Friends with Bennies! Homecumming with Dolly Leigh from WankzVR!

Homecumming Featuring Dolly Leigh from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  11/28/2017
Running time: 50 minutes
Starring:  Dolly Leigh
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Homecumming Preview
Notables:  Dolly Leigh, Standing post fuck, Intimate, After fuck cuddle
Negatives:  Up close missionary a little too close
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Great scene for Dolly fans


     Sup horndogs! Just got done watching the new Dolly Leigh feature from WankzVR, Homecumming and wanted to post up a review. I  missed Dolly's earlier scene at WankzVR with Trillium but she kind of got on my radar at that point and I was looking forward to this one-on-one vid with her today.  After a cam got knocked cockeyed on Adriana Chechik's Thanksgiving BaDoinkVR movie and limp noodle on the menu with Anna de Ville this last weekend, I was in the mood for a good one and Homecumming and Dolly Leigh delivered the VR goods!

Dolly Leigh

Dolly Leigh!


Setup for the movie has you burnin one out back while your good friend Dolly is walking into the yard to join you.  Sun rays glint off of the surrounding foliage, highlighting the smoke from your blunt rising through the air, and Dolly pops out nicely against this complimentary backdrop color palette as she approaches you. 

Dolly Leigh Homecumming

​Hello Dolly!

Dolly look great as she comes into frame and I really liked what they came up with here for wardrobe and makeup which work nicely with her features and made for some great looking gallery shots as well. 

Dolly Leigh WankzVR

​Visiting home

Your good friend's been off at school and it seems the guys she's been hookin up with just haven't been pannin out that well so she has come over to pay you a visit and see if you might wanna take things to another level while she's back in town.  And after a couple of minutes, I started getting legit reminded of similar past real life friends-want-to-fuck moments, so whatever she does with her eyes and lines here, it worked for me in terms of setting the tone up front and drawing me into the scene. 

Homecumming movie review

​Solid eye contact

Dolly has really beautiful eyes and uses them to great effect in this movie with some fantastic focused looks.  You never really get the looking off to one side or over at the director vibe, she just seems laser focused on you for the entire movie. 

Dolly Leigh Virtual Reality

First kiss

The opening's paced well and you can get a nice sense of Dolly's vibe before she does finally leans in to plant a kiss on you at around the five minute mark.  Some of the kisses miss a little in terms of placement on the vertical axis in this movie, but Dolly's overall VR kissing approach is quite strong I thought.  It's a pretty bizarre request and some girls manage to swing it with some style. 

Dolly Leigh VR

"Do you wanna feel my mouth on your cock?"

By the time Dolly asks if you'd like her to suck on your dick, the pacing feels about right and overall, the setup phase was done really well I thought, in terms of allowing Dolly's personality to come across and establishing some intimacy and anticipation up front.  

Dolly Leigh Homecumming from WankzVR

First standing PoV, nearly vertical

Dolly Leigh blowjob

2nd standing PoV with tilt - the bottom of the photo is framed right on border of the mask in both photos

​A/B PoV

As things get started, there is an interesting moment of contrast on your standing PoV here that you can see illustrated clearly in the screen-shots above.  Initially, your perspective starts out as being cleanly vertical, with the stuntcock standing toward the border of the shot.  You then in short order, ride an edit into a more tilted setup on the rig, so you can judge for yourself what type of PoV feels better for you as you hit this edit point for sharp comparison between the two.

For me, it would be the former in terms of where my virtual head feels like it should be sitting in space as well as how much dude is in the frame below, but I also think this is a reasonably viable tilted perspective, where you don't see 3 feet of exposure behind the stuntcocks feet as we see in many tilted standing shots being done this year.  

Dolly Leigh Oral

"I know you've thought about this"

Dolly gives you a slow and sexy blowjob to get things goin featuring ample 2 handed cock worship and eye contact.


There is a nice standing jerk section that comes next where Dolly removes her top for you while fondling your cock below before the action then smartly moves over to the white support post visible off to the right.

Dolly Leigh Virtual fuck

​Unique post setup

I was diggin the skirt up from-behind setup here, as Dolly has the post to grab on in front of her for support allowing for some nice arching and lines.  It's a bit more upright and present feeling than one might be able to manage without the pole, so I thought this was a pretty great bit of positioning making for a unique shot well suited for VR and a solid way to start the fuckins. 

Dolly Leigh WankzVR movie
Dolly Leigh at WankzVR
Dolly hairpulling

There's some gentle hair pulling during this section also.

Dolly Leigh standing missionary

"C'mon... lets go fuck in your room"

Outdoor action wraps up with some smootches around 21 minutes into the scene and you next find yourself in a decent feeling standing, edge of the bed missionary setup after the edit.

Dolly Leigh missionary

​Not porny, still horny

Dolly's framed well below you here and the action's quite nice for the upright missionary.  Her vibe's not overtly porny,  it's more reserved in terms of over the top fuck-me dialog and when she says something it kind of wieghs more, instead of being the type of thing you can start to tune out after awhile.

Dolly Leigh Homcumming movie wankzvr

Close up missionary

The missionary section is split up between the first upright shot followed by close up, face focused missionary action without penetration visible below.

Dolly Leigh close up missionary

So close, Dolly's breath fogs up the lens!

​A little too close

The close up section is pretty good on the distance initially, but as Dolly raises up onto her arms to close the shot up, things wind up just a few inches too close, and this is likely to get into your double vision range here unfortunately.  Dolly is also soo close here, that she comically fogs up the lens a few times in this section when she exhales hotly, which is the first time I can recall seeing that. 

Dolly Leigh cowgirl

"I love bouncing on your big cock"

Fucking switches to a nicely angled up cowgirl shot at around 29 minutes, and most of this is of the either mid range or overhanging variety, keeping things close up and present feeling.

Dolly Leigh Virtual cowgirl
Dolly Leigh vr cowgirl
Dolly cowgirl
Dolly Leigh reverse cowgirl

​Reverse Cowgirl

Reverse cowgirl action follows offering up some nice rear end focus and showing off Dolly's long lines.

Dolly Leigh

VR popshot

The sexins wind up with a Goldilocks profile suck n tug— not too long, not too short— and this stuntbro's ready to go, sending a truly 3D lob o' jizz flying through the air. 

Dolly Leigh cumshot


A little cum cleanup from Dolly and you spend the last few minutes of the movie grabbing dessert at Leigh's Buffet, with your face all smothered up in her steaming virtual naughty bits.

Dolly Leigh ass in vr
Dolly Leigh cuddle

Cuddles are a thang


A quick post fuck cuddle finishes things off with Dolly laying on your chest for one last taste of virtual intimacy and Homecumming comes to a close.

Great scene for Dolly Leigh fans


Wrapping up the fap, I was definitely feeling Dolly Leigh in Homecumming and wound up totally enjoying the movie. At 50 minutes, it never felt long winded or boring for me in terms of pacing and the action carried things well after the excellent setup. 

On the positives, I thought that this was a strong VR scene from Dolly and a nice stage for her to stand on from Wankz production. She sells the opening really effectively, slowly warming you up over a few minutes, and the intro for this one actually wound up being one of my favorite sections of the movie. I also really enjoyed the from-behind pole setup as well, allowing for some unique and present feeling positioning.  PoV's in the movie were overall fine for me other than preferring the more vertical standing setup at the start and the close up missionary drifting a tad close to bring into focus.  As well, after fuck cuddles just work for VR. 

On the negatives, really just the bit-too-close missionary, and we are talking about dialing in inches at that point, so just a touch over the line likely there for most.  I thought it was an awesome effort from Dolly propping herself up for that section to try for the most present feeling shot and I just wanted to hand her a big plush pillow to lay back on!

Overall, I think Homecumming is a great choice for fans of Dolly Leigh, and I'm happy WankzVR had her back for a one on one. It's kind of a GFE type flavor, plenty of intimacy and not overtly porny, with a fairly convincing spin on the friend who wants to fuck vibe. 10/10.

Homecumming from WankzVR!

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