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: In The Hot Tub Preview
Notables:  Violet Starr, some nice standing bits, natural feeling scene
Negatives:  Portions of loud ambient audio, some tilty PoV's. 
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Violet Starr's natural for VR

In The Hot Tub!

     Gettin back to doing some reviews today after taking the entire month of July off from movie write ups with a look at In The Hot Tub with Violet Starr from WankzVR! I've been pretty stoked on Violet since her Real Teens VR movie last summer, but that scene had unfortunately suffered quite a bit on the technical side, coming at the time when things started to get weird on the production tip at Naughty America last year with new crews being used.  Waiting out similar crew changes also had me skipping Violet's more recent NA scene so I was excited to see the release announcement for In The Hot Tub at WankzVR a short time back. Let's get in the hot tub!

1 violet starr

Violet Starr!


The backyard location for In The Hot Tub is a familiar one for the WankzVR faithful and all of the action in the scene will be taking place outside. Violet looks quite tasty as she approaches and gets into the tub in front of you, clad in a Violet/Purple string bikini and rocking sexy curves in all the right places.

2 violet starr vr

​Simple setup

Setup for the movie is pretty simple: the parents are away, and Violet wants to play, so there is not much time spent on storyline here, just a fairly naturally flowing scene with a minimum of start up dialog, and Violet is undoing her top and sticking her sweet titties in yo face in not time at all. 

3 voilet starr tits

​Partly cloudy with a chance of sun

Lighting for an outside scene is pretty decent, a bit dark with an overcast, shadowy tone in the first half of the feature and more sunny highlights peeking through in the tail half as the sky breaks up. 

4 violet starr wankzvr

Little dark and overcast for the first half of the scene but Violet looks great

5 in the hot tub wankzvr

​Full spectrum audio

Audio, is a wave of everything, and you really get the full flavor of the urban environment with frequent small airplane flyby's and a seemingly omnidirectional barrage of associated outdoor sounds that do manage to encroach some on Violet's dialog cutting through at times.  Nothing you havn't heard before on a WankzVR outdoor shoot in the great L.A. outdoors, though perhaps a bit louder on this one. 

6 violet starr in the hot tub

Cool standing action

The first PoV enables some nice standing fucking with Violet, who goes through about every angle possible here, moving around quite a bit and putting a lot of energy into it, making for some seldom seen positioning in VR and a great way to get things rocking with a lot of presence. 

7 violet starr vr porn

​Solid eye contact, easy vibe

Violet has great eyes and uses them well in the VR sense, as well as rocking a natural, unforced manner that makes everything she says come across as easy and believable, making it pretty easy to get into the scene. 

9 violet starr virtual reality porn

​Not porny, still horny

If you like your VR on the less porny but still horny side, this is a scene for you, with a minimum of standard porno mannerisms and a nicely engaged fuck with Violet where whatever she says, she sounds like she means it.

10 violet star virtual fuck

Some tasty standing positioning in the first 30 minutes

​Violet rocks her dialog

All the dialog is pretty killer in the filling-out-the-sex sense and Violet's overall vibe is sweet, confident, energetic, and into it. 

11 violet starr wankzvr
13 violet starr in the hot tub wankzvr

​Engaging, sexy performance

I was pretty much engaged for the full 50 plus minute runtime and the scene never stalled for me or got tiring as far as the action and pacing went.

15 violet starr doggie

The scene moves to standing doggy at about the halfway point

​Felt a bit tilty on the cam setups

PoV's for In The Hot Tub felt OK... but also featured too much tilt on the cam for my tastes for shots that would probably feel better leveled.  This has the effect of forcing quite a bit of male torso into the lower frame as a side effect and giving a bit of the out-and-in-front cam-view type effect to the PoV's such as you can sense below.   

16 violet starr ass

All tasty looking doggie footage in terms of action

​Can use tilt functions on player to tighten up the PoV

Using tilt functions on your player to negate the tilt and reset level can help offset this effect quite a bit by re-framing the lower portion of your view, but when doing this results in a better feeling PoV, it's an indication that the cam really does not need to be tilted for the shot to begin with.  It also leaves the negative space at the top of the frame as a side effect of leveling, which does not look or feel great. 

17 violet starr wankzvr movie
18 violet doggie

Kind of more like older WVR doggie shots with Violet looking more distant and filling less of the frame

​Comparison with tilt removed

The standing doggie shot above felt a little leaned back and like it needed to be a little more vertical and advanced, where the subsequent kneeling shot I needed to apply around a 35 uptilt on my Whirligig to get a FoV that felt right again in virtual space as you can see in the comparison shots below. 

view with tilt on rig

Default view with tilt on rig looking down

tilt removed

Same angle FoV with the tilt removed 35 degrees in Whirligig

​Otherwise hot fuckin

Otherwise, beyond the tilt on the cam, the fucking is all pretty tasty throughout the doggie and upright missionary sections, offering up some great moments in terms of action.  I will just let the pictures do the talkin below through the last position of the movie which also features some quite nice vocal coaching from Violet as things head down the stretch. 

20 violet starr
21 violet wankzvr
23 wankzvr violet starr in the hot tub
24 violet starr vr porn
28 violet starr
29 violet starr wankzvr
30 violet starr jerk

Quick cumshot, enthusiastic cleanup

The Dice-man cometh pretty silently in this one without much signal or buildup with Violet reaching in with a quick hand to finish things off before mopping up her cummy bush and standing up on the edge of the tub to give a last close up view of her freshly partied on pussy.

31 in the hot tub
32 violet starr ass
33 violet end

​Overall, a hot hour by the hot tub with Violet Starr in VR


Overall, I enjoyed In The Hot Tub and thought Violet Starr did a great job with an enthusiastic, confident and engaging performance. She seemed to just kind of "get it" and would often kind of turn it on when Damon would bring her back towards the camera or something, without seeming like she was playing it up, just like,... getting what the VR thing is kind of about and doing a nice job of engaging the camera as if it were the person.  From her kissing style to her eye contact, she did an awesome job and she seems quite the natural for doing VR scenes. 

Highlights from the movie for me beyond simply Violet herself included the unique standing action within the opening section, where the heights allowed for some positional variety not often shot in VR.  Kisses were on the upper side of the spectrum with Violet working slower, sexier style VR kisses than how many girls approach them, and there was a fair amount of ape hanger action as well as some pulled-tight from behind compressing that helped to keep things present with Violet, and she seemed to really get into the idea of enhancing the shot that way and doing something different for VR despite some of the contortions.

On the negatives, just the tilts on all of the shots pretty much for me and some noisy ambient audio as small gripes.  I think all of the setups could have just as easily been shot without tilt on a straight ahead bearing to generate a more honest feeling PoV in the mask. The tilted angles totally make sense in terms of what is centered in the FoV, it is just not accounting for our range of head and eye travel in the HMD already being able to cover the distance without need for an additional aide from the rig being tilted in the case of these particular angles from this fappers PoV. 

​Other than the tilts, I thought it was a solid scene with some choice action and definitely a winner for Violet Starr fans, as well as those that enjoy the more natural feeling, downplayed type movies WankzVR does.  9/10. 

"In The Hot Tub" from WankzVR!

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