Getting Lucky on St. Patty’s Day with Lilyan Red!

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Redhead St. Patty's Day magic with Lilyan Red in "Getting Lucky"

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: DK2 with Whirligig player.

Review Score 9/10

"Getting Lucky"

Today, we will be reviewing the new march 17th release of "Getting Lucky" from BaDoinkVR.  This movie comes in at 26 minutes and features the new shooting techniques that BaDoinkVR debuted in the hugely touted Heart Shaped Ass release from a few weeks back.  As Heart Shaped Ass was a clear jump forward in VR porn image quality, I was really interested to see another movie shot with the same tech, and this one did not disappoint!

Amazing Setting

​BaDoinkVR really shine on the sets that they use for their Virtual Reality porn shoots, and for me, offer some of the highest production values in this department.  It's VR,... I don't want to feel like I am in a cheap hotel room.  It is cool to be in a huge space like this one, looking out the window at the view below, and it really adds a great deal of depth to the whole experience.   This is the same house/apt that the Heart Shaped Ass scene was filmed in.

This room is amazing, there is a huge fucking palm tree to your left, a stunning view out the balcony, some crazy ass modern art giant white eggs out the window, and a huge black glass table in front of you with green clovers laying on it. Before you ever even get to Lilyan Red, you are taken aback by the clarity and detail of the setting.

Starting Off

Lilyan starts rambling on in Spanish about something or another and then....holy production values Batman!  An actual transition effect in editing!  Nice to see these types of things creeping into VR shoots.  So you get this classic, kind of dream sequence transition effect and Lilyan is back, seated on the table in front of you once again, showing you her cell phone. 

On a VR level, this works well.  It is filler, but filler that fits and adds a bit of extra to the experience.  Since I no habla, I don't know what the hell it all signified, some sort of Leprechan magic, but the next thing you know, Lilyan has her sweet crotch fully exposed to you on the table and it is time to get things poppin!

Lilyan Red spread

Lilyan shows you her pot o' gold!

Time to Get Lucky

Lilyan begins to rub her pussy in front of you, going back and forth to her mouth with her fingers to grab some extra lubage, and she looks really good here, working her sexy box and teasing her finger lightly over her pussy lips. You are struck by the colors on her outfit, her lipstick and hair, the sun shining off her thigh, and the VR force is strong here!

Lilyan is one of those women I could watch finger themselves all day, as she really gets into it, but soon she is spinning around on the table so that she can better reach your cock for some warm ups. You get a slight camera shift here to standing position and you are now looking down a bit on Lilyan as she grabs your cock and puts it in her eager mouth and she is a treat to watch work on your dick.

Lilyan Red Table Suck

Lilyan sucking you off

The next section is a bit wonky for a couple of reasons: One, our stunt cock, seems to have performance anxiety and is in definite limp noodle status as coitus is ready to begin. We get that whole, try to stuff the limp noodle in the honey hole scenario for a min, and thankfully, limp Willie seems to feel somewhat more revived once inside Lilyan's pot o' gold. The other issue is a table squeak reflected off hard flooring that will rip your ear out. Other than that, Lilyan sure looks tasty getting fucked in this position in front of you, and it is not long to the next cut.

Lilyan Red Getting Lucky

Lilyan looking hot on her back

​Scene Change

Next you get a scene change and find yourself laying back on a black couch or something and Lilyan is once again disrobing in front of you.  I lost something in the no habla, some Patty's day themed magic....but in no time, we are back to suckin n fuckin!

Lilyan Red oral

A second time around

You get a slightly longer time in Lilyan's mouth this 2nd time around, and she looks really good here.  After a few minutes sucking and jerking your cock off, Lilyan mounts up reverse doggy, and proceeds to give your cock a MILKING, working her hips like a champ, she can really fuck and the sunshine coming into the shot makes things just pop.

Lilyan Red reverse cowgirl

BaDoinkVR's new shooting tech really shines again in this movie

Cowgirl Time

You get a couple mins each of forward and backward cowgirl, with lots of nice closeups when Lilyan is in forward.  The scene finishes up with Lilyan jerking you off and it is all handjob, no mouth, with Lilyan only going in for a tip lick when your load has run down your cock.

Lilyan Red Handjob

Lilyan gives you a hand unloading

Time for another one of those groovy transition effects and another quick bit of Spanish dialog and Getting Lucky is a wrap.

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A New Visual Standard in VR porn

To sum it up, we were really stoked on this one from a technical standpoint and feel like BaDoinkVR have thrown down the gauntlet on image quality for others to chase with titles like this one and Heart Shaped Ass that point to a new level of crispness and clarity in early VR porn. Lilyan was a real pleasure to watch, and i would recommend this scene to anyone who likes redheads, impressive VR quality and a nice sunny romp in VR on Patty's day! 9/10.

Getting Lucky from BaDoinkVR!

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