Czech VR Updates and Turns in One of the Best Scenes This Year! Good Housewife Always Swallows Featuring Samantha Rone!

Good Housewife Always Swallows Featuring Samantha Rone from Czech VR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  Czech VR
Release date:  10/7/2017
Running time: 33:09
Starring:  Samantha Rone
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Good Housewife Preview
Notables:  Samantha Rone's performance, lots of close up time, intimate, sexy, real, playing to the strengths of the medium
Negatives:  Hard tilt on opening setup
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  One of this years best

Good Housewife Always Swallows

     Sup bros! I'm circling back around to Good Housewife Always Swallows with Samantha Rone from Czech VR this week. I didn't get a chance to watch the scene when it first came out on October 7th, and given that this was a major release for Czech VR that saw them upgrading their image specs/setup, and the vibe I had gotten from Samantha when watching trailer when it came out, I wanted to make sure I checked this one out and I finally had some room on my plate today. The updated visuals look quite nice here, but that is honestly is really here nor there for me, as I am primarily concerned with the VR in my VR porn and in that respect, I thought this movie was one of the best productions and performances of 2017 so far. If you like your VR porn on the real side, rather than the porno vibe side, prefer GFE to PSE and like lots of face time, you won't want to miss this scene.  And if you are in the chomping at the bit for more pixels in your VR pron, this one will make you happy as well, provided you have the hardware to support the max res file. 

good housewife always swallows review

A word on the tech update:

This marks the first release from Czech VR made available in 5400x2700 resolution served in h.265 so if you have a new generation video card or an older nvidia 960 specifically, you should be able to fire this fucker up in all its crispy glory, at least up to the limits on current generation HMD's. You may need to try a different VR player or 2 but most are reporting smooth playback on new cards. This is a bit of a future proof spec, and hopefully we will see consumer gear this year such as the Pimax that will be able to take full advantage of this resolution. This update also marks a shift in terms of Czech VR's FoV, which is now open vertically, lending a more open feeling then their top and bottom border intrusions present in past setups and that is a welcome change in my book. 

Samantha Rone Czech VR

Samantha Rone!


Setup for Good Housewife has you home from work and your sweetie Samantha doin her thing in the kitchen, and that's really all the setup that is needed here in terms of plot mechanics, as that is pretty much what the scene "feels" like in the you came home from work and doinked your horny girl in the kitchen!

samantha rone virtual kiss

​Oddly tilted to start

The opening PoV is....odd, in that they have a very hard tilt going on the rig, that you can even see in my screenshots shot straight ahead.  With the new open vertical FoV I was able to restore my horizon via the player with out crashing the ceiling but there is that tilt-the-world factor going on here that is unfortunate as the tilt is kind of below Samantha's head level.  As well, the image appears to distort on this angle ever so slightly. 

samantha rone

​Ample close up face time

One of the things that a lot of VR fappers will like about this scene is the ample close up face time that is present throughout the movie, and while I won't screenshot much of it, as super close stuff looks bad in flat pictures, it feels GREAT in VR and for those that care about this metric, know that the focus you want is there in this video in abundance, even more than what I am showing you in screens.

samantha rone virtual reality

​Natural Performance

Samantha's awesome here, and it takes no time at all to just totally buy her performance and get into the scene. When she places her first kiss on you, it feels natural, sensual and just right.

samantha rone vr whispering

​Great audio/video

Technically, the scene looks and sounds amazing, with vivid colors, natural looking set conditions, and some really sweet audio that is both free from background compression hiss while also imparting a good bit of positional detail. When Samantha leans in on one side to whisper in your ear, the effect is authentic and powerful, where at other studios, she may as well be talking 2 feet in front of you.

Intimacy and proximity are both in prime focus here, and for me, this is the kind of stuff I fucking love in VR, because, other than a real life encounter, you cannot experience this in any other way at the moment. This all feels quite "real" and the more real it feels, the easier it is for you to suspend disbelief and surrender yourself to the experience.

samantha rone vr porn

"You ready for me to worship your cock for you?"

It's around 3 minutes in at this point of standing face to face with Samantha and I think her question above may have served as my zipper down moment, which would be kind of early for me, but this scene just had that go along with it vibe where it seemed pretty natural to get ma dick out, lol.  She really works the moment by teasing you instead of just dropping down for the boomchickwhawha and this, is playing to the strength of adult VR. It turns fast forward footage in 2d into genuinely provocative tension building footage in VR.

samantha rone blowjob

"You want me to suck it?"

Samantha finally mouths your cock around the 4 minute mark, and a commercial jet does a flyby overhead at the same moment that sounds pretty spectacular in showing off the audio fidelity, lol.

samantha rone vr porn
samantha rone vr porn

"Come use my little pussy"

Oral runs around 5 minutes before Samantha breaks out of her clothing and I am always a sucker for unitard type crotch buttons, lol. And...I just popped review wood! That's always a sign of a top notch scene in my book, hahaha. I watch them once, and then again later while I screenshot and write my walk-through and generally I'm too busy the 2nd time to get perked up, lol. 

samantha rone vr porn
samantha rone vr porn
samantha rone vr porn

"Are you gonna fuck me......and use me....and ruin my little pink hole?"

Action transitions up onto the kitchen counter at around the 11 minute mark, and while the screenshot angle trying to fit everything in framem is not particularly flattering here, it gives you a sense of the proximity involved and feels quite good in the mask.

samantha rone blowjob
samantha rone blowjob

​Slow, sexy pacing

Again, this is slow and sexy, not wham, bam, thank-ya-man, and Samantha spends a couple minutes just sexin it up, jerkin your dick and rubbing it on her pussy.  Teasing, again, instead of standard porno flow.  Tension building.  Anticipation.

samantha rone blowjob

"Let me tease your cock with my little pussy"

All the counter action here is pretty tasty and feels strong in the virtual sense. You get some mixed proximity of both Samantha's face to start and then some nice leg movement in front of you as well in your virtual space that lends a presence you can almost feel .

samantha rone blowjob

​Transparent edits

The few edits that are present in the scene are transparent transitions that are almost seamless and studios like WankzVR with their black cuts could borrow a page from the POST book here.

samantha rone blowjob
samantha rone blowjob
samantha rone blowjob

​Nicely framed cowgirl

The scene transitions next to cowgirl on the floor around 19 minutes in, and this is some smartly shot shit, where the camera is angled up to mimic what would be a more natural PoV on your back, and Samantha, keeps herself hanging over you where she should be for a shot like this, making for a great feeling virtual cowgirl section.

samantha rone blowjob

​Real life line of sight

The view you the view you get in real life. Ceiling. Not what we usually get for the last 4 years in VR...flat down the males chest looking at a blind spot.  Shooting an honest line of sight like this makes it feel "real".

samantha rone blowjob


There is some great lean in whispering employed here and for some reason I found just the close up detail of Samantha's lace choker to be quite sexy, and I can't say I have a thing for them at all one way or the other. Just there was something very sexy and feminine in the visual detail up close.

samantha rone blowjob

​Nice and close

There are some lean back sections that lend some perspective here on the dick and hole show, but overall the action is very close here and hard to screen shot for you, as it will either be her head up top or action below. And for me, in VR, I am happy to largely camp out up top. It's different than 2d porn in that way.  I am happy to just look at her facial expressions during a setup like this, there is plenty "woman"  there for me to "get off" on. 

samantha rone blowjob
samantha rone blowjob

​Reverse cowgirl

Samantha spins around at about the 23 minute mark to give you a look at her ass, and there are some tasty hands on cheek spreading shots from Samantha during this section as well as some sidesaddle action that always plays great in VR.

samantha rone blowjob
samantha rone blowjob

​Samantha is never far from you for long

Some oral is thrown in here, but Samantha never strays from your upper chest for long really, slinking up your body while stroking your wet cock and just keeping things very present and connected.

samantha rone blowjob

"Mmmmm baby, I can taste your fucking pre-cum"

The scene winds up with some great down the stretch sucking, jerking, stroking and coaching from Samantha building things up nicely till you dump your load entirely in Samantha's willing sealed mouth.

samantha rone blowjob

A good housewife takes every drop

samantha rone blowjob

​Drool n' slurp

Samantha shows off what she has collected for you and there are a couple of drool n slurp off your chest moments before she takes it all down the hatch like a good housewife and the scene fades out to black shortly after.

samantha rone blowjob

​One of the years best scenes for me


So, wrapping up Good Housewife Always Swallows, I thought it was one of the years best adult VR offerings and a great example of how to focus up specific VR elements such as intimacy and proximity into a provocative and tasteful adult virtual reality experience. If every studio in VR (WankzVR excluded) could shit out just one of these type scenes a month, I would be a happy camper, but as it  is, we are still waiting for other studios to get the message in terms of doing things that work for VR porn.....not just doing things that work for porn.  

​On the pro's, the image upgrade is great, that's kind of a given in my book and it's look to what type of visual quality we can expect to hopefully be fully supported by consumer HMD's in the coming year.  Both audio and video quality were top notch here and this movie serves as a fantastic example of state of the art VR porn in 2017.   Elements that many VR viewers ask for such as whispering, close up face time, intimacy, non porny vibes and kissing were all in abundance, and this is a scene that should ring those bells nicely if you dig that kind of VR porn.  As well, Samantha Rone was really solid and did an amazing job playing the part of a lusty housewife, without crossing over the line into pornstar territory.

On the negatives, not much there. I found the opening hard tilt pretty awkward looking, even if the goal was to center Samantha in the image, it fell short in that regard being tilted a bit below her head level.   This lends a tilt-the-world quality to the surroundings, distorts the image ever so slightly and makes for an awkward kissing angle for Samantha to hit, though she nails her mark in most cases.  Pulling the tilt out in the player works to level your horizon, but things still look a bit off, and I wonder why CVR decided on this setup, it kind of felt more like a Naughty America shot to me.  Other than that small gripe, there really wasn't much that took away from the scene on the tech side, and and lot's that added to it. ​

 Czech VR have had a hell of a year, and when I think of progression in VR, they are at the top of my list with Wankz, and are clearly leading the way on the hard tech side of things in late 2017.  This was awesome to have a star that speaks fluent English in Samantha Rone at Czech VR and you can sense how much more they would be able to flesh out their scenes for a western audience were they able to shoot U.S. talent more often.  All in all an amazing effort from Czech VR and Samantha Rone and one of the more memorable scenes this year for me on VEEE ARRRR POWA! 🙂  10/10

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Good Housewife Always Swallows from Czech VR!

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