VR Squirt Alert! Adriana Chechik and Kimmy Granger in Grangerous Liaisons!

Adriana Chechik and Kimmy Granger Featured in Grangerous Liaisons from BaDoinkVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BaDoinkVR
Release date:  January 22, 2018
Running time: 43:55
Starring:  Adriana Chechik, Kimmy Granger
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Grangerous Liaisons Preview
Notables:  Squirt, squirt and more squirt!
Negatives:  Lights are a little hot/wash out Kimmy some
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  At least a gallon

Grangerous Liaisons

     Sup perverts! Doin up a scene review for this weeks new release from BaDoinkVR, Grangerous Liaisons featuring the dynamic duo of Adriana Chechik and Kimmy Granger. I'm a big fan of both girls past performances in VR so this was an easy in for me, with the only questions left at that point being: how are the PoV's, audio and eye contact when it comes to the typical shortcomings on BaDoinkVR shoots. I expected plenty of heat here, but this wound up being the wettest feeling scene I have ever watched in VR, and if you are a fan of squirting homebro, this buds for you!

Kimmy Granger

Kimmy Granger!


Setup finds you kickin it in bed with your girl Kimmy, and she's got a surprise for you in the way of her friend Adriana, who happens to be celebrating her birthday today. It seems Adriana has never had an orgasm before and wouldn't ya know, it's yer lucky day to play.

Kimmy Granger at BaDoinkVR

One sided eye contact

Decent opening PoV

The initial PoV is a flat on your back shot with a bit of an up-tilt on the rig providing for a reasonable sight line from this perspective and a fairly solid angel for the opening half of the movie. I can't say I am a huge fan of flat cowgirl at this point vs inclined, but at least tilting the cam up as BaDoinkVR has pioneered in the last year does make for a more believable shot in terms of the PoV.

Adriana Chechik and Kimmy Granger

Other tech stuff

Audio, for those wondering about the abysmal audio that has been present for months now at BaDoinkVR is substantially improved here as well as in recent releases over the last couple of weeks.  While there is not much in the way of a well defined stereo image, the overall volume and high end definition is markedly better, and you won't have to struggle to discern speech in this one. It's over processed in post and sounds a bit artificial in that regard, but at least you can hear the girls clearly when they speak.

Lights are a little on the bleachy side, especially against Kimmy's fairer features, and she does get on the verge of being washed out at times.

Eye contact, is the typical one sided variety that BaDoinkVR likes to serve up, and I have to wonder when the bell is eventually going to ring for production on this simple to correct issue that robs quite a bit of power and focus from their movies.  It's not as apparent when they are sitting a bit further back from you in this scene, but things tend to get really one sided on the close ups.

Kimmy Granger and Adriana Chechik

"I've never had a cock that big n thiiiiick"

Back to the action, Adriana is brought in after a minute or so and the girls waste little time in breakin out your magic love stick.  

Grangerous Liaisons movie review
Grangerous Liaisons from BaDoinkVR

Nice frame fill/proximity

There are some nice 2 girl proximity plays in this one, with either girl approaching the rig for closer shots while the other is gettin busy down below and there seems to be an effort to keep the action up above your waist and present feeling.  The close up face screenshots don't look flattering typically so I capped more of the perspective angles with both girls downrange some here, but there is some nice intimacy incorporated here. No kissing or whispering for those that care. 

Adriana Chechik and Kimmy Granger at BaDoinkVR

Some sweet pussy grinding on your legs

The girls ditch their clothes next and both take a seat on your thighs for some tasty pussy grinding and dual jerking before Adriana raises herself up onto your chest for a medium close up view.  /distant sound of thunder

Adriana Chechik squirt

Got squirt?

Kimmy gets workin on Adriana's clit, who then almost instantly drenches you in her virtual squirt and you are gonna get wet in this one broseph, holy crap, camera gear be damned! I literally got like..... fake warmth signals as the squirt would hit my virtual face in this movie, lol.  

Adriana Chechik Grangerous Liaisons

Close up pussy eating

Squirt slurp follows and Kimmy then takes a closer seat on your chest where Adriana can lick her pussy directly in front of you for a great looking VR shot.

Grangerous Liaisons from BaDoinkVR movie

"Does that tight little cunt want to get fucked?"

...Adriana asks Kimmy but they decide the birthday girl always gets cock first and Adriana is the first to mount up in forward cowgirl with a nice hand assist from her bestie.

Adriana and Kimmy

"Yeeeess, I want to be opened up!"

Adriana gets goin, bringing Kimmy's head in close so that she can lick her pussy while you fuck her and it's not long until wave 2 of hot squirt hits you smack in the mask.

Adriana Chechik and Kimmy Granger virtual reality

Here's squirt in yer eye

Adriana erupts, the girls partake, and the crew busts out the squeegee on a quick cut edit, before it's back to the water works as Kimmy beats your dick against Adriana's clit.

Adriana Chechik Kimmy Granger at BaDoinkVR

Rinse and repeat...literally!

On the cowgirl positioning tip, there is a fair bit of closer action with Kimmy to the side that tightens things up nicely on presence in between dousings from Adriana from a more leaned back position.

Grangerous Liaisons movie from BaDoinkVR
Kimmy Granger Virtual fuck

​Kimmy Granger time

Kimmy hops on next in forward cowgirl at around the 18 minute mark to put her signature grind in on your shit.

Kimmy and Adriana

"Rub it while you fuck it!"

Adriana is laying back to your right side while Kimmy flicks the bean, and you are soon bathed in wave 3 of Miss Chechik's epic flow.

Adriana Chechik virtual squirting

Point blank

Kimmy continues her vigorous pole workout while Adriana repositions herself for maximum impact above your face and lets loose with wave 4, absolutely drenching you and the camera rig in pussy juice, and leaving you with temporary squirt-o-vision. "squeegee!"

Squirt on the lens
Kimmy Granger virtual cowgirl

"Did you like that? 2 girls cumming right on top of you?"

Another edit, another wipe down, and it's back to the action with Kimmy.

Grangerous Liaisons movie review BaDionkVR
BaDoinkVR Grangerous Liaisons

"Use my fuckin pussy to get that cock off"

A brief oral break while Kimmy fingers herself from the back before Adriana gets back on in reverse whilst Kimmy licks at her asshole.

Grangerous Liaisons from BaDoinkVR
Kimmy Granger and Adriana Chechik
Kimmy Granger virtual doggie


Action switches to a leaned back, kneeling perspective at around the 28 minute point, and the PoV kind of shits the bed at this point, with a down-tilted, bro-centric werewolf chest shot in the frame below you, and the sensation of being a little too close to yer VR junk.

All the action looks fine here in the sense of watching Kimmy go.... it's Kimmy Granger from behind... but if you are looking for a nice feeling VR PoV, this probably won't get ya there. Kimmy on the other hand, will get ya there either way with those damned hips.

Grangerous Liaisons with Kimmy and Adriana
Kimmy Granger and Adriana Chechik vr porn

"You want me to cum while watching you get fucked?"

You should know what to expect by now, as wave 5 of squirt cascades over you and into Kimmy's open mouth.

Adriana Chechik virtual doggie

"I wanna sit on that cock"

Adriana's turn for doggie next as she backs up on your glistening dick while Kimmy works herself from behind beside her. Another round of squirt please barkeep!

Adriana and Kimmy
Adriana Chechik virtual fuck

PoV gets more vertical

Adriana flips over for lap missionary at around the 35 minute mark and the PoV improves quite a bit here, as bro gets a lot more vertical behind a quick edit. It still feels a bit low, about nip level, but at least it's not so full o' bro down below and you are in a more reasonable fuck position. 

Adriana Chechik squirting

"Sit there and let me fuck it"

Adriana uses your cock for a few minutes more and the Chechik reservoir is far from dry as she lets loose with one of the biggest gushers of the scene, again, literally showering you with freshly squeezed pussy juice!

Virtual Squirting

And again!

BaDoinkVR Grangerous Liaisons

And again! lol.

Kimmy Granger wipes squirt

 There is actually soo much pussy juice flying at this point, Kimmy breaks the wall and wipes the rig down herself with her hand!

Squirt on camera

Which is pointless because Adriana just soaks you and the rig down......again.

Kimmy Granger VR porn

"You wanna take a turn?"

Kimmy gets back on and drives you home for the final minutes before you get to do some healthy squirting of your own, basting down both girls with yer man batter.

Grangerous Liaisons cumshot
Adriana Chechik and Kimmy Granger cumswap
Kimmy Granger and Adriana Chechik cumswapping

Cumswap cooldown

A minute or so of cumswapping, a quick VRCosplayX trailer, and a final scene tag featuring Adriana and Kimmy talking to the camera and Grangerous Liaisons fades to black.

Kimmy Granger and Adriana Chechik

Soaking wet VR!


So, wringing out the bedspread on this one! I thought it was a pretty great scene for fans of Kimmy Granger and Adriana Chechik and literally a squirt fans VR wet dream as I have never seen a VR rig basted quite like this before!  I always enjoy watching both women fuck in general and this 45 minute scene proved to be an awesome pairing.

On the pros beyond the obvious with the ladies, it's nice to see the audio finally clearing up at BaDoinkVR over the last couple of weeks releases and this is hopefully marking an end to the sub standard audio that has been marring productions for quite awhile now. ​

On the negatives, the lights are a little hot here, washing out Kimmy quite a bit in sections, and I wasn't a big fan of the kneeling PoV in the later section, but at least there was a reset that resulted in a more vertical orientation after awhile. The cam still felt a little too low and a bit too close to the dick, but that's really my only nitpicks for the scene.

Overall, the night was humid, the ladies were steamin, there was some nice chemistry and I totally enjoyed every minute of Grangerous Liaisons! 10/10​

Grangerous Liaisons from BaDoinkVR

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