How Much Squirt Can You Handle? Gettin Wet n’ Nasty with Adriana Chechik at VRHush!

How Much Squirt Can You Handle from VRHush background

How Much Squirt Can You Handle? featuring Adriana Chechik from VRHush!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VRHush
Release date:  July 16, 2018
Running time: 40:47
Starring:  Adriana Chechik
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review
Notables:  Adriana Chechik, good anal scene
Negatives:  Rough edits/transitions
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Must have for Adriana fans
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How Much Squirt Can You Handle?!

     Sup guys! Doing up a quick scene review tonight for How Much Squirt Can You Handle? featuring Adriana Chechik at VRHush. It's been a few months since I have watched anything at VRHush and it was about due time for a check in.  Adriana's money so I'm always down for a new scene and she turns in one of her dirtiest VR performances in this one and How Much Squirt Can You Handle? also turned out to be the most technically proficient scene I have personally viewed from VRHush to date.

Adriana Chechik

Adriana Chechik!


"Look at this tool between your legs...I'm going to use it in all of my holes"
Adriana Chechik how much squirt can you handle

 Setup's done!

That was the setup! lol. There's pretty much zero setup or cool down in this scene, just wall-to-wall Adriana Chechik bratnasty from the moment she slinks up to you in your VR chair.


Tech looks quite nice as far as image quality goes and audio capture's decent as well. No major gripes on tech for me, except for the editing, which was definitely the weak link in this production.

"I'm gonna cover you in all of my juices"

She's not kiddin either folks. I've seen a fair few Adriana VR scenes at this point and I would have to rate this one wetter than even the VR supersoaker that was  Grangerous Liaisons from BaDoinkVR earlier this year.  Adriana herself looks smokin in a black strapped getup and this sexy wardrobe stays in place for the duration of the movie providing some great framing.

Adriana Chechik anal

Cold cuts

First cut finds Adriana suddenly randomly ass facing you on your chest as things get going with some fingering from stunt bro.

Adriana Chechik anal dildo

"You want me to warm up my other hole?"

Adriana produces a large curvy black thingamajigger and works it up her ass handily while bro works the 1 hole.

Adriana Chechik dildo
Adriana Chechik ass dildo

" like seeing me fuck my ass!?"

Another completely random cut and Adriana is now on her back going to work with a large pink double dildo.

Adriana Chechik anal gape
Adriana Chechik anal double dildo

Squirt Alert

Out comes the Hitatchi and better run for cover....cause it looks like rain.

Adriana Chechik squirt

One moment drenched, the next dry

Adriana lets loose with her first gusher, and the edits here start to get pretty silly, as they stop to clean the rig and mop up a bit between squirts, robbing the scene of quite a bit of continuity, vs. say in BaDoinkVR's scene earlier this year where they just allowed the rig to drip squirt pretty much for sections.

Random edit

A rough edit and Adriana is now standing above you for another squirting section and things were feeling pretty clippy by this point for me, rather than feeling "immersed" into a more seamless presentation.  The actions all first class though, it just lacks flow in terms of continuity. Adriana... certainly does not lack with the flow!

Adriana Chechik oral


Another clumsy edit and your dicks already in Adriana's mouth sans warmup with more splice edits as well during the footage in this section. Some nice deepthroats from Adriana here who pretty much goes whole hog on your virtual junk.

Adriana Chechik reverse cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl

Fuckin gets going around the 16 minute mark with some quick reverse vaginal cowgirl before Adriana slips you up her back door.

Adriana Chechik anal sex

"I know you want my asshole"

Reverse cowgirl anal looks great and Adriana has plenty of dirty shit to say to you as she swaps you back and forth between her greedy holes.

Adriana Chechik DP


The pink double dildo returns for some tasty DP action and it's hard to argue with this footage if you're an Adriana Chechik or anal fan.

Adriana Chechik virtual handjob

"I know another way to make myself cum all over you"

Cowgirl vag/anal with torrential squirting is next accompanied by more lens cleanup edits and a couple of closer feeling lean in sections.

Tasty standing PoV

Action transitions on another awkward edit at around the 28 minute mark to a solid feeling standing PoV that now sees Adriana laying back on the headrest of the couch while you stand behind it, which is a pretty sensible PoV that doesn't get utilized much really. NA used to do this back in the day when they actually had a good director and the height is just right for a VR prop.  Framing is also quite nice here with the red couch backdropping a black strapped Adriana.

More squirt, more anal, more Adriana Chechik.

"Use that cock in there....make me a good anal slut!"

Adriana Chechik virtual standing fuck

Standing Fuck

There's a nice standing fuck section at around the 31 minute mark providing some close up action with Adriana and a solid attempt at this virtual positioning.

That's a nice VR shot

"Fuck my asshole....use it...put it in there!"

The solid standing action continues with Adriana turning around to bend over the top of the couch for more buttfuckin.

"Make that hole yours....fucking own it!"

"You want me to suck it? I know you wanna cum"

Oral finish has Adriana squatting down for the cumshot, which she then shows off for the cam and the scene comes to a super abrupt end as she's continuing to play with the sauce in front of you.

On that note.....

Pretty much a home run for Adriana Chechik fans


Wrapping up this wet and wild ride from VRHush, I thought How Much Squirt Can You Handle? was a great scene for Adriana Chechik fans and one of my favorites with her so far in VR, up there with Double Derriere Daydream from Naughty America and the Zombie Slayers sagas from WankzVR for solid virtual anal action with Adriana that captures her nasty essence nicely.

On the good stuff, the scene looked really great from set to wardrobe and I thought it was a flattering backdrop for Adriana Chechik, who pretty much rocked her scene as usual, top to bottom. Amazing energy, fantastic dirty talk and ya.....I expect nothing less with Adriana. The PoV's were fine for me with seated action followed up by some nice standing sections at the end on the couch back which were probably my favorite setups of the movie.

On the negatives, pretty much just the editing for me, which at times left this scene feeling like a collection of clips rather than a cohesive virtual experience. There were quite a bit of edits throughout the entire scene, and some of them were just really cold and awkward feeling in terms of the overall scene rhythm. Utilizing techniques like having the girl telegraph the next section via dialog cues ie. "bend me over and fuck me now" /edit - next section can aide with these transitions and is a tool commonly used at Wankz or Czech VR to provide continuity from cut to cut and offer a more sophisticated way of progressing through these static shot setups.

Otherwise, beyond the editing, I thought How Much Squirt Can You Handle? was an awesome scene for Adrian Chechik fans and it's good to give VRHush a 10 for the first time, since they earned the dubious distinction of my one and only zero for one of their early 360 works last year.  They have made some definite progress since their initial launch in 360, and I'm stoked to see their 180 efforts starting to hit the mark here in 2018. 10/10.


How Much Squirt Can You Handle? from VRHush!

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