Hot VR Sex in “My Sister’s Friend” Featuring Riley Reid from WankzVR!

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Hot VR Sex in "My Sister's Friend" from Wankz VR with Riley Reid!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with MaxVR player.

Review Score 7/10

Riley Reid is Your Sisters Friend

Today I will be taking a look at "My Sisters Friend" starring 2016 xbiz award winner Riley Reid from new VR Porn studio Wankz VR. Wankz VR have just hit the scene with an impressive list of early movies featuring hot VR sex from awesome talent such as Riley Reid and appear to be ready to step in and make a showing for the US in VR Porn.  Riley Reid is slammin so I was excited to check this one out.

The Elephant in the Room

OK. First things first.  As of 4/1/16, Wankz VR titles have a problem with scale and it is pretty pronounced.  A tiny girl like Riley, is extra tiny in this scale and it is to the point of being off putting.  If you are viewing on Oculus and have access to a player such as MaxVR, you can decrease the stereo separation a good bit to enhance the scale to a viewable size, but you will need to tweak things, and they will not look perfect.  But I am able to get things at least viewable with MaxVR, and while the first portion of this movie is in fairly small scale, the second portion looks REALLY good and is pretty close to where things should be. So let's get to it.

Riley Enters Looking HAF

This 30 minute scene starts out with you browsing porn in a really well lit room, with hardwood floors and sunlight filtering in through the curtains, and the room feels warm and inviting.  Riley walks in dressed in shorts and thigh high socks and asks you where you sister is at and she looks great.

hot vr sex with riley reid

Really great setting for this one

"Do You Guys Have Anything I Can Snack On?"​

Riley is bummed your sister is late and starts to make overtures at you, asking if you always sit around in your underwear while she is slowly sucking on a lollipop.  She pulls off her top exposing her perky tits and comes over to join you, and begins licking your cock through your underwear.  A bit more teasing and Riley gets up to remove her shorts, dressed now in only sexy violet panties and the thigh high socks that will remain for the rest of the scene.  Riley is cute as can be and is talking to you nonstop while she strips down for you.

"How Bout We Pull it Out?"

Riley then comes and pulls your drawers off and begins sucking your cock, her tongue still red from the lollipop.  She looks great here with super erect nips and the violet panties framing her ass in the background as she sucks on your cock.  Riley is a good cocksucker and gives your member a workout, pausing to make lots of eye contact.

Riley Reid VR porn

Some really sexy cocksucking here

Next, Riley puts her tight little ass in your face and teases you with her panties, at one point wrapping your cock up in them, and this section is quite sexy.  She then goes back and retrieves her lollipop and begins to alternate back and forth on the sucker and your dick.

riley wraps your dick in her panties

Riley wraps your dick in her panties!

At about 12 minutes in, Riley finally loses the panties and exposes her cute little bush and full pussy as she mounts you cowgirl for some hot VR sex.  She is still in the socks and looks smoking riding on your dick, her perky tits standing at full attention. This section lasts a good 5 minutes and you get a nice long look at Riley in this position before she gets off and sucks her pussy juices off your cock.

riley reid rides

Riley fucks you cowgirl

Riley then mounts you reverse cowgirl and this girls ass is a treat to behold.  Her full pussy looks AMAZING wrapped around your cock here as it glistens with her wetness in the light. The socks, the tattoo, her amazing pussy, it all works to great effect here and when you don't think it can look any better, Riley reaches back and spreads her ass for you with her hands many times during this section.  Super hot.  She even teases her asshole a bit for you.

riley reid spreads her cheecks

Riley spreads her cheeks for you alot in this one, and it looks great!

"I Want You to Fuck Me Doggie Over Here"

24 minutes in, Riley stops to suck her juices off your cock and tells you she wants you to fuck her doggie over on the couch.  She runs over and you get a camera change and HUZZAH!  This is where the movie looks grrrrreat! Scale is much improved and Riley....omg!  If you like the view from doggie and you like Riley's ass, holy shit this section is hot.

riley reid doggie style

If you like doggie, you will LOVE this section.

You get a good five mins of this, with Riley spreading her cheeks for you and toying with her tight little asshole while you fuck her sweet pussy and it is pretty much all gold and you will likely be good to go here.  The scene ends up with Riley coaching you to blow your load on your ass, before your sister walks into the scene and busts the two of you out cold.  Riley gets up and grabs her clothes before running off and Your Sister's Friend is a wrap.

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​A Really Hot VR Sex Scene with a Few Glaring Issues

Overall the movie was an example of some really hot VR sex, and Riley is an awesome adult performer.  The two major drawbacks for this one are the world scale and the fact that all Wankz VR vids are shot in 30 fps currently, leading to a bit of motion blur during fast fucking sequences.  I will say the motion blur was not much of an issue on this particular clip though.  I hope that WankzVR is able to go back and update these older files at some point, to correct the world scale and fps if possible, as the scenes they have up currently, are very good without those two issues.  

Most studios doing VR Porn encounter similar hiccups in the beginning and we are confident that Wankz too will get their VR feet under them.  I would recommend this movie to fans of Riley that have a player they can tweak things with such as MaxVR, and fans of early VR that don't mind a few technical issues.  7/10, only due to the issues with scale and fps, Riley is a knockout.

Your Sisters Friend from WankzVR!

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