Home Alone: Time to Bone…Up On Them Shot Angles! Alex Blake at WankzVR!

Home Alone, Time to Bone with Alex Blake from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  4/28/17
Running time: 43:00
Starring:  Alex Blake
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Home Alone Time to Bone
Notables:  Nice bookends with intro and closing
Negatives: Tilt the world NA vision for 20 mins or so
Review Score: 8/10
5 words or less:  Takin the skinboat to TiltTown

"Home Alone, Time to Bone"

Checking out the latest release from WankzVR, Home Alone, Time to Bone featuring the return of Alex Blake to WVR. Alex made quite a few fans her first time around at Wankz in Baby Got Bach so it's safe to say there were some stiff members among the WankzVR faithful when this scene, as well as the upcoming BGG scene set for May 5th with Khloe Kapri were announced.  Alex turns in another solid performance in Home Alone, but some questionable camera angles had me in observer mode for about half of this feature in terms of the ole VR immersion factor, leading to kind of a mixed scene for me on the tech side, but certainly leaving no mixed feelings about Alex Blake in VR.

alex blake

Alex Blake!

Home Alone.....in a one room!

Setup finds you meeting Alex at the door to her folks house—which appears to like....a room—for a little cats away, the mouse will play action while her parents have stepped out for a bit.

1 alex blake vr

​Nice intro

Alex tells you how horny she's been getting, waiting for you to come over and she does a great job of warming you up at the front door, rocking some short shorts her parents don't particularly approve of for you.

2 home alone time to bone

Time to bone

"If you wanna come in and do this.....let's get the fuck to it!"

Alex is like "look, my parents aren't going to be gone forever so let's get the fuck on with this" and the action resumes inside on the edge of the bed with Alex modeling her shorts for you for a bit.

3 home alone time to bone alex blake

​Little bright

Lighting inside is kind of this washed out, pale pukey color that makes Alex a bit pastier than she appeared at the front door with a touch of bun glare happening, but otherwise things look OK here, and certainly Alex's ass looks great in her shorts.

4 home alone time to bone wankzvr

Off come the shoes n shorts and Alex soon has that sexy ass up in your face for a close up encounter for a couple of minutes thereafter.

4a sunrise over huranus

Sunrise over Pleasant Valley

6 alex blake feet

"Soo...please tell me your dicks super hard by now?"

Alex removes her top and then lays back onto the bed, sticking her feet in your face for a solid minute or so for the feet lovers,  before swinging back round again for one of my favorite sections of the movie where she is simply about a foot in front of you and you can gaze into her face up close, from a normal feeling view for a second before she ultimately leans in for a kiss.

7 alex blake virtual reality

​More natural kissing section

This has a more natural effect where you kind of look at someone for a few before you go in for the kiss, instead of an insert-kissing-element-here feeling, where you get a buildup at first of her close up, some anticipation and yearning of wanting her to come in closer yet and then a payoff with a kiss, followed up by more up-close gazing.  Playing with things like anticipation close up can be much more provocative in VR then coming in with the hound dog kisses right off the bat I think and this was a really nice example of that. 

8 alex blake virtual

Next stop, Tilttown!

So things are rolling along marvelously up till this point and then the stuntdick pops out for what should be a great feeling standing on the edge of the bed getting your dick sucked shot but the cam goes to a hard tilt here and the perspective shifts to feeling more like you are out ahead of your body a bit or standing on a listing deck.

9 alex blake virtual sex

​Tech talk

Because the cam is tilted, and you can see behind the male body in the shot, you can also see that the male body is NOT tilted and is vertical rather, leading to a really poor feeling artificial vantage point in the HMD.  Instead of the male body being the vertical axis of visual alignment, as in real life, you now have this forced, in front, tilted down view of the world that makes little sense in space in relation to the male body you see in the frame.  Alex looks great doin werk here, ass up in the background, but it is hard to shake the tilt the world feeling and little need for such an extreme tilt on this upright standing PoV I felt like.

10 home alone time to bone movie review
11 home alone image border

Room to come forward here or just don't tilt that far on an upright shot

​Could move up towards Blake here

The same shot angle is carried over into the standing missionary section next, which fares a little better as the center area of focus is more at the center of the tilted PoV now, but what would make more sense here is to just advance the cam up and over Alex, which would both improve her presence in VR as well as the PoV in general.

With the hard tilt, there is a ton of bro in the shot before the border, that can be omitted for action that counts with Alex in the frame by moving the rig up on the same tilt, if it is going to be tilted, which is not really needed from standing positions. 

12 alex


​Finger fucked

Action switched to close up face-only missionary at around the 20 minute mark, and while the distance to Alex is quite nice here, the fact that Chad Alva has his fucking thumb in Alex's mouth for the 30 seconds or so is pretty lame. It's like fucking Thing from the Munsters shows up and starts finger fucking yer ride 🙂

13 alex blake wankzvr

"You know that pussy's yours"

After bro finally gets his hand out of your face and at least over onto your periphery, there's a couple solid minutes of close up action with Alex here that is pretty sweet other than her being skewed some in the frame to the right side.


Just a bad viewing angle here: a ton of bro in the shot and you hovering out somewhere over the plains of Herranus

​Hovering pattern over Uranus

Doggy starts around 25 minutes in, and Alex once again looks great, real great,...  but the angle of the setup here has you viewing the proceedings from a brotastic perspective that feels mounted out in front of the dudes chest right in line with her asshole, so nice action below, but for me, a crappy looking/feeling VR doggy shot.

14 home alone time to bone wankzvr

​MMmmmmmmm, hot buns!

Some sexy buns up cleanup follows the doggie fucking and we are mercifully about to say goodbye to the hard tilt on the camera rig in favor of some straight up laying on your back action.

15 alex blake virtual movie

​Back to level

I know I am hating the cam angles when I am grateful for a slightly crooked flat on back setup, but the cam is vertical here and the world makes sense again, with Alex looking hot as fuck sucking you off down yonder.  

16 alex blake vr porn

​Sharp edit

A fairly jarring edit dumps you into leaning away reverse cowgirl at around the 33 minute mark and you get some great ass views here with Alex riding, but it's lean-away for the mostpart. 

17 alex blake virtual fuck
18 alex blake wankzvr

​Some solid cowgirl action

More cowgirl time spent in Alex's heart shaped box with some leaning back and midrange action next that's all pretty hot leading up to some closer titty time towards the end of the section.

19 alex blake
21 home alone wankz vr

​Handjob ending

The scene wraps up with a couple of minutes of tug n' suck followed up by a nice bit of post coitus VR snuggling as Alex lays down on your chest for probably the other standout section of the movie in the VR sense of things for me and the movie ends on this nicely framed parting shot.

23 wankzvr alex blake

Very cool shot

Another sweet treat from Alex Blake, along with a PoV fart or 3


Overall, I thought Home Alone, Time to Bone was another strong VR showing from Alex Blake that has me looking forward to getting another dose of her with Khloe Kapri next Friday, hopefully not filmed in the same tilt-the-world vision on display here and earlier this week in Banging Out the Dents

​Rig tilts can work wonders for other shots where you don't expect to be vertically aligned as you do when you are standing and your body wants to always try to center your shoulders over your feet.  For a shot like a folded leg doggiestyle shot, up over the girls back, the tilt can work very nicely, but from a standing PoV, tilting the rig 30 degrees or more, starts to bring a lot of bro into the shot as a side effect, as well as showing you distance behind your feet, that you would never be able to see in real life, where essentially, your shoulder line standing vertically, is pretty much the same FoV as a 180 dead ahead HMD shot.   Tilting the rigs can be quite effective, but hard tilting can also produce odd feeling shots when done while standing for instance. 

On the positives, I really loved both bookends on the feature, with a nice warm up section from Alex at the door followed with some solid up front tease and kiss time on the bed.  As well, the laying on the chest action after the pop, is exactly the kind of thing I wish directors would employ more often, as it always works nicely, from Get Flix to Shopping Day, having a girl lay on your chest in VR and look up at you "feels" cool, and it's a very present effect that is seldom utilized.

On the negatives, just the tilted shots for me, nothing wrong with the action being filmed during those sections, and Alex Blake is hot throughout.  Certainly nothing that will stop an Alex fan from enjoying this movie but it may impact your "immersion" depending upon your tolerance for PoV alignments.  This is all my point of view and another may love these angles or turn to player controls to help mitigate them. 

​In balance, a solid enough scene from WankzVR and Alex Blake, but some of the PoV's in this one as well as Banging Out the Dents earlier this week or On Set with Adria kind of kept me from getting totally swept up into the scene in the virtual sense for the duration, say like something like Trading Up did.  But WankzVR are at the forefront of pushing VR porn production and I always support them trying out new ideas and experimenting for us with shot selections.  When they get it right, they take a note, and keep on truckin and when they don't quite hit it clean technically, it never takes them very long to make adjustments based on feedback, so at the end of the day, movies like this are just part of zoning in on the good stuff for us I feel like.  Definitely still worth a peep for an Alex Blake fan and I would give it a solid 8/10 all around.  Now, how bout that upcoming Khloe/Alex feature...

Home Alone, Time to Bone from WankzVR!

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