Gettin’ Sweaty in the Boom Boom Room with Gracie May Green!

Gracie May Green in Where Credit's Due from WankzVR

Gracie May Green in Where Credit's Due from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  June 26, 2018
Running time: 55 minutes
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Where Credit's Due Preview
Notables:  Gracie May Green, Nice outdoor setup
Negatives:  Chin kisses, ultra close up mish, audio dips for direction
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Gracie May Green brings it!

Where Credit's Due

Sup dirty birds! Writing up a scene review today for Gracie May Green in Where Credit's Due, the latest release from WankzVR. I thought the trailer looked pretty good when I checked it out in the morning so I decided to dip into the full Gracie May Green VR experience today. 

Macie May Green in Where Credit's Due

Gracie May Green!

"Hey Professor! I was looking for you!"

Where Credit's Due starts off in a nice looking outdoor setup with you assuming the role of the pervy Professor and Gracie May Green your willing student who is looking to pull a little extra credit.

Macie May Green at WankzVR

Nice looking image

The opening shot is probably 50 or 60 feet deep and does a nice job at highlighting the recent rig improvements at WankzVR. I liked that the opening PoV felt a natural height, which helped to create a more authoritative vibe with shorter Gracie having to look up at me rather than eye to eye.

Gracie May Green in Where Credit's Due from WankzVR

"I know you have other students you......tutor"

Gracie has an immediate presence and does a great job with the opening dialog sequence. She tells you that she really needs some help studying and asks if there's some place the two of you could go while giving you a couple titty flashes.

Where Credit's Due from WankzVR

"I also heard you had a the gym we could go to" 

Macie May Green at WankzVR

"Girls said it was the 'boom boom room'!"

Gracie lays it on good n' thick and I'd have been headin' for the proverbial boom boom room myself at this point. Fuck it!

Macie May Green ass

Love to watch it go

The exterior shot ends up with Gracie walking off while giving you a flash of ass, telling you to meet up with her in 5 minutes and you next find yourself on your knees ready to chow some student lunchbox in the boom boom room.

Macie May Green boom boom room

" the "boom boom room????"

Gracie is about as blown away with the location as I was, and you initially find yourself in a tight to the...pad/mattress/couch thingy PoV that felt a little odd at first.

Macie May Green schoolgirl

"What are you already doing down there though?" 

That was until Gracie schootches her sweet pussy up a couple feet and then it feels right where you want it for some tasty virtual airlingus, which was a nice way to start the scene, with you eating her, instead of her eating you.

Macie May Green pussy
Macie May Green airlingus
Macie May Green squeezing ass
Macie May Green VR fuck

"Bring that big dick up here....stuff me up!"

Fucking gets started with a nice feeling upright missionary setup and you serve up your below-average-for-porn boomstick to Gracie May who's still rockin her schoolgirl outfit.

Macie May Green virtual
Macie May Green at WankzVR
Macie May Green virtual porn

"I'm sooo wet...can you feel me dripping down your dick??"

The solid feeling upright shot collapses into a pancake flat close up missionary PoV next with penetration visible below, and this one felt just a little too close to be comfortable viewing for this fapper.

Macie May Green missionary
Macie May Green close up missionary
Macie May Green VR missionary

"How do I feel squeezing on your dick, huh?"

Gracie May works some kisses in here during this section and the kisses at WanzkVR have felt a little off of the gold zone since swapping rigs a month back for me, with many of the kisses in this scene hitting right about on your virtual chin. 

Macie May Green choke

Choking section

There's a quick bit of choking incorporated during the close up missionary, which pretty much amounts to a disembodied hand sticking out of your virtual neck in this position, but Gracie doesn't seem to mind. 

Macie May Green at WankzVR
Macie May Green doggie

"I want you to fuck me from behind now....pound it!"

Setup switches to doggie at around 22 minutes in for what I thought was another solid feeling PoV and some sweet rear views of Gracie.

Macie May Green vr doggie
Macie May Green upright doggie

Upright doggie

There's some trademark WVR upright doggie incorporated during this section as well as some tasty swapping of positioning with Gracie's legs first between and then straddling yours for some variation in ass lines.

Macie May Green virtual doggie
Macie May Green

"Ohhhhh, I can feel your balls on my clit!"

It's during this section with Gracie's legs on the outside that I began to take more notice of what a great ass she's got as well as how easy she flushes after taking a couple light slaps to the cheeks!

Macie May Green

"Lay down, I want to ride your cock"

Gracie delivers a few more chin kisses to start the transition to cowgirl and direction seems to seize on the moment there smartly and holds up for about 30 seconds, as she is looking back at you with your dick in her hand for a nice looking shot.

Macie May Green licks dick

"Time for me to get a taste"

Action resumes from a flat on your back PoV and Gracie ditches the last of her clothing before hittin yer pipe for the first time in the movie, which felt cool/organic to me, when we often get it up front with the typical A,B,C scenarios.  

Macie May Green virtual ass eating

If 6 was 9

They work a virtual 69 type presentation in during this section, and from this angle and the following reverse cow footage, you can really begin to appreciate the delicious undercutt on Miss Gracie May's ass.

Macie May Green reverse cowgirl
Macie May Green virtual reality porn
Macie May Green

Gracie got dat Sasha Grey undercut goin' on

"I need this dick!"

Reverse cowgirl flows into forward facing action and Gracie May's starting to build up a heated sweat at this point.

Macie May Green sweaty

"You made my glasses steam up Professor!"

Macie May Green sweaty

"You wanna cum on my face?"

Macie May Green

"Oh....on my glasses........yer diiirty"

Last position of the movie finds you straddling Gracie as she lays under you working for that last bit of extra credit.

Macie May Green cumshot
Macie May Green licks cum from glasses
Macie May Green
Macie May Green

"I really do have Professor jizz in my eye!"

Gracie's adorable to the end, cruising out with some comedy commentary and trying to squint through the cum in her eye!

Gracie May rocks it for WankzVR!


Tidying up the Boom Boom Room, I was really diggin on Gracie May Green in Where Credit's Due. I thought she brought a lot of presence, energy and enthusiasm to the scene from start to finish, and she just had a really fun vibe about her.  She totally nailed the student/professor part for the scene, put in a solid fuck and I'll definitely be looking foward to seeing more of Miss Green in the future. She just makes me smile!

Beyond Gracie, I thought most of the PoV's were solid beyond the bit-too-close-for-my-tastes flat missionary shot and I enjoyed the way the scene developed from the exterior shot to the pussy eating setup then moving on to the fucking.  Wardrobe was on point and the glasses were also a nice touch, suiting Gracie's features well. 

Overall, I thought Where Credit's Due was a fun hour in VR with Gracie May Green at WankzVR and a scene that should hit it quite nicely for her fans. 9/10.  Gracie's a VR 10. 


Where Credit's Due with Gacie May Green from WankzVR!

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