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"Girl Next Door" from WankzVR : Movie Review

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig player

Review Score 4/10

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"Girl Next Door"

*Preview Below*

Girl Next Door is a new May 2016 release from WankzVR starring Mackenzie Lohan and clocking in at 42 minutes.  This is the 4th movie from WankzVR featuring fixes to their original camera setup and while the original issues of world scale and distortion have thankfully been fully resolved, WankzVR is not out of the woods yet on technical issues, as this movie illustrates.

Peeping Tom

The scene starts off outdoors on a bright sunny day and finds you creeping in the bushes observing Mackenzie as she tries to get into her house that she has been locked out of.  I have often thought of the peeping Tom setup being a natural for VR and the setting is cool, but the shot is essentially horrible looking as everything is much to far in front of you and this kind of thing would have to be done from a closet or window frame with action right in front of the camera to be effective at current resolutions.  But, points for a good setup.

WankzVR Girl Next Door Movie Review

This shot, while cool, looks pretty awful in your display.

I like all the extra shit in the shot though for making the 3d effect pop, all the leaves and shit blowing around in the wind is great, but a couple minutes in, you find a twig right in your line of sight blowing in the wind, and this was so off putting, I would up fast forwarding the shot, and that would unfortunately not be the last time I would employ the ffwd button on this one, which is something I typically never do with VR porn.

Mackenzie Lohan WankzVR

This looks much better in the screen shot than it does on an HMD, where this action is simply set way to far back to be enjoyed

During this peeping section, you are watching Mackenzie as she decides to get some tanning in while she waits to get into the house, and she runs through various poses , which are unfortunately set way to far back from the camera to be effective.  WankzVR seems to be fond of these long distance setup shots and I would encourage them to get away from them, as they look like shit in VR and wind up being filler shots that actually focus your attention onto things like the horribly washed out color and overall lack of clarity in WankzVR movies so far.

The kind of shots result in a raging screen door effect right now and should be avoided in my estimation until technology advances some here.  It is playing to the absolute weakness in VR, and not the strengths, so why incorporate it for 5 minute setup shots?

Girl Next Door Movie Review

This last few seconds of the first 5 minutes is about the only viable footage in VR, other than the shrubbery, like the branch in your face here.

Scene change to a reasonable distance

So, 5 minutes into this, you finally get a scene change when Mackenzie busts you out in the weeds and you next find yourself seated on some outdoor furniture on the porch with Mackenzie naked in front of you, askin you what you were doing in the bushes.  The shot, as you can see in screen shots below, is overexposed to the point of being laughable.  I was an audio major, with some video classes thrown in, so I am no expert, but I seem to remember always having to white balance the shot or some shit for shoots like this or just in general.

Mackenzie looks fine in front of you, and the furniture and stuff is cool for some added 3d effect to the environment, but everything in the background is a blinding wall of white, and fairly unacceptable in ANY professionally shot video. The environment is cool, with wind blowing in chimes and lots to look at in the shot and the audio is detailed and present.

Mackenzie asks you if you want to finger her and in the first of a couple shots, introduces the guys hand into the frame, which will be a downer for many that don't like hands in first person, and you get quite a bit of fingering from both the front and back in this section, so get used to hands being in the shot, or a hand I should say.

Mackenzie Lohan 1

Hands in shot and Mackenzie looking at the guy, not you

"You wanna finger me?"

Presenting her ass to you, Mackenzie asks you if you want to finger her and there a couple more minutes of this action before she gets to suckin on your dick around 10 minutes into the movie. This section was pretty dry for me, the oral is meh, and Mackenzie spends A LOT of time looking at both the guy, who is well below your field of view, and off screen direction, resulting in 3 different sets of eye contact, that makes you feel like one of many in the room, not by yourself with Mackenzie.

Mackenzie Lohan VR

Who you lookin at Mac?

The first oral section lasts a few minutes before Mackenzie turns around and lowers herself onto your cock, finally getting to some fucking 15 minutes into this thing.  This position lasts for around 4 to 5 minutes before another round of sucking followed by forward cowgirl.

Mackenzie Lohan Virtual Fuck

Mackenzie is definitely super cute with a great body but you can see how out of alignment you are with the male torso here, and if you look down, you can see dudes chin!

"Grab my ass"

Yep. So you get another hand in the frame here, sorry hands guys.  Mackenzie is super fucking cute, but I was rocking zero chub at this point, and I am pretty easy.  There is zero intimacy to the cowgirl section, and I could point to a dozen scenes without even thinking that are much better in the VR sense at capturing this.  The entire scene in fact, I felt more in 3rd person than first person, and this gets amplified all the more in the second half of the movie.

Mackenzie Lohan Virtual Cowgirl

The whole cowgirl section lacks intimacy unfortunately

After a few minutes, there is yet more sucking and Mackenzie gets on for round 2 of forward cowgirl, which pretty much had me on ffwd at this point. /yawn.

30 minutes in like clockwork, the scene changes shots and we get WankzVR's patented "eye-in-the-sky" doggie shot that I am just over at this point.  They HAVE to get this shot worked out, as it is a major fail right now.  You literally feel like your head is 12" to 18" too tall. You feel like you are in 3rd person, as there is no way your brain can reconcile this perspective into something convincing.  This was prevalent in Bathtime with CeCe as well as Big Black (limp) CockVR.

Mackenzie Lohan Virtual Doggie

The camera is placed much to high here

It pretty much ruins these shots from me, which is unfortunate.  It is literally the worst doggie shot in the industry right now in my estimation.  I fast forwarded all of this until the switch to missionary at 37 minutes, which then lasts the duration.  But the camera is still at this unnaturally high position, so fastforward to cumshot for me.

Mackenzie Lohan missionary

I felt more in a 3rd person perspective in this section, and much to far from the action below me.

You get the typical jerk shot at the end, nothing to write home about and Girl Next Door is over.....and at 42 minutes, reduced to about 30 by me, I was glad.  Sorry Mackenzie....wasn't your fault.

Wrappin it Up

Soooo, ...yawn.  This one was like watching low resolution paint dry for me, just, ....there are tons of better scenes out there, nothing at all to note really other than the technical shortcomings, which continue to outshine the production at this point for me.  WankzVR HAS to fix the height of the is too high in many shots and causes you to disconnect from the scene.  You just feel like an observer, not a participant, and if you are shooting 1st person VR porn, that is a FAIL.

Image clarity is easily at the bottom of the list of VR studios right now, with every other major VR studio beating WankzVR handily in this department.  The level of whitewash in the outdoor shot was inexcusable and unprofessional.  People are paying for this content. Leave the experiments in your editing room.  

Quick Image Comparison
wankzvr image quality

Very similar shots in sunlight, notice how you are in line with your torso and the girl for proper POV in the shot from BaDoinkVR at the right where you are MUCH too high in the WankzVR shot.  How could that be the view from your head?  She is looking at his head right there!

Zenda Sexy image comparision

While overexposed, look how sharp everything looks at BaDoinkVR in contrast to the WankzVR blur that is in every scene so far.  When Zenda looks at the camera, she is in line with your face.

Speaking of the editing room, WankzVR quick cut edits are TERRIBLE.  In this scene as well as the last WankzVR movie I watched, you all of a sudden get a cut shot and you are already fucking the chick.  It is sooo disjointed and ruins pacing, and the only other studio doing these really bad edits is HoloGirlsVR right now, who seem to like to keep their movies 20 mins and under at the expense of continuity.  You don't even get to watch her put your cock in, you just get a cut edit and next thing you know, you're fucking.  Absolutely kills immersion and why it needs to occur, other than for technical issues, in a 40 minute movie is beyond me.

I am going to rate this one a 4/10.  The scene was mechanical, uninspired, and not a good representation of VR Porn in the least.  The 4 points are for Mackenzie.  She is super cute, and the score does not reflect her performance, other than eye contact with the guy and direction from behind the camera, which she could have been coached not to do, not necessarily her fault.  Just having the camera aligned with the male body properly would solve much of that.  There was zero intimacy here due to lack of proximity to Mackenzie,  and the technical shortcoming were on full display detracting from the scene in the end, especially the overly high position of the camera and overexposure in sunlight.

Unfortunately, I get the impression WankzVR shoots a ton of these things over a short period of time and then looks for flaws later, so I expect to continue to see these shots in the short term.  Come on WankzVR....shooting VR porn is not just about setting up a VR cam and hiring a hot girl.  Stop shooting action 15 feet in front of your cameras and fix the camera height and torso alignment.   During the cowgirl, if you looked down, you could see the guys chin in the shot, wayyyyyyy below you.  /facepalm.  The first shot was too far back, the second shot was totally washed out and torso was unnaturally low, and the 3rd shot was set waaaay to high.  That does not make for a very watchable movie or enjoyable VR experience!   It is about making the viewer feel they are WITH the girl, not just observing her.  I would ease up a bit, if this were not the what, 27th WankzVR release?  Stop wasting this amazing talent!

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