Gettin Sweaty with Giselle Palmer in Head to Toe from WankzVR!

Head to Toe Featuring Giselle Palmer from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  December 5, 2017
Running time: 62 minutes
Starring:  Giselle Palmer
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Head to Toe Preview
Notables:  Giselle Palmer, Sweaty, Nice kisses, Oil, Footfuck, Tittyfuck, Choking
Negatives: Black edits, lighting in sections
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Instant classic for Giselle fans

Head to Toe

Hey hey hey, wuz up people. Sitting down today after a busy week to write up the new Giselle Palmer scene from WankzVR, Head to Toe. I'm an easy mark for Giselle and had been kind of blue balled by BaDoinkVR last month technically speakin with Hard Time, so my nads were pretty pumped for this movie to drop on Tuesday.  The release of Head to Toe had been delayed for a bit, and I'm happy to say it was well worth the wait, delivering a great Giselle Palmer VR experience and I wanted to make sure to double back this weekend to spotlight this one.

Giselle Palmer WankzVR

Hard Day

Setup has you kickin it at Giselle's pad as she's just gettin home from a shitty day at work, and she's glad to see that you're already there waiting for her.

Giselle Palmer at WankzVR

Giselle Palmer!

​Nice kisses

Giselle has a seat on the table in front of you and immediately leans in for a well placed kiss that packs some nice VR effect in terms of targeting and style from Giselle.  I got the goosebumpy type feeling a couple of times, so she VR kisses pretty good, lol. 

Giselle Palmer VR backrub

"Do you think you could rub my back or something?"

Giselle has a seat in your lap and offloads her day on you while you take some tension out of her shoulders for a couple of minutes.

Giselle Palmer feet

"My feet are soo sore"

Footrub time is next as Giselle shifts back to a seat on the table and has you remove her shoes so that you can give her feet some relief.

Giselle Palmer footrub
Giselle Palmer virtual footrub

​Head to toe, features plenty toe

Lots of time spent on the peds for the feet lovers, with some oily foot massage action from you followed up by some oily dick massage action from Giselle.

giselle palmer head to toe
Giselle Palmer handjob
Giselle Palmer movie review wankzvr
Giselle Palmer disrobe
Giselle Palmer virtual WankzVR

Feet are not really my bag, but there is ample focus here for those that enjoy and Giselle's quite sexy about the whole thing regardless.

Giselle Palmer handjob WankzVR
Giselle Palmer breasts
Head to Toe WankzVR


Giselle has a seat in your lap next, letting you play with her beautiful tits up close briefly before removing her freaky baby doll head skirt and leaving only the sexy black undies behind.

Giselle Palmer bra and panties
Giselle Palmer oil
Giselle Palmer feet

​Titty fuck

More oil is applied to your shaft and another short round of feet play while Giselle slowly gets all the way out of her bra before she takes up a kneeling position between your legs for some tasty VR titty fuckin.

Giselle Palmer tittyfuck

"It's like I have another hole for you to fuck!"

Giselle Palmer VR WankzVR
Giselle Palmer titty fuck
Giselle Palmer lubes it up
Giselle Palmer at WankzVR Movie review
Giselle Palmer cowgirl

"I really think I need some cock to make me feel better today"

Foreplay wraps up at around 19 minutes into the movie as Giselle oils you up one more time, leans in for a kiss and has a seat in your lap for some up close, and already sweaty cowgirl action. (Footnote: all the kisses in this scene kind of make, they don't come off as insert-vr-kiss-here, but rather more natural type moments when a woman might lean in to kiss you, so they play pretty naturally)

Giselle Palmer sweaty

​Hot n' sweaty fuck

I love a good sweaty fuck and you don't really see them that often in VR, so this was probably my favorite section of the movie, as Giselle's body is absolutely dripping and glistening almost instantly as the action gets underway.  Something about sweat...extra highlights, I just adds another little bit of presence and virtual heat in close up footage for VR. 

Giselle Palmer virtual

​Close feeling cowgirl

Miss Palmer pretty much gets right into her groove here and she's pretty intense through the entire scene. Most of the forward cowgirl is midrange or closer where it is nice and present feeling, and it's hard to get good screen-shots for you without it being all head or all torso.

Giselle Palmer virtual reality porn

"Oh my god yes, you make my pussy feel so good!"

Giselle leans back onto the end table behind her for some support next, and this serves to hit the spot just right as she seems to surprise herself some by squirting a couple of times.

Giselle Palmer squirting
Giselle Palmer Head to Toe from wankzVR
Giselle Palmer sweaty action

​More sweat

More close up, even sweatier forward cowgirl follows and you should feel like you are getting a proper Giselle Palmer virtual reality experience right about now.

Giselle Palmer ass
Giselle Palmer sideways cowgirl

"I want you to look at my ass while you fuck me"

Action switches to reverse seated cowgirl at around 26 minutes in, and you get some great looks at Giselle's sweaty ass here as she mounts up from a few different angles.

Giselle Palmer reverse cowgirl
Giselle Palmer hot n sweaty
Giselle Palmer vr porno

"Come here....come bring your face over to my pussy"

Simulated pussy eating from behind followed by the front is next for those that like their close up time and distance and duration are quite nice for those that live for these moments in their VR porno. 

Giselle Palmer pussy and ass
Giselle Palmer vr cunnilingus
Giselle Palmer vr doggie

"I want you to fuck me from behind"

Things transition to a nice feeling kneeling doggie shot next and the lighting kind of takes a nose dive here creating some glare and shadow at certain angles, such as when Giselle is more parallel to the floor. 

choking Giselle Palmer

​Choking from behind

There are some upright choking from behind sections featured here and all of this comes off pretty well in effect if you don't mind some bro hands and encouraged choking action. 

Giselle Palmer

"Please don't stop, please don't stop, please don't stop!"

You give Giselle a hard pounding from behind and one of the things I noticed in this section was it seemed as if Giselle had pretty much sweated/toweled most of her make up off, and you get a really nice sense of her natural look from behind here.

Giselle Palmer vr doggie style
Giselle Palmer WankzVR
Giselle Palmer missionary

"Aw babe....I knew you could fuck the bad day out of me"

The scene moves to kneeling missionary at around the 48 minute mark, and this is all pretty tasty looking other than the lighting angle.

Giselle Palmer close missionary
Giselle Palmer at WankzVR

​More choking

Giselle raises up a bit in this section closing up the distance nicely and giving you another chance to virtually choke her out.

Giselle Palmer

"Let me suck all the cum out of your cock"

The final transition of the movie finds you returning to a seated position for a well timed no-wait popshot which Giselle readily swallows down. 

Giselle Palmer
Giselle Palmer cum
Giselle Palmer

​About a 5 minute post fuck cooldown

There are still a good 5 minutes to go after the cumshot and Giselle just takes her time kissing your dick before resting her head in your groin for a few....and deciding that pizza sounds good!

Giselle Palmer WankzVR
Giselle Palmer post fuck
Giselle Palmer
Giselle Palmer orders pizza

"I'm getting pineapple on mine"

A couple more minutes of quality cuddling, a call to the pizza guy and Head to Toe with Giselle Palmer wraps up in an entirely organic feeling manner that kind of felt like one of the most natural endings to a VR porno I have ever seen!

Giselle Palmer cuddle

Solid pick for Giselle Palmer fans


Wrapping Head to Toe up, I thought it was another great scene from WankzVR and a surefire winner for fans of Giselle Palmer that are looking for a quality VR experience.  If you got a taste of Giselle at BaDoinkVR a month ago but were not that stoked on the tech stuff in that movie, you will definitely want to catch this one for the full effect. 

On the positives, I thought the scene was paced really well and Giselle had me from the time she walked in the door from her shitty day at work.  Nothing ever felt like it was running long and the 19 minute setup featuring a backrub, into a foot massage, into some titty fuckin n dick suckin all served to set up the action quite well rather than just dropping the panties and jumping right into it.  The action was hot, sweaty and present feeling and technically speaking, the scene was quite good. 

​On the negatives, nothing really to talk about for me other than my ongoing gripe about black edit transitions at WankzVR and the lighting in the 2nd half that resulted in some glare and shadows being cast on lovely Giselle. Extra militant members of the Anti Man Hand Clan may not dig the choking sequences but other than that, Brad Knight did a great job of keepin things low pro.

All in all, Head to Toe offered a up great hour in virtual reality with Giselle Palmer and it wound up being one of my favorite scenes from WankzVR this year. 10/10.

Head to Toe from WankzVR!

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