Yhivi is Back at HoloGirlsVR in Cum in the New House!

Cum In The New House cover HoloGirlsVR movie

Cum in the New House from HoloGirlsVR, Featuring Yhivi!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 6/10


"Cum in the New House"

Cum in the New House is an August 17th release from HoloGirlsVR featuring my favorite HoloGirl, Yhivi in a kind of mixed bag solo scene for me. I think Yhivi is one of the strongest performers in VR right now, so I am always excited to see her movies pop up at HoloGirlsVR and while this one features plenty of sexy solo Yhivi action, the distance from the camera in much of the movie and the stitching lines present in the scene detract a bit in my estimation from what could have been a really strong HoloGirlsVR release.

Checkin out the house

The premise for the movie is that your are a couple, looking at houses to buy, and you have been left alone here by the estate agent for 10 or 15 minutes, when Yhivi feels like it might be fun to test out the furniture.  I was immediately not really feeling the set, as the stitch lines at 45 degrees on either side, are fairly visible, with one of them splitting the large screen TV and ornate gold fireplace guard, and the other splitting a couch cushion, leaving some odd artifacts in the video.  As the opening section is shot at a very far distance, these lines are also apparent as you pan around the set.

cum in the new house 2

Much, much too far off here for VR

Much too far off

Which brings us to the distance here.  It kind of reminds me of what Wankz used to do, which is do an opening setup, where the talent is waaaaay too far from effective range on current VR cam rigs and HMD's.  There is just no image there as it looks like ass in an HMD, and that is all that counts, making these types of shots fairly pointless in VR, even for the purposes of setting context or vibe I feel like.

Yhivi cum in the new house 1

The 1st few minutes are frustratingly at this distance

Behind the couch

The first 3 of 15 short minutes are spent with Yhivi walking and talking at this distance behind the couch, and while her dialog and delivery are great, the distance is not, and when she finally does have a seat in front of you on the couch, it is quite a welcome improvement in image.

Yhivi HoloGirlsVR 3

Sexy as hell....but too far....but.....look at Yhivi!

Better, but still needs to get closer here

Now in my mind, this distance on the couch, is about max distance to begin with, so despite Yhivi moving in here, most of us are going to feel the distance is still too great and wish she were closer.

Yhivi 4

Not a lot of ass time in this one but dam girl


In spite of the distance, Yhivi is amazing and gives you a great show on the couch over the next 5 mins and I pretty much love this girl, she is just sooo naturally sexual, projects it effortlessly and I simply enjoy the way she touches her pussy too!

Yhivi VR 5

Kissin time

Yhivi finally approaches the camera around 6 minutes in for the first of many kisses and she is one of my favorite VR kissers atm.  It just comes across naturally and doesn't feel forced or contrived and all of these kisses in the movie are pretty on point and more natural than say most WankzVR kisses.  Because Yhivi gets VR more than most.  Check out her performance in Get Flix and Chill.

HoloGirlsVR Yhivi 6

Kissing good, visible stitching, not so good

5 more minutes at mid distance

The next 5 minutes feature some great masturbating by Yhivi but unfortunately, this is shot too far back in that mid couch position. Either having Yhivi approach the edge of the couch like later in the scene or having the camera set up closer here would have been ideal, as she really is at max distance in the middle section.

Yhivi cum in the new house 7

Now we are talking on distance!

Finally, our goddess aproaches

At around 11 minutes in, Yhivi FINALLY sits towards the edge of the couch, before leaning up altogether to place her face right in front of the camera while she masturbates and THIS  is the distance HoloGirlsVR needs to be shooting these types of scenes with.  There are only a few short minutes of this footage, but this is the kind of view most of us are wanting and asking for.  THIS section, is good VR porn. It is shot at a distance that looks and more importantly feels compelling in an HMD.

HoloGirlsVR Yhive cum in new house 8

Love Yhivi

Yhivi finishes up and there is a female voice in the background, presumably the real estate agent, asking if everything is OK, and the scene winds down from there.

cum in the new house yhivi hologirlsvr 9

The end

3 minutes of great, 12 mins of meh, and Yhivi is awesome!  6/10

Overall, a sexy effort from Yhivi and around 3 minutes of very nice VR footage for me. The first 10 minutes were set too far from the camera to be very effective and the stitching lines at the sides are fairly distracting as Yhivi both walks through them early, and kisses through them later, causing portions of her head to disappear, as well as the gold fireplace guard basically screaming at you from the right side of the screen is it straddles the seam line. 

There are also some nice improvements here over past HoloGirlsVR productions; notably a lack of shrinkage on close up shots, as well as much improved eye contact at the middle camera range.  Up close eye contact still did a bit of the left to right action that is beyond the natural range of our eyes, but this is a drastic improvement in the quality of this metric.  Image quality in this, was no where near as sharp as some other HoloGirlsVR productions, and I am not sure if that is attributed to different rigs or not.  I suspect so as the past rig had issues with things shrinking upon closing in on the camera and this one does not display that weakness, perhaps at the expense of some resolution?

If you love Yhivi and her attitude, this is still a really great Yhivi scene, and the last 3 minutes do make for pretty compelling footage.  I think the GFE tag is warranted, as this is the kind of believable shit you find yourself doing with your partner, and in that sense, it plays out well like that and Yhivi is a natural for it.  

As a VR Porn production: 6/10. Too far, too many seam issues, and there needs to be more improvement on those fronts, as no one else in the industry displays visible stitching in their finished movies, and most are learning to shoot much closer based on viewer feedback.  As far as Yhivi goes? 10/10, she always brings it!  Check out our full HologirlsVR review and website ranking.

"Cum in the New House from HoloGirlsVR!

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