U.S. Invasion Week at VirtualRealPorn! Katrina Jade Stars in Hot Biker!

Hot Biker background from VirtualRealPorn

Hot Biker Featuring Katrina Jade from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VirtualRealPorn
Release date:  5/30/18
Running time: 33:06
Starring:  Katrina Jade
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Hot Biker Preview
Notables:  Katrina Jade, upright doggy
Negatives:  2015 feeling PoV's
Review Score: 6/10
5 words or less:  Hot Biker, cold PoV's

Hot Biker

Checkin out the new Katrina Jade scene today at VirtualRealPorn, who are in the midst of a week of releases that were shot over here in the U.S., marking the first time the Spanish based brand have done this in their 4 years of VR porn production.  Katrina Jade always brings the goods to the table as far as I'm concerned so I wanted to check out another one of these U.S. movies from VirtualRealPorn on the production side of things. Katrina was sweaty fire here as expected, but much like L.A. Holidays with Natasha Nice a few weeks back, I found the overall flavor of the scene more reminiscent of what we might have seen a lot back in 2015, vs. the average bar of what we are seeing in 2018 in terms of the PoV's, cam angles and Tech.

Katrina Jade

Katrina Jade!


Setting for Hot Biker has you standing on something of a historic VR porn set for some of us: at the foot of a stairwell you may recall seeing Nikkita Diamond delivering her best Shatner on back in 2016. Katrina's ready to hit the road and pissed that you are still loungin' around in your jammies, so after lightin' you up for about 30 seconds over it.....might as well fuck! Yer dicks pretty much in her mouth by minute 2 so there's not much prelude or setup to this one, nor much of an ending either for that matter.

Katrina Jade virtual

Katrina having to stoop down to your level 

​Cam starts out feeling low

Opening PoV for me was like most that followed in the movie, in that it was awkward feeling. You feel a good bit shorter than Katrina here at the start and she kind of has to stoop down with her back and knees in order to get into your face.

Katrina Jade virtual reality

Katrina Jade

Katrina looks awesome and plays the aggressor in Hot Biker, carrying the scene along quite well in that regard.  She does a great job with her dialog n shit in all of her VR porn scenes, projecting a confident and committed delivery that is perfect for the gig.  She's also got a really powerful gaze when you can lock into it in VR, say with a scene like Call Katrina at Naughty America, but unfortunately, you will be getting very little of that power and focus here, as Hot Biker features some of the worst over the shoulder "eye contact" I have seen since like 2016 HoloGirlsVR features.  

Katrina Jade VR

Bad coaching

The eye contact thing, is not shortcoming on Katrina's part, I have seen her kill it in other VR scenes.  It's a matter of coaching here and this scene in many ways, felt to me like it was shot by one of Naughty America's rookie teams from the last couple of years quite honestly.

Katrina Jade virtual porn

Nice standing doggy though

Standing blowjob's a bit long at 4 minutes or so before transitioning into a hot tear-off-her-pants standing doggy section that was probably the best feeling PoV of the movie for me, with Katrina being able to support herself nicely with the metal banister in front of her.

Katrina Jade standing doggy

Over the shoulder eye focus

Katrina's first class ass and definitely puts a full workout on your virtual dick here but while she's shooting plenty of hot looks back at you, unfortunately, many appear to go right over your shoulder, diminishing the focus and power quite a bit, as well as the overall vibe of being connected with her virtually.

Katrina Jade blowjob

Classic gooseneck PoV

Action transitions to a classic 2015 on your back PoV at around the 10 minute mark, with your vantage point being out below the dudes nips, and the added benefit (not) of the rig being pointed down some 15 degrees..... or pretty much the opposite direction you want to tilt a rig for this position in VR, where more and more production teams are seeing the benefits of tilting it up.  

Katrina Jade virtual reality porn

The eye contact is literally that far off at times

​Full on observer mode

So pretty heavy observer vibe between the bad PoV and missing eye contact. Katrina goes off....that's a given, but the scene is already lacking fairly hard in that VR connection thing by this point if you like your immersive 1st person action.  Worst of all, is even the close up footage suffers badly from this, such as when Katrina is titty fucking you and right by your head with hers, but looking well out beyond you and over your shoulder.

Katrina Jade pussy


The video image quality looks really soft, kind of like WankzVR mid 17 and it's readily apparent when screenshotting it here for the review where the further back details lack sharpness and definition.  The audio quality is decent in terms of positional effects, say when Katrina closes to one side of your head, and this has been a typically strong point at VirtualRealPorn, who have historically rocked of the better positional whipering effects with their mic setups.

Katrina Jade cowgirl

Great fuck, bad view

Katrina proceeds to get her cowgirl on, putting in a delightfully grindy fuck, but you find your view at times buried in boob... while you can see stuntbro lying flat way down below....so the PoV was pretty whack feeling to me from a 1st person standpoint.  ​

Katrina Jade cowgirl virtual

Kind of hard for your head to be up here in boobtown with your body laying flat below you

Katrina Jade reverse cowgirl

Rig raised some

Action switches to reverse sidesaddle next and while the PoV is raised to a more realistic above the nip location on the distance to dick metric, it still comes off as another observer feeling shot in terms of the height and you being able to fully look down at the stuntbro below.

Katrina Jade missionary

And another bad PoV

Katrina lays back for some laid back missionary next and the PoV is again, much like a year one, year 2 VR porn PoV in feeling both too high and out in front of things, with your vantage point feeling impossibly elevated and disconnected from the action below.  Katrina Jade, certainly looks and does great here on her own merits.

Katrina Jade virtualrealporn Hot Biker
Katrina Jade cumshot

​Abrupt ending

Popshot is a quick rough cut that finds you standing and dumping your sauce onto Katrina's ample titties, followed up by a slam the door shut on your ass ending, much again... like we were more accustomed to seeing in 2015 rather than the more common cooldown times now being allotted to scenes in 2018.

Katrina Jade cum on tits

Katrina was hot, production was not


Wrapping it up,  for me, Hot Biker just never really came to life in the virtual sense mostly due to the PoV's and lack of focused eye contact, certainly through no fault of Katrina Jade's. As a fuck scene, it's decent: great performance and Katrina Jade never disappoints for me, but as a VR porn scene.... I felt like this was a fairly cold, unconnected feeling movie that never really got that good virtual thing happenin. It reminded me quite a bit of a scene we would have seen produced say pre-WankzVR 2016, when the focus on virtual intimacy and improved PoVs was lacking more as a whole from where we are today.

On the upside, pretty much the Katrina Jade show. She's sexy, confident and committed and I love watching her work, and enjoy the chance to get to lock eyes with her in VR, which unfortunately was a big miss here.  Again, I put this 100% on the production team, for not giving her clear instructions on where to look, Katrina's a pro.  ​

On the downside, both the overall tech in terms of a soft looking image and the off feeling PoV's were the main drawbacks for me. Other than the brief upright doggie section in the beginning, which felt pretty decent, the rest of the scene wound up feeling disconnected from Katrina and lacking in that virtual hawt sauce.

Hot Biker left me with much the same impression that the earlier VirtualRealPorn Natasha Nice scene did, where both performers are typically money to watch in VR but the production was the weak link in both movies, failing to set the stage adequately for the stars to shine in virtual space. I think it's awesome VirtualRealPorn did these U.S. shoots, and they booked some fantastic talent, but I cannot say I have been impressed on the production side of the movies I have had a chance to watch so far.  6/10 on what I feel is rapidly becoming an antiquated/oldschool approach to some of these common VR porn shots.  This was more like watching porn in a VR mask, than an immersive feeling 1st person virtual experience for me.  Katrina Jade was solid otherwise. 


Hot Biker from VirtualRealPorn!

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