Rachel Evans, Moving Cameras & Dicks in Yo Face! Happy Ending Hotel from Reality Lovers!

Rachel Evans in Happy Ending Hotel From Reality Lovers!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Reality Lovers
Release date:  1/25/2017
Running time: 31:54
Starring:  Rachel Evans
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review
Notables:  Rachel Evans  
Negatives:  Cut in zoom shots, moving cam sections, man hands o plenty, dick in mouth ending, overamped audio
Review Score: 4/10
5 words or less:  Dirty D's Dick is Down

"Happy Ending Hotel"

Taking a look at the latest Reality Lovers release tonight, Happy Ending Hotel featuring Rachel Evans. I like Rachel and this movie has a moving cam so I was interested to check it out.  While Happy Ending Hotel dares to take some steps in some new directions here, and Rachel looks amazing as always, production on this movie left me pretty limp, and I would still be looking to Czech VR for far more polished offerings at this point, with the utilization of moving camera rigs in VR.

happy ending hotel

Rachel Evans and Brutus


Setup finds you "observing" the scene from an oddly cocked perspective as you approach a blue massage table where Rachel Evans is laid out on her stomach. There is a beastly bro in the shot off to the left, gettin his lube on—with a look on his face that is more befitting someone about to lay brick for an 8 hour shift— and preparing to give fair Rachel a rubdub.

1 happy ending hotel review

Fairly fast moving cam

The cam is moving quite fast here, when contrasted to the type of movements you will see at Czech VR, that feel very fluid and paced by comparison. These movements, feel pretty much like someone moving a camera up and down a woman's body at close range, and they are a bit jerky as well, so this may be a legit no go for the motion sensitive crowd, in which case you can skip forward 10 minutes or so.

2 happy ending hotel rachel evans

Mmmmmm, bro hands on my face

​Around 8 minutes of this up front

The opening is about 8 mins long, and I found myself barely able to tolerate it, due to both the jerky up and down nature of the movement and the odd angle. The cam is quite close, so you get this bizarre combo of unpleasant man hand against your cheek, and the more pleasant, but skewed view of Rachel in front of you. The crookedness of the shot and the awkward movements kind of made for one of the weirdest sequences I have seen in VR porn, and I just wound up kind of powering through the opening section here.

3 reality lovers happy ending hotel min

Everything is from this oddly cocked angle in the beginning

Nice hands brah

​Towel comes off Rachel's lower half and you pan in close on the beaver and it just felt pretty sterile for me. Not hot, as the Trumpster might say.  Like, at Czech VR, they will move the cam, and stop.... let you enjoy the new angle, then a minute or more later, they will slowly move to another perspective. This, is almost nonstop moving up and down Rachel's body. As soon as the cam comes to rest...it is moving again and you just feel like you are along for a VR ride on a camera dolly or whatever the rig is mounted on.

5 rachel evans

Least his hands are in good shape


Rachel rolls over next and I am normally all "hey now" when confronted with butt in my face in VR, but with the bro hands all up in the shit here, I just found myself going, wtf am I watching here? Now, if you ever wanted to hover inches away from a woman, at an odd angle, constantly moving back and forth while Serious Joe rubs down some ass....well then, you will be in hog heaven here. I was essentially tripping on everything BUTT her butt. Like the shape of this dudes hands. Blech! 

6 reality lovers moving camera

Pretty damned close here

7 reality lovers rachel evans happy ending hotel

Jammed up close to the action

​Eventually, the dick comes out, and Rachel starts suckin, but the shot is fairly horrible feeling, as you are jammed in very tight to the action.....as if you were a camera....not assuming a view of the action from any sort of PoV.  This, is a camera, crammed in close with no regard for anything as far as how it will look in an HMD when guys like us have our dicks in our hands. Which, lets be crystal clear: there was certainly none of that going on. This opening was like watching a bad Oculus tech demo or something for me. Your mileage may vary.

8 rachel evans

​Down on the floor, flat on the back

10 minutes in finds you transitioning into your stuntdick, who is in the classic flat on back, set to fail position that we all know and love by now. So, you know the shot. The guy in the video, is staring at the ceiling, while you have a miraculous straight down the chest view. It's a shot, but it's never a realistic PoV.

9 reality lovers vr min

Fair amount of this in sections

​Off with her head

Rachel approaches and you become immediately aware of the FoV being reduced, and you can tell, there is going to be some head chopping going on here.  Sure enough, Rachel leans in to tell you to lick her breast, and off goes her head for the first of many times to come. So flat on back false PoV and head chopping. 

11 reality lovers happy ending hotel

Some distant nuttsucking follows before Rachel comes over to your right side for a couple minutes of profile action. Bro hands kick in at around the 13 minute mark, and will be your constant companion for the rest of the movie.

13 rachel evans cowgirl

Standard, flat-on-back, 90 degree view down chest, distant, lean -back, 2015 "VR" cow shot

​Down on the dick

Rachel next hops on for some sterile, lean away cowgirl and it's your stock, crappy cowgirl shot until....this happens.

14 reality lovers movie

Cut to bizarre zoom shot buried in on this guys junk

You get stuffed down on this guys dick, much like the zoom shots in I've Been Promoted, only these are cocked off center to the left some, and these zoom shots just play out as totally bizarre for me. If you are planning on sitting back and getting immersed with virtual Rachel Evans in your lap, faghetabowt it, cause production is going to be pulling you out of first person, for these stuff-you-on-a-dudes- dick close up shots.

15 rachel evans virtual fuck

About the only shot to work for me here, and it is still cockeyed to the left of her

​A few nice seconds up close on Rachel

Basically, they cut to the moving rig for the close ups for like minute or so, and then cut back to the PoV rig. There are some nice shots of Rachel's face here, but again, it is cocked off to the side as far as your view and it just feels bad in the sense of scene continuity and rhythm to insert this footage via hard edits.  You kind of go from down on the dick, to her face, back to stubbleville again on the moving zoom section. 

17 happy ending hotel

More of this

18 rachel evans

And more of this

​Are we really still filming one position cowgirl scenes in 2017?

More time buried in this guys pube stubble and it is back to PoV land again for more generic cow action. Yawn.  Seriously guys, it's 2017, get with the times, go rent some VR pron and see what the hot shit is. 

19 virtual reality cowgirl

And more of this too, lol

And when Rachel improves this situation, to a shot most of us DO want to see, her head gets chopped off.  So...there's tits if you want to look there.

20 rachel evans reality lovers

A decent midrange shot

21 happy ending hotel

Get yo shit out my face brah! lol

Midrange cow and manhands 

Some decent midrange cow follows before Rachel backs her ass up for some man hands spread action. Like it or lump it. For me, get the hands out of my face. I came for the pussy, not bro hands in my vr grill.

22 rachel evans virtual fuck

Hands on, distant reverse cow is next, before a bit more midrange forward squats from Rachel that frame out pretty decently.

24 rachel evans cumshot

Standard cumshot...but wait....there's more!

​Ya know when Wankz gets ya all close up to tha pussy?

Rachel finally hops off to the side for a jerk n suck/quick cut to cumshot, which she comes up and dribbles onto your chest some....and then....hope you like dick bro, cause it is going to be in your mouth here in a second.......ya know how WankzVR movies you can reach out and lick the pussy? Well slurp up some fresh cum there Broseph, this is the VR shot most dudes dream of....in their nightmares, lol.

25 happy ending

Dick in your mouth! BAM! 

​Don't put dicks in my mouth bro! 🙂

I mean.....fucking really. I don't have a dude hangup, or a gay hangup,....I just don't particularly want a dick in my fucking mouth in VR. And this, is as close as I have ever been, to having a dick....sitting in a pool of cum....in my fucking mouth. I am not offended, just...give me a break already, lol. 

I don't even know if a GIRL wants to see this shot. Now those that may find this shot appealing, by all means, enjoy. I am just guessing, it is going to be a slim number. Less than anal. Less than feet. This is a shot catering to a very slim niche, that can make the rest of the audience you are catering to, uncomfortable at the least, and quite possibly for the more homophobic, straight up pissed the fuck off. And this shot goes for almost a couple of mins, while she jerks this guys cock in your face and the scene literally ends with this PoV.  And btw, I am not opposed to this shot, it has been done well.  Just don't put a dick in my mouth. I don't want to share a dick with girlfriend. Cucks...knock yourself out, you got a good clip here!

27 rachel evans cum

Want to share some dick with Rachel? Happy ending? You decide 🙂  You have around 2 mins to make up your mind

Pretty weird scene! lol


So ya, that was fucking weird, lol. And I fucking love weird. But there is just straight up weird and this falls into that for me. Rachel Evans... she looked great, fine job. I like the way she breaks a bit of a sweat when she fucks and I always enjoy watching her.  The rest of it, didn't work for me in the slightest. The opening segment was shot at an awkward angle, and featured a moving camera that would not stay still, constantly roaming up and down Rachel's body, sometimes inches away from her, in a very claustrophobic feeling PoV.  You feel jammed into her and along for some sort of VR trolly ride. 

The follow up fucking left much to be desired from a bland flat on back cow shot, to the headless horseman action whenever Rachel would close the gap to a nice VR distance. The cut to zoom up in the guys base of dick shot wasn't working for me, and just served to further pull me out of any sense of immersion, which was just lacking anyway.  Then the final bury me in a puddle of cum shot, just left me scratching my sack, as to the creative vision at work here.

I am all for new shit, new shots, trying new things.  If you never jump off the hill with the glider, you will never fly, so I salute this VR crash in principle, and hope to see Reality Lovers production focus more on shooting decent PoV's for us, both in first or 3rd person observer, instead of providing us with shots that only a camera could see. 4/10. No disrespect to lovely Rachel Evans who did her part well, that is a production score. Happy Ending Hotel pretty much goes in the novelty VR pile for me.  Will be interesting to see how they use this moving rig going forward. 

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