HoloGirlsVR Shows Us What NOT To Do with 2 Beautiful Girls in VR in Double Your Pleasure!

Double Your Pleasure cover HoloGirlsVR

"Double Your Pleasure" with Leah Gotti and Dani Daniels from HoloGirlsVR : Movie Review

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 5/10

Double Your Pleasure (or double your indifference)

Double your Pleasure is a June 7th, 2016 release from HoloGirlsVR featuring Dani Daniels and Leah Gotti, and when I saw this one I was excited as Leah Gotti just killed it last month in Casting Couch VR from WankzVR and I had a hankering for some more VR LG.  So knowing you never know with HoloGirlsVR, I hit download and hoped for the best. And unfortunately after viewing it, I would have to say, this one really failed to deliver on all fronts for me.

A case study in what not to do in VR Porn by production

Instead of the normal highlight walkthroughs I like to do for most reviews, I am just going to look at this one as an illustration of some really big misses for me here and ones that I don't feel studios such as HoloGirlsVR should really be making at this point.  TLDR walkthrough:  suck suck, cowgirl, suck, cowgirl, WHOA, SPLITZ!  jerk, cum, cut.  K, done with walkthrough.

There is little point in doing a walk through here, as this video feels like they laid a guy down, got him hard, put a girl in front of him on either side, and said, 3...2...1....GO!

Double Your Pleasure HoloGirlsVR

This is the opening shot

Cold start

You start off....just like that.  No setup.  No ass shaking.  No teasing.  No talking.  Just you laying there with instawood, with Leah and Dani.  I mean even fucking GGG have the girls shake their ass for 90 seconds before they dump cum on them!  Even in the most detached, objectified, gonzo type presentation, this is a cold start by any standard.  And in VR, this is a major miss.

HoloGirlsVR limit most of their movies to around 10 to 15 minutes in length, rarely breaching 20, where other studios routinely break 40 minutes now, with multiple camera changes, resulting in a VR EXPERIENCE.  The result of trying to cram fucking 2 hot chicks into 15 mins is this...you get no filler.  I am usually down with that, but there is also very little killer here either.

Leah Gotti Dani Daniels HoloGirlsVR

The bulk of the scene takes place south of your crotch, waaaaay down there

This is a one camera setup scene, with multiple edit cuts that are abrupt and jarring and for some reason, HoloGirlsVR love to edit out the insertions....for what reason, I have no idea???  There is nothing to build immersion and tension like an insta cut where you go from fondling to fucking in 2 frames.

Is the cost of post production THAT high?  You are hiring a crew, talent x 3, and you go to that expense for 15 minutes?  How do you fuck 2 girls in 15 minutes with an oral segment and feel like you got into it?  You don't.  You cant.  And you cannot edit it into 15 mins without it feeling disjointed and lacking continuity and flow.

Leah Gotti HoloGirlsVR virtual cowgirl

Pretty much as close as the action ever gets

Flat as fuck

This scene lacked ANY: Intimacy, closeness, creativity, VR presence, steam or sexual tension due to the lackluster presentation and production.  There was no attempt to bring the talent in close to the camera, save a few token lean ins from Dani.

Dani Daniels Double your Pleasure

Like close ups? Don't blink or you might miss it, this is all you are going to get

They dropped basic porn features like insertion shots in editing and left in blatant flaws such as the male talent waving "bout to cum now" during the obligatory 2 minutes of jerking that could have easily been cut, as everyone pretty much hates the jerk off endings anyway.  It just boggles the mind and I don't know what side of production to blame, Post or Direction or both.

HoloGirlsVR Dani Daniels

More downstream fucking, where Leah could be in the foreground for contrast and connection

I can also appreciate some ADD style, highlight, quick cut action style porn, ...but this is not that by a long shot and the cuts that are here, are abrupt and seemingly without reason, other than you go," what, are they trying to save time here?"

Leah Gotti HoloGirlsVR splits

This scene, with Dani licking Leah's asshole while Leah does the splits is the hottest in the movie

In essence, Double Your Pleasure left me dry as a fucking bone.....oh wait, I did manage a nut during Leah's AWEsum split maneuver.  It was almost like she went, you know, this scene is dry as fuck, I better pull some shit out here.  Only highlight of the video for me and that is not to say I didn't enjoy either gal, on the contrary, I just did not care for the presentation one bit here.  Both women are fantastic.

Bad example of VR Porn in Summer 2016

This movie is not an example of what I or many others I don't think, judging by commentary on forums such as Reddit, want to particularly see in VR.  This feels like a 2D porn scene.  It does not capitalize on any strength of VR and is just a weak single shot 2d scene in most respects.  You are just a torso here, displaced from the action, and it would probably be just as fun to watch either of these girls on a sybian at that point.

Most of the video has both girls below your dick the entire time, which is a waste and a mistake other companies have not been making much lately.  If one girl is down below, it is a great time to have the other come up and provide some close up contrast. The cowgirl sequences are mostly leaning back, instead of up in your face and you don't get to watch you cock go into either girl, instead you get a quick edit and are already fucking them.  The prime directive here seemed to be, "spit on the cock as much as you can" and I don't think this type of movie is going to be a hit with many VR Porn enthusiasts, or even diehard fans of either Leah or Dani. 

The split segment is an all timer though, go Leah Gotti! /Golfclap

I would not particularly recommend this video to anyone really, as an example of good VR.  I could rattle off 20 superior titles effortlessly.  Shooting porn in VR is about more than setting up a VR rig and saying action.  It is about playing to the strengths of the medium, which to their credit, HoloGirlsVR is doing in scenes like Get Flix and Chill and their facesitting movies, but they are really missing the mark with videos like this and it is quite a shame.....Dani Daniels and Leah Gotti.....what a missed opportunity!

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Double Your Pleasure from HoloGirlsVR

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