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Penny Pax facesitting cover from HoloGirlsVR

The Upskirt Collection: Do The Curtains Match The Drapes Featuring Penny Pax from HoloGirlsVR

Review by DirtyD

Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig and AutoplayVR

Review Score 8/10


"Do the Curtains Match the Drapes"

I am spending an evening here catching up on HoloGirls VR and being that I am a Penny Pax fan, and seeing some favorable commentary regarding this movie on Reddit, I decided to give this latest virtual facesitting experience from HoloGirlsVR a shot.  I can't say this is my favorite niche for VR Porn, or that I am down for watching a lot of these, but it had been a few weeks since the last one I caught, so I thought, wtf Chuck.

Stow the color commentary

There really isn't that much to comment on with these HoloGirlsVR facesitting clips as far as a walkthru.  This one rolls about 15 minutes, and you know what you are in for up front, some up close and personal time with Penny Pax's naughty bits.

penny pax vr facesitting

Love Penny's ta ta's, but they just did not look good to my eye scale wise on this rig. On the other hand, is Penny not adorable?

On with the good and the bad

On the positive tip, I really like Penny Pax, and have loved some of her VR work thus far from KinkVR in particular, and I felt the early HoloGirlsVR orgy/3 couple scene featured her nicely, in the middle of some fairly substantial stitching issues.

Lighting here was decent for the 5 or so HoloGirlsVR facesitting vids I have watched, and for the most part, Penny looks good. There are however a few sections that fall into very dark shadow, that are not to the greatest effect.

Hair in Face = Awesome in VR

The close ups of Penny's face in the beginning and her hair falling down onto your face were by far the strong point of this video for me, and hair is an under utilized tool in VR that can be used to great effect, without worry about if it actually contacts the camera or not. Where you may be inclined to remove any object such as a hand or glass dildo from your face as I will discuss below, that instinct is not present with womens hair, and I think most guys find that to be very pleasant, and something you welcome into your space, not an intrusion.

Penny Pax facesitting HoloGirlsVR

The inclusion of the close ups on Penny's face were great, just...scale

Action nicely centered

As opposed to some of the earlier HoloGirlsVR facesitting attempts this one features almost dead center placement by Penny and props to both talent and production here for nailing this shot in that respect, I don't think they could have executed it much better.

Nice, centered eye contact

 Eye contact was pretty dead on in this video and though Penny shifts back and forth between eyes, it is within the expected range of motion and feels very lifelike.

do curtains match drapes hologirlsVR

Up close with Penny Pax

On the negatives

I hate the fuzzy borders HoloGirlsVR uses here.  I just do.  It is better than the old black ones perhaps,...maybe?....but I still hate that they are where I naturally want to look down in this type of shot, such as the opener where Penny is telling you to look at her tits....and you can't see them due to said fuzzy border.  Meanwhile, if you tilt your head back, there are miles of wasted FOV behind your head here.

Penny Pax HoloGirls VR Movie

Did I mention I hate the blurry borders?  But I love me some PP ass!

Really close up dildo or hands in my face

For me, it is uncomfortable, to have on object laid on my face at this perspective (other than pussy ofc), and I find my instinct when presented with these objects right on my face, is to want to remove them.  If a woman were to lay her hand on my face in such a manner, I would remove it promptly, you know what I mean?  Same with a glass dildo.

Also, I find dildoing at point blank range is not terribly effective for me, as you go double vision, and it may feel like it is smacking you in the face, neither of which particularly pleasant experiences.  The dildoing is much improved if it is raised up just a foot or so, so it is not RIGHT ON YOUR FACE and you can gain a tad of needed perspective on the action. 

HoloGirlsVR Penny Pax

Penny licks the dip-stick

Poor Audio

Audio in this one is pretty bad, with a loud, probably compressed, background hiss that is raised to much too audible levels, and may have likely been easily mitigated with a noise gate in Post Production, though it may have also been overcompressed from the source.  

Scale was worst offender here for me by far

Scale, on this video, I felt was not nearly as good as in the Joanna Angle and Mistress T facesitting movies I have watched previously. The problem I see in many HoloGirlsVR movies, is that in the sweet spot, 4 feet out, things look fucking amazing.  The HoloGirls Rigs, much like the BaDoinkVR rig, perform and look absolutely amazing in the sweet spot, but to my eyes, both can suffer unacceptable losses in the range many of us place far more weight on and that is right in front of our faces.

For my eyes, the closer the target gets to the HoloGirlsVR camera in most instances, the smaller they become. They literally shrink in size as they approach me or THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what my brain expects to be happening.  And this is an immersion KILLER as it does not match what my brain wants or expects.

This is especially apparent in these facesitting shots where you can see the talent at both close up range, and background all in one shot.  Penny's breasts were completely distorted up close for me, and it was not until she stood up, that they returned to normal scale. Penny is not a small woman, and her fingers and face were noticeably shrunken when close up to the camera, as opposed to when she would stand up and scale would increase.

I did not notice this to the same extreme in the Joana Angel and Mistress T movies, so not sure if anything was different, but I found scale to be more consistent in those throughout the depth of the shot.

Penny Pax HoloGirls Virtual Reality

In my HMD, it appears as if Penny's fingers are tiny, with a normal scaled head in the back of the shot

Not really my slice o pie

Overall, these facesitting movies are not really my thing, they do not really provide me with visuals that I find particularly arousing, much do to the lighting,  and lying on my back looking up is perhaps my least favorite VR perspective to assume, like, FLAT on my back because of the borders at my chin, forcing me to look directly up to maintain immersion. 

The VR effect that is present, feels claustrophobic (exactly what those with this fetish will LOVE I am sure that is part of the point there) and unpleasant to me with the prevalence of the borders and things like hands and glass dildo's seeming to lay on my nose or face, or just breaking that space.

If the rating scale being considered here, are past HoloGirlsVR facesitting videos I have watched, I would rank this one in the middle, better scale and lighting then the earliest attempts but less desirable to me in those departments than Joanna Angel and Mistress T's movies.  If the comparison is against CzechVR facesitting movies I have seen, I would personally choose the less restrictive FOV at CzechVR that mitigates much of the claustrophobic feel for me, and lets me feel as if my head is just in open air, not some weird, blurry, restrictive, choking cloud.

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8/10 on the HoloGirls facesitting scale, if you are down for these, it is solid, if the scale issues do not bother, or even present to you on your device, etc.  It will likely be another month before I try another facesitter, unless I am just smitten over the talent.  I find I love some up close action featured in more normal POVs, but as a focus as presented here like almost science microscope style, it is very unnatural, and they simply leave me underwhelmed.  I am sure there is a contingent that would tell me to get fucked here 🙂 and for you guys in that niche, I am glad that HoloGirlsVR and CzechVR are catering to it with these virtual facesitting movies.  

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"Do the Curtains Match the Drapes" from HologirlsVR

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