Doing Hard Time with Giselle Palmer and the Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight!

Giselle Palmer Featured in Hard Time from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date: November 6, 2017
Running time: 27:43
Starring:  Giselle Palmer
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or: Hard Time Preview
Notables:  Giselle Palmer
Negatives:  Dreadful PoV's, Lackluster Audio, Perma-tilt rig setups
Review Score: 5/10
5 words or less:  Hard Time taking seriously

Hard Time

     Wutup yall!  Doin up a quick scene review tonight for Hard Time featuring Giselle Palmer from BaDoinkVR. I just took notice of Giselle not too long ago in my Twitter feed and was interested in seeing both this scene and her upcoming WankzVR movie, having missed out on her scene at Naughty America VR earlier this year. Giselle Palmer definitely rings my bell and is pretty awesome in that sense here, but BaDoinkVR had a Hard Time figuring out where to setup the cameras it seemed.  If you are into decent PoV's being a thing in your VR pron, this movie is likely to give you a Hard Time as well.

Giselle Palmer Hard Time

Giselle Palmer!

Cavity Search

Setup is fairly similar to the Angela White Nailed in Jail scene from a couple months back, appearing to take place on the same prison cell set. It's time for Giselle's cavity search and there is zero setup here, it's just right into it and Giselle pretty much has her tits out in less than a minute flat. So the naked-in-one-min-flat-unsub-guys......ya. 

Giselle Palmer

Border illustrating the tilt on the rig centered roughly on boobville

Fucking tilt

The opening PoV is hard tilted down and staring straight at Giselle's tits, rather than her face. I immediately rolled the angle off in the mask but the cam is low here and you feel as if you are looking up her chin.  On the audio side, as in most recent BaDoinkVR releases, it's not great, with little high end detail present, making Giselle's speech a bit hard to understand, but thankfully, the warbling that has been present in many recent movies is missing. 

Giselle Palmer cavity search

"Are you ready to see those cavities?"

Giselle gives you a nice turn around spread and then closes up the distance. I was initially hopeful here that the scene might have some promise with some solid proximity to Giselle featured up front where I was starting to tap into her vibe a bit.

giselle palmer badoinkvr
Giselle Palmer Hard Time Movie review
Giselle Palmer at BaDoinkVR
Giselle Palmer topless
Giselle Palmer handjob

"Wonder how good it would feel in my mouth?"

Eye contact is pretty shifty here, but otherwise the opening 6 or 7 minutes is not too bad in terms of getting some Giselle flavor, and I was about ready to free the snake and get myself comfy as I sensed the impending oral action.

Giselle Palmer blowjob


And then....

...the scene jumps off the rails where there's an edit that returns you in a seated position with the cam sitting right above homebros giant junk.  Giselle looks totally clear and quite beautiful with a mouthful of dick in front of you...but there is also the matter of this massive wang all up in yo face and the PoV here, is frankly laughable.

giselle palmer virtual reality

​Fucking tilt

The cam is still hard cranked down for this setup, and the rig appears to be sitting just above this guys navel, making for an awful feeling shot in the virtual space sense. Ain't no way you are pretending to be in this guys space, this is a straight up cam view, buried in a dudes torso with the dick up in the center of the FoV.

Giselle Palmer oral sex

​Zipper up

It was sooo bad, and such a brick wall shock after the edit, I was zipper up and totally pulled out of any thoughts of a fap, just going... how in the fuck does this happen after 3 years in the VR porno game?

Giselle Palmer tittyfuck
Giselle Palmer head crop

​Fucking tilt

This PoV goes on for an agonizing 12 minutes or so through sucking, titty fuckin and lean back cowgirl action where the sheer absurdity of the down tilt on the rig is fully illustrated when Giselle mounts up and predictably has her head cropped off out of frame. Like anyone that watches VR porn knows happens when you tilt a cam down in this position. 

Giselle Palmer Hard Time

C'mon BerDoink

So Giselle looks fucking smokin is just everything else is shit in terms of the PoV and with the framing centered on the dick and hole show. 

Giselle Palmer

​Lean in, not back please

I am not a huge fan of the lean back on the desk setup BaDoink routinely employs this year as it only really serves to show the dick in the hole while otherwise creating distance, and kind of has a "oh, here comes the desk shot again" vibe to it at this point. Giselle is fighting the desk shifting under her the whole time here and it is just not a powerful VR shot, rather, it's a nice perspective shot. If she were to approach and sit in your lap upright and get some presence happenin though, she would be rendered headless so there is not much for her to do but lean back in the frame.

Giselle Palmer cowgirl

​Get me out of here

Another transition edit finds Giselle flirting with the top border agian and I pretty much couldn't wait to get out of this dogshit PoV....ffwd engaged! Dammit Jim!

Giselle Palmer doggie style

​Dodgy Doggy

Action swaps to standing, hard tilted, off-center doggy around 18 minutes into the scene and it's another rough feeling PoV. It kind of feels close at least on framing if you look ahead, but ultimately too low and the dude is standing off to the right below to boot if you look down.

Giselle Palmer doggy

​Giselle's great

Giselle does a great job here keeping the focus back on you and leaning up to shrink the distance some and I was just bummed on the technical side of the scene taking me out of the feeling like I was sharing space with Giselle virtually.   

Giselle Palmer standing missionary
Rig tilt

​Fucking Tilt

The scene ends up with some standing missionary over a delightfully sweaty Giselle, but the hard tilt is still there on the rig, and you are centered on her underboob region pretty much, where you would be more centered on her head naturally. I mean, that border is running parallel to her fucking leg in the picture above, that's how far the rig is cranked down! 😛

Giselle Palmer
Hard Time

​Nice popshot

Giselle gives you a nice hand assist for the finish and you present her with the keys to her freedom as the scene abruptly comes to an end and heads to some previews from VRCosplayX. It's about that quick after the cumshot, lol. 

Scene tag

​Scene tag

Action returns briefly to Giselle for the end of scene "like my video" tag that BaDoink has been doing this year and the movie is in the books before it hits the 28 minute mark.

Hard Time taking this one seriously other than Giselle Palmer


So, in the end I was stoked to finally get a look at Giselle Palmer in VR and she was certainly no letdown in that regard, I thought she looked and performed great here,  but otherwise, I have to admit to anticipating her scene at WankzVR all the more now. Where I was really looking forward to this scene up front, it kind of feels like a Giselle appetizer now, and it definitely whets my appetite for the full meal deal virtually speaking. This movie had some nice presence up front with Giselle for a few tantalizing minutes and it would be cool to soak that in a lot longer.  

The main issue for me with Hard Time was that the PoV's were so poor and often so comical I found most of them pretty much unwatchable.  I can sit through bad PoV's that are a bit off feeling, but when I am perched belly button level on a dude with his schemghee in my face, it gets kind of hard to shake the out of body vibe and take it seriously as a 1st person VR scene.  It looks great as porno....but it is more about how things feel in VR.  If they feel somewhat honest, your mind can get much deeper into the whole illusion and by contrast, the more off things feel, the more your mind is constantly doing math and calling bullshit on your surroundings when 2 + 2 comes back as 5.  

PoV's continue to be the glaring weak spot at BaDoinkVR and it gets frustrating to see girls I am really excited to see filmed, like Giselle or Anna De Ville , shoot scenes that are set to fail technically while they turn in great performances on the fuck factor side.  Things like sitting the cam that far down a males chest or keeping the rig tilted down at all times.....I just can't really wrap my head around it at this point and it would be nice to get the sense that there was some self correction going on with production at times, instead of simply seemingly repeating the same mistakes and setups scene after scene. 5/10 on tech. Giselle Palmer was sweaty goodness and I want to see more!

Hard Time from BaDoinkVR

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