Oiling up Your Sword with Carly Rae in Holecalibur from VRCosplayX!

Carly Rae Featured in Holecalibur from VRCosplayX!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VRCosplayX
Release date:  2/24/2017
Running time: 38:00
Starring:  Carly Rae
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review
Notables:  New rig, Image, Slow sexy pacing
Negatives:  Some low end audio rumblings
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Nice looking new rig
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Taking a look at Holecalibur, lol, today from VRCosplayX starring Carly Rae! VRCosplayX is shaking things up a bit in VR porn with some added production values and costuming, and while I am not hardcore into cosplay as a niche and can't really comment deeply on it in that regard, I am appreciating all the visuals and small effects going into these colorful productions so far from VRCosplayX. Apparently, there has been some sort of rig upgrade with this movie, so I was curious to take a peek and see what the new image looked like, as BaDoinkVR already shoot with a great looking rig.  I never mind watching dirty Brit Carly Rae do her thing in VR, and wound up quite digging the Holecalibur experience in the end.

1 holecalibur

Blended transition shots


After the downright awesome for VR porn credit rolls, you find yourself on the floor essentially looking over at Carly walking away from you across the room and I could not tell you what the cosplay angle is here, but I can tell you Carly looks hot as fuck in her getup and I was down for whatever.

2 carly rae

Carly Rae!

​Nice looking shot with sunlight accent

Just when you think, oh man, this on the floor PoV kind of sucks, there is a fast blended edit that serves to bring you up behind Carly's delicious ass, and the shot here looks pretty great, with sunlight coming in through a stained glass effect window and actually not washing out the shot at all, only serving as nice contrast and lighting.  So the image quality looks pretty nice up front and there are some epic jams pumping setting the scene up with some atmosphere .

3 holecalibur carly rae

You Mistress is displeased

​Carly is not pleased

The opening music settles and Carly starts in on her dialog, telling you that you must be disciplined for disobeying her orders, and it's clear who is going to be in control here as she gives her whip/axe a soundbyte assisted crack and demands that you get on your knees.

4 holecalibur vrcosplayx

​Lots of fingering

Next transition finds you on your knees with leggy Carly standing in front of you.  She soon has her underwear removed via a quick edit and starts into a really sexy fingering routine on that hairy pussy.

5 holecalibur review

​Some low end rumblings

The audio is pretty decent in terms of levels, with Carly's pussy clearly audible as she works it, but there is also some low end stuff that is being amplified, or background. The stereo image isn't fantastic, but they do attempt some nice direct into one ear type sections that are nice to see incorporated.  Carly is about 3 feet away but the image holds up very well, and she feels present at this distance with the pussy play actually coming across at that range.

6 carley rae vrcosplayx

​Nice rear view

A bit closer view of the rear is next accompanied by some verbal degradation as Carly.....er.....Mistress Valentine tells you what a pathetic piece of shit you are.

7 carley rae virtual reality

​Pretty hot setup

More fingering follows, and it kind of works nicely her starting at a bit of range, and then coming in a little closer, with the whole thing coming off pretty chubworthy for fingering action as Carly aggressively works her hole before you.

8 vrcosplayx holecalibur

You can see the up tilt on the rig here

​Rig smartly positioned

That initial section runs about 6 and a half minutes before you assume a flat on your back PoV, that is actually not too terrible for a flat on back shot, due in part to the fact they have very smartly tilted the rig up here, and all of the subsequent action plays out very well with this framing setup, a bit better than your normal on your back shot. 

9 carly rae holecalibur movie

Smart framing for action above you

​Slow, sexy pacing

Pacing as well is really sexy here, with Carly slowly closing the gap between the two of you until she is teasing you with her face just out of reach, to where when she finally leans in for a well planted kiss, you are really longing for it. That kind of stuff does not get played with as much right now, more like,... ok, put the kiss in ....and I really like the just out of range, please come closer face shots that leave you wanting the contact a bit more and making the kiss more of a payoff in the end rather than just a quick smootch. 

10 carley rae virtual tits

​Image looks pretty great

Carly breaks out the jugs and leans in close, and again, the image quality looks great here, with her breasts having a great definition and sense to them and this may be a rig to talk about, looking solid up close as well as at more of a distance while giving up very little in the way of FoV.

11 carly rae vrcosplayx

As well, there is a ton of color going on here, from colored room lights, to the purple and gold outfit, and all of it is coming through cleanly and in a soft kind of hue that is pleasing to view.

12 carly rae deepthroat

Get it girl!

"Do you want me to touch your cock?"

It is important to note how slow and sensual this scene is rhythm wise as it is a slow tease up until the point Carly breaks your cock out of your pleather pants and starts in on your sword.  Oral is quite nice and runs for around 3 minutes with some legit deepthroat action from Carly before she backs up for the closest fingering action yet followed by some coached airlingus served up at a nice inspiring distance.

13 carly rae vrcosplayx holecalibur

14 carly rae virtual cowgirl

"I think my pussy needs a dick inside it"

Fucking starts off with some lean-away reverse cowgirl accompanied by plenty of color commentary from mistress Valentine.  The action is typically distant for lean-away cowgirl, but there are some nice views of Carly's ass in motion here.

15 holecalibur vrcosplayx

​Sitting right on your chest

Around 25 minutes in Carly comes up and bears her entire weight on your chest for another round of close up fingering action and this is a little bit of a different effect with a girl Carly's size totally sitting on your chest.

16 carly rae cosplay

Forward cowgirl is up next providing some present action and the framing and PoV work pretty nicely really if you are reclined.

17 carly rae titty fuck

"Do you wanna fuck my tits?"

You wind up sandwiched between Carly's big ole titties for the last few minutes of the movie, while she talks to you about your precum and impending offload.

18 holecalibur vr porn

Spray lube seems out of place on the fantasy set, lol


Determining things to be a tad dry, Mistress Valentine produces some medieval lube and oils up your sword for the home stretch where she jerks you off nicely between her tits, finally offering up your cum on her hand for you to taste after she is done slowly milking your cock.

19 carly rae cumshot

Nice titty jerk at the end

The final minute winds up with some submissive Mistress talk and the scene is allowed to slowly come to an end from there.

​Nice movie for Carly Rae fans, and nice looking new rig.  


Wrapping Holecalibur up, I wound up digging on this one in a few different ways and certainly enjoyed Carly Rae's performance. I am not quite sure what the Excalibur tie in was or what Holecalibur alludes to, but the set and costuming was fun and looked great on Carly. * I've since been told SoulCalibur, which should have rang a bell being a gamer, but that one never hit my radar. 

On the positives, I love the opening credit rolls, music and non standard vibe in terms of the way some of these VRCosplayX movies start out and I appreciate small things like sound effects and blended transitions. Image quality on this "new rig" looks pretty great I thought, with some challenging conditions here in terms of sunlight, or multiple bright colors, and the image held up nicely at various depths. Carly turned in a slow and sexy performance, taking control in a mildly dominant fashion, and carrying the scene well throughout the movie.

I liked that they tried some positional audio in terms of having her speak into one ear, and I really liked the cam setup on the laying down shot, not necessarily in terms of the PoV, but in terms of how the up tilt was used to frame Carly's really tall body in the shot without losing anything at the top. There was some tiny head clipping in a couple sections, but she really had to come waaay over the top to hit the border and this was some nice preemptive positioning by the crew. Edits in the movie were really clean, with some nice blended, transparent transitional edits as well as more traditional cuts. I liked the colored look to the set that was documented well by the rig and enjoyed the costuming on Carly.

On the negatives, stereo image separation was a little lacking some on audio, and there was some noticeable low end noise or background noise, but being on the low end of the spectrum, it is not too troubling to listen too. I am really trying to think of anything else besides the audio image, as on the whole, it felt like a strong movie from front to back. I would not say the fucking was nuclear, but I would say it had a nice, even level of heat to it throughout.  Not being familiar with the origins of this particular character, I can't really offer much commentary on that end, and I am sure more core cosplay fans would have some additional critique here, I can only really look at it as a VR scene. 

In summary, I would say it was a strong feature for Carly Rae fans, and I might have to give this my nod for favorite Carly Rae scene in VR thus far. For fans that like the clothes to stay on, or costumes, this delivers, as well as for fans of a bit of added production value in terms of rudimentary effects that help add some sparkle to a fantasy type setting. The image I thought looked pretty great, looking sharp while somehow soft in terms of color blending and that kind of thing, and I look forward to seeing more shoots on this gear from VRCosplayX in the future! 10/10. 

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"Holecalibur" from VRCosplayX!

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