HoloGirlsVR Drops a Deuce on Oculus Virtual Reality with Ms. Triss – Part 2!

ms triss part 2 cover shot

Chanel Preston Can't Save HoloGirls Technical Flaws in Ms. Triss pt. 2. 

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with tooo many players

Review Score 1/10

Ms. Triss pt. 2 From HoloGirlsVR

hologirlsvr opening credit

Designed to run on Oculus Spec Comps

*Update June 2016:  Since this posting, HologirlsVR have begun to release their movies in a generic h.264 format, in edition to the more advanced h.265 format they adopted around the time this movie was released.  The result of the switch to h.265, was that the movies had a very hard time running on Nvidia 970's and 980's and you had to use a player like AutoPlayVR to offload the GPU somewhat, and having a Skylake didn't hurt either.   You may now select under "Device" in the upper right on HoloGirlsVR homepage, the version that will run best on  your gear.  Issues running the movies as described below, have been helped for many by the inclusion of the h.264 files after much griping on Reddit from  many of us.   I am going to leave the original review score as is, at it reflected issues many were experiencing AT THE TIME running HoloGirlsVR movies that were being touted as "formatted to be played in Oculus Rift specs", ie...970' & 980's .  As well, this one features some of the WORST off center/off camera I have ever seen in VR, so while I would re-visit this review with the h.264 file, that will sadly not correct the issues with total lack of eye contact with the camera here. *

Rift Ready

"This video is formatted to be played in Oculus Rift Specifications" says the new line opening the latest April 2016 release from HoloGirlVR, Ms. Triss.  So I sit back with my computer recently rebuilt to Oculus Rift Specs and a few paper towels to enjoy a hot new anal VR scene with the spectacular Chanel Preston.  Let the games begin, right?!

Strike One

I fire up my first go to player for fussy HoloGirls videos, the reliable AutoPlayVR.  It has served me well with the last 2 HoloGirls titles I have downloaded, Angel n' Danger and Riley n' You, so i figured I would be rubbin one out in no time.  Wrong.  The result of Autoplay running this particular video was unacceptable stuttering and double vision that no amount of tweaking could resolve.  And I mean like 2 dicks, 8 inches apart.  hmmmmm, ok, bad start, this is my go to player with Holo after all.

chanel preston

The movie looks amazing in 2d

Strike 2

So next I load it up into the venerable MaxVR, feelin a bit less frisky than i did a few mins prior.  The result: an absolute slide show.  I am talking single frames a second.  Absolutely 100% non viewable.  That shit got shut down right away, as no amount of tweaking was going to help that situation, and I have seen this in the past with some of  HoloGirls movies, that refuse to play smoothly in most players on Oculus.

Chanel riding anal and talkin dirty

Chanel riding anal and talkin dirty

Strike 3, You're OUT!

So next up, I load it into Whirligig.  The result.  Severe and immediate eye fatigue, caused by a noticeable defect in the right eye/camera/s.  It feels like having a layer of mucus on you eye or there being a piece of gauze on the lens you want to wipe away.  I actually took off my Rift to see if my eyebrow had mucked up my lens.  Nope.  It is a very uncomfortable and odd feeling.

chanel preston virtual anal

It's a crying shame..I tell you

At this point, I am like, fuck this shit.  And meanwhile, I am seeing glimpses of Chanel, looking amazing, looking absolutely stunning on my 2d screen image, and taking it up the ass!  I am like FUCK!  What a fucking TEASE!  This in fact was one of the clips in the last preview clip Hologirls produced that got me to sub again.  And it is pretty much FUCKED in VR.  Just watch it in 2D....it looks fucking great like that.

Chanel finishes up with a nice cumshot

Chanel finishes up with a nice cumshot

Is Anyone Watching These Before Release in VR?

It is not the first time I have fired up a HologirlsVR vid and went....is anyone there actually previewing this stuff in VR, before slapping it up for SALE on their website?  Cause let me tell you....it takes all of 5 seconds to see that the video is not right. 5 seconds.  I have over 100 VR Porn movies on my hard drives, from every studio out there.  And I can overlook flaws.  These are GAME BREAKING FLAWS.  I don't know how they get it so good on some and miss it so bad on others with the tech side.  The other thing that is very distracting in this video is that Chanel constantly looks to the right of the camera, never directly at it, and that is the fault of direction, not Chanel. 

Swing and a Miss Triss

So the hit or miss trend with HoloGirls VR continues, and I am just sad it was Chanel Preston who's video turned out flawed, as I was pretty stoked for this one, she looks amazing here, and it is a shame to see it not presented as well as it should be.  We gave Angel n' Danger from HoloGirlsVR a 9/10, and Riley n' You a 10/10.  This one gets a 1/10.  It is unwatchable on Oculus Rift, at least on my setup that runs every other VR porn video out there without major issues.   Your mileage may vary.  I would certainly start with the trailer and see if you can make something watchable on your system. 

We will have to see what the roll of the dice brings us on the next release from HoloGirlsVR, I hope they get the quality control under control sooner rather than later.  If HoloGirls tests these videos internally, it would be nice if they would share the specs with us as the player that they recommend, Kolor, yeilds hands down the worst results of all on Oculus.  We can only hope vids like these could be redone in some way to make them actually watchable in the future.   If I got a watchable copy of the movie, I would love to re- review it. 

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