Heart Shaped Ass: A New Level of VR Porn from BaDoinkVR!

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"Heart Shaped Ass" starring Zoe Doll from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Heart Shaped Ass"

Heart Shaped Ass from BaDoinkVR was released this past Valentines Day in 2016 and was the first look we had at BaDoinkVR's brand new VR shooting technology.  This 25 minute movie  starring Zoe Doll was very well received by the VR porn community as it hints at quality levels we may come to expect in 2016 and beyond and is currently a bit of a high water mark in VR porn, with a definite jump forward in clarity and presence.  As of mid March 2016, all future BaDoink releases will feature this new and improved style of production.

The video starts with a nausea inducing sequence that involves you walking from outside, into a home, where Zoe waits for you in the kitchen area, dressed in red for a fitting valentines setting.  This section is shot in 2D or at least not true 3D, and with a moving camera, and proves to be pretty jarring to watch. But Kudos for trying something a bit different here BaDoink.

Walking Upstairs

Zoe is speaking to you in Spanish, and begins to remove her red dress at the bottom of a set of stairs, revealing a super sex black lingerie setup.  As she begins walking up the set of stairs and you follow her up, the effect is again, fairly jarring with the way the camera is mounted and moving.  But Zoe looks great showing off her truly heart shaped ass on her way up the stairs, and no worries, we are just about to get to the good stuff.

zoe doll bed

Happy Valentine's Day!

There is a scene cut and you now find yourself upstairs in front of a bed, with red rose petals laid out on it, and it is a holy fuck moment!  Everything looks AMAZING. You can see out the large bay window in the background to an exterior view, everything in the room is vibrant and sharp, and Zoe Doll looks absolutely stunning in front of you.

She blows petals in your face, and the first time watching it, you are going dam, this is a whole new level of clarity in VR Porn!  This scene truly is stunning to watch the first time if you have been watching VR porn for the last 15 months or so and are accustomed to what is currently available.

​Awesome New Clarity

Zoe appears amazingly present, with her hair, lips, eyes and outfit looking breathtakingly clear.  You can clearly make out the fine detail in her lingerie and the effect of all this extra detail draws you into the scene all the more.  Zoe begins to fully disrobe and looks spectacular, with nice perky tits and a smoking hot ass and as she is moving around on the bed you are aware of things like the mattress moving slightly below her and other fine details.

zoe doll oral

Zoe sucks your cock

Zoe positions herself directly in front of you for a bit of a rubdown, and she is one beautiful woman, with deep brown eyes that lock on to yours while she begins to undo your pants.  After pulling your cock out, she strokes you gently to full hardness for a couple minutes before placing your cock between her sexy red lips.  Zoe moves slow, soft and sensual, and does not rush through the motions as she works your cock in her mouth.

zoe doll doggie style

Givin it to Zoe from behind

After a bit more slow stroking with her hands, Zoe turns around and things start off with some nice doggie action.  Zoe's ass is perfect as your cock works in and out and this winds up being a great section that goes just long enough to soak in the view.

Zoe pulls your cock from her and motions for you to come to her on the bed, which prompts another camera change and you now find yourself laying down on the bed with Zoe sucking you off.  She makes lots of eye contact here, and does her best to work your length down her throat as far as she can take it while leaving lots of spit behind that glistens off your dick and looks great in VR.

Heart Shaped Ass on Display

Zoe puts her ass right in your face and mounts up reverse cowgirl and you get another awesome sequence of your cock working that perfect booty.  Zoe uses a wonderfully sensual slow grind and this scene is simply awesome, with perfect scaling and you finding yourself the perfect distance from her ass as she slowly works your cock with her wet pussy.

zoe doll reverse cowgirl

Zoe's beautiful heart shaped ass

You next get some forward facing cowgirl and Zoe looks spectacular, with her breasts standing out in detail and the scene winds up with her pulling you out and jerking you off on her stomach for a super sexy cumshot.  She takes the cums and rubs it around her pussy a bit before tasting it and leaning in to suck the last few drops from your cock, and the scene fades to black.

zoe doll cumshot

Zoe tastes your cum!

A Taste of Things to Come

This movie, offers not only steamy sex with the amazing Zoe Doll, but breathtaking visuals as well, and I cannot wait to see stuff like this on the new Oculus Rift this summer.  It is a really exciting taste of where things are headed quality wise with VR porn and I am stoked to see what other content BaDoinkVR releases with this new improved shooting style this year. 10/10.

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Heart Shaped Ass from BaDoinkVR!

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