Gotta Watch Your Eyes on the Construction Site! Slutty Stepsisters from WankzVR!

Slutty Stepsisters Featuring Lily Jordan and Ziggy Star from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  1/3/17
Running time: 66:00
Starring:  Lily Jordan, Ziggy Star
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Slutty Stepsisters Preview
Notables:  Lily, Ziggy, nice PoV's, standing fuck section
Negatives:  Frequent audio dips for direction/lines
Review Score: 9.5/10
5 words or less:  Look out below!

"Slutty Stepsisters"

Taking a look at the new January 3rd release from WankzVR today, Slutty Stepsisters starring Lily Jordan and Ziggy Star. I have been a fan of Lily Jordan's since her excellent scene at Real Teens VR dropped this summer, and had never seen Ziggy Star before so I was looking forward to checkin this one out as I get back to writing up scene reviews here in the new year.

lily jordan wankzvr 1

Lily Jordan!

ziggy star 2

Ziggy Star!

On the job

Setup finds you on the job at a house remodel and having been on many of those type jobs myself in the past, the setting feels all too familiar with paint cans and sheet rock/mud dust everywhere. It seems there are a couple of slutty young sisters about, along with some time to play while the poppa cats away, and it's not long before these two are making the predicktable moves on you.

slutty stepsisters 3
slutty stepsisters wankzvr 4

Lily rubs your shit on Ziggy's muff

Standing oral start

Ziggy goes to work on you first before Lily walks back in the room and there is around 12 minutes of oral action from a standing PoV to start things off before the girls help each other out of their clothes and Lily literally hops on for a ride.

wankzvr slutty stepsisters 5

Some nice standing action

Nice standing fuck

And I mean hops on for a ride, as I was anticipating a cut and reposition here, but nope,... Lily just climbs up n' fucks for a nice standing segment that brings you face to face with her right up against you for a minute or so before Ziggy helps out with some support from the side, a bit like the standing scene in Zombie Slayers. The shot drifts a bit at the border here due to the difficulty of the position, but it's a cool, adventurous VR shot and some nice close up time with Lily.

Move to seated position

Some Lily pussy-to-both-girls-mouths action and Ziggy suggests that you get comfy in a chair signaling your first position transition in the movie at around the 20 minute mark.

wankzvr lily jordan 6

Lap grind from Ziggy

Ziggy informs you she is going to "ride the fuck out of you", and gets on for some really sweet lap action that is less pogo and more grind, and I was feelin Ziggy's technique here with some nice balls deep lap riding.

lily ziggy wankzvr 7

Lovely Lily

PoV in this section is pretty decent feeling and Lily takes over for a ride after a bit as well, offering some great views of those perky pencil eraser nips of hers.

ziggy star wankzvr slutty stepsisters 8

Reverse cowgirl

Some close up pussy shots from Ziggy Star are followed up by some reverse cowgirl riding where you get a good look at her cute ass and 120 tramp stamp. Or is it 420?  You decide 🙂

slutty stepsisters vr porn 9

This section also features some nice cocked to the side action with Ziggy grinding away in your lap that comes off really nice in VR.

wankzvr virtual reality slutty stepsisters 10

Close up on Lily

Close ups of Lily's naughty bits follow as Ziggy-spit-on-your-shit-Star lubes from the side and Miss Jordan is on next for some lovely reverse cowgirl.

slutty sisters movie review 11

Can I lick your dick while it's in her pussy?

...says Ziggy as she goes in for a taste before giving Lily a helping hand and slapping her tiny little ass red.

virtual-doggy-wankzvr slutty stepsisters 12

Doggy time

Around 43 minutes in, the action transitions to a pretty nice feeling doggie shot on a blow up mattress that warps in, and Ziggy gives you the shake n' bake treatment with some tasty ass wiggling on your twig.

lily jordan virtual doggy wankzvr 14
ziggy star wankzvr 13

You get some time with Lily next in the same position as Ziggy forcibly drives her down on your shit from the side, even hopping up in front of you to drive Lily's ass down with her knees at one point.

slutty stepsisters from wankzvr 15

Sweet pillow

A nicely sized pillow/cusion shows up for the final transition to kneeling missionary, and someone was using their sharp pencil on set, cause this baby is just the right height and firmness for the job, not like those princess and a pea pillow piles you saw over at Real Teens VR this Summer.

wankzvr slutty stepsisters 16

Look out b-low

Popshot finds Lily nicely positioned (for us) below, with her head between your legs on walnut duty, and Ziggy above, ass back, ready to take your load in her mouth. This all feels pretty sweet with Lily down there tuggin yer nuts, but ole' LJ is getting ready to take a pelting for the team from spit-on-anything-flesh-colored-Ziggy, who: first hawks a force of habit goob on her forehead,(da fuq beeetch!) and then in an epic waterfall-cum-dribble-from-mouth-in front-of-your-face sequence, proceeds to dump your load square into Lily's open eye below from standing height, even managing a semi snarky "c'mon, catch it sis" quip! It's a pretty good time if your name isn't Lily Jordan's eyeball 🙂

slutty stepsisters cum wankzvr 17


Ziggy at least cleans sis up with her tounge afterward and both girls show off their swollen pussy's from behind before Lily bails for the eyewash station and Slutty Stepsisters comes to an end!

ziggy lily wankzvr 18

Freshly fucked

Bound to get some spackling in your eye on the construction site!


So, overall, I liked Slutty Stepsisters!  Pretty much a solid 2 girl Wankz scene and both girls gave a nice performance that should please their fans plenty. Highlights for me were the standing section, and all of the PoV's feeling pretty natural. The only real negatives for me, were the 36 or more audio dropouts to cover direction I counted on my trusty Assvengers clicker counter.  So there is some obvious line feeding going on in this one that detracts from the effect a bit but hey, they hire lesbians, not thespians!  Other than that minor nitpick, a great scene for Lily and Ziggy fans, nice job from all, and a bad day to draw the ball sucking straw at WankzVR! 9.5/10.

"Slutty Stepsisters" from WankzVR!

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