Hey Big Spender! Spend a Little Time with Uma Jolie and Kali Roses at WankzVR!

Hey Big Spender Featuring Uma Jolie and Kali Roses from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  9/29/2017
Running time: 65 minutes
Starring:  Kalie Roses, Uma Jolie
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig

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Trailer:  Following Review or: Hey Big Spender Preview
Notables:  Uma Jolie, Kali Roses, Lots of great VR shots, Creampie ending, GG intro
Negatives:  Kali and Uma disappeared when I removed my mask
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Winning combination for masturbation

Hey Big Spender

     Wuttup preverts. Writing up a scene review tonight for Hey Big Spender, the new WankzVR release featuring the smoking hot combo of Uma Jolie and Kali Roses. Uma and Kali both garnered their share of new VR fans with their previous WankzVR outings, and this certainly sounded like a perfect combo on paper when the scene was announced a couple weeks ago. I officially tapped out due to man hands on Kali's debut, so I was looking forward at getting another look at Kali here and can't get enough of Uma's stunning eyes, not to mention ass. It's pretty hard to find anything not to like with these 2 and if you are a fan of either, you won't want to miss this one, currently rocking enough votes on the WVR home site to make it a contender for one of the all time top rated movies on the site. 

kali roses hey big spender

Kali Roses!


Setup has the ladies playing the part of cam girls and you the part of some chat room stud who's lucky enough to get a front row seat to tonight's cam show.

1 kali roses wankzvvr

​Meet Kali Roses

Kali is first out of the cam room to greet you, looking HAF in an extremely complimentary pink bra n panty set. Kali can't believe you are actually in their "chatroom" and is stoked to have some dick on the scene.

2 hey big spender

​Meet Kali's friend Uma

Kali wants to introduce you to her friend Uma, going off to retrieve her from the cam room and you soon have double the fun kneeling in front of you.

3 uma jolie kali roses
5 kali uma

"We still have to do that GG show, do you want to come in and watch?"

After a few minutes meeting the girls up front, you retreat to the bedroom for some edge-of-the-bed, bodyless PoV lesbian goodness to get things started and I really enjoy WVR scenes that are split up in this fashion, with a bit of bro-less PoV to begin and the meat n potatoes later. 

6 kali uma wankzvr

GG goodness, let the screenshots do the talkin

This section is pretty much self explanatory girl on girl hotness, so just enjoy some screenshots and I'll be back when the dick shows up.

7 kali uma wankzvr movie
9 kali uma
10 kali uma
11 kali uma
12 kali uma
13 kali uma
14 uma jolie ass
15 kali roses asslick
16 kali roses asslicking
17 uma kali

Solid opening 20

Girl Girl opening section runs around 19 minutes before you hit the scene, standing at the edge of the bed from a down-tilted PoV that I went ahead and rolled the 20 degrees of tilt back off of in the mask. It's kind of a meh PoV for me, feeling tilted up top and the dude laying back at an awkward angle below, but the scenery ahead is grand my man.  Try removing the tilt if it feels odd for you.

18 uma kali

Just.....FUCK! lol

Action opens with some beautiful asses up positioning from the girls as they get busy with some oral favors.

19 uma kali

A few minutes of dick suckin and Kali is the first to back her sweet ass up for you in doggie.

20 kali uma

Snug as a bug in a rug

21 kali uma

​Kisses mostly misses

Uma leans up for some ticklish, tongue in your nose variety virtual kissing next before you get to take her from behind for a few with Kali by her side.

22 kali uma

"It's so tight, I can barely get it in there"

Round 2 doggie with Kali comes around 28 minutes in with Uma helping to guide your hot dog into Kali's tight little bun before taking up a position at the head of the bed so Kali can munch on her honey pot.

23 kali uma
24 kali uma

"Eat that pussy while you get fucked"

The action here looks great, if not a bit distant and at some point I was thinking about a view about halfway up Kali's back as an interesting shot with this type of action. No penetration, just the sense of being right over Kali, fucking her while you get a closer look at things in front with Uma. 

25 kali uma
26 kali uma

Riding caboose

More doggie time with Uma next while Kali shimmy's up in front of her so that Uma can lick her from behind.

27 kali uma
28 kali uma
29 kali uma

​Nice positioning

There is a position change at around the 39 minute mark that finds you laying on your back, with the girls positioned nicely on either side, so that their bodies are along side yours, and this was my favorite setup for the movie, as the VR presence factor is raised quite a bit sensing their bodies proximity on either side of you.  A great VR shot. 

30 uma jolie kali roses
32 uma jolie kali roses

​Ride em cowgirl

Uma is up first for cowgirl action and this is all nice and present feeling, with Uma moving around quite a bit while she gets an honest cowgirl fuck on but keeping it predominantly in your face while Kali sticks to her side flashing you some amazing looks.

33 uma jolie kali roses

"Your pussy's too tight"

Kali climbs on for a ride around the 45 minute mark and again, Uma is there with the hand assist, cause no way you're getting in look-ma-no-hands style here, as you can see Kali is quite tight. 

34 uma jolie kali roses

​It's gettin hot in here

Both girls turn it on nicely in this section and the scene in general, has a steady, sexy building quality throughout. Kali especially seems to lose herself a bit the more she gets fucked, taking on a rosy flush on her chest and giving you some killer looks.

35-uma jolie kali roses

Uma spots a gap n fills it by placing her ass right in front of your face, framing Kali nicely between her legs.

36 uma jolie kali roses

​Close up, over the head cowgirl

Some really effective overhanging action comes next, and this was another favorite section for me, feeling super present with things like Kali's hair dangling into the camera and both of the girls being so close to you. Another really nice VR Porn shot.  Kali kicks it into full grind mode here and all the action is hot n heavy. 

37 uma jolie kali roses

Reverse cowgirl with Kali is next giving you a great look at her body art and ass, which I like quite a bit in both cases. 

38 uma jolie kali roses

Uma is up in your face here while Kali rides downrange, filling up the frame nicely and keeping things connected.

39 uma jolie kali roses

​Uma's turn

Miss Jolie takes up the stick next in reverse, and this is another great setup with Kali once again laying beside you, keeping the presence dialed up. Another solid VR porn shot.

40 uma jolie kali roses
41 uma jolie kali roses

Another nice ass in yo face section with Kali and things head into the final transition of the movie, kneeling missionary.

42 uma jolie kali roses
44 uma jolie kali roses

A few minutes with Uma in this position and Kali takes over for the rest of the scene.

45 uma jolie kali roses
46 uma jolie kali roses

"Are you gonna cum for us?"

Like creampie endings? Well it's your lucky day mate as Kali asks you to fill her up and stuntcock jerks out a tip-deep load just inside the front door. 

47 kali roses creampie
48 uma jolie kali roses
49 uma jolie kali roses

​Creampie is served

Creampie showoff and you get a couple of different angles of Kali straddling Uma while she laps up your man milk from below. Huzzah! Another great VR shot. 

50 uma jolie kali roses
51 uma jolie kali roses
52 uma jolie kali roses

"We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did"

One last close up on the girls faces, the scene fades to black and Hey Big Spender is in the books.

Winning masturbation combination!


     So, wrapping this one up, I thought Hey Big Spender was another top shelf 2 girl scene from WankzVR and a really great pairing with Kali Roses and Uma Jolie. Neither girl outshines the other here in terms of performance, and both do a great job managing things like eye contact and intimacy throughout. The fucking's hot and the added lesbo section up front was also quite nice.

The good stuff: Overall, it was a well designed/paced scene that felt like it went somewhere: from the opening section, to the GG action to the appearance of your virtual avatar, the scene takes up the 65 minutes without ever running dry or losing steam, in fact it built steam as it should up untill the creampie finish. As I highlighted above, there were several great VR setups/shots utilized and this is an area where WankzVR creams most of the competition by virtue of having a nice bag of tricks under their belt to work with at this point.

The bad stuff: Not much really for me. The standing tilted PoV wasn't my favorite angle and the black edits that WanzkVR continue to use are a fair distraction over the course of a full hour long movie I feel like.  I am finding myself quite fond of the transparent transitions that some of the other studios are using to produce a smoother feeling flow. I don't mind black edits for time lapse transitions like moving position, but for same position edits, I really can't think of a good reason to use them over transparent blends.

Currently rocking top ratings by WanzkVR subs, Hey Big Spender appears poised to join other fan favorites such as Double Trouble and Model Misbehavior as the top rated movies by members on the WankzVR site, and I cannot really see any fan of Uma Jolie or Kali Roses being let down by much here, it's a good one. 10/10, WankzVR does it again.

Hey Big Spender from WankzVR!

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