Georgia Jones VR! Levitating Missionary at BabeVR with Georgia on My Mind!

Georgia Jones Featured in Georgia on My Mind from BabeVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  BabeVR
Release date:  7/4/2018
Running time: 35 minutes
Starring:  Georgia Jones
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or Georgia on My Mind Preview
Notables:  Georgia Jones VR, New "missionary" type shot, Great VR kisses, Pretty much a GFE
Negatives:  Awful lighting/color balance in 2nd half
Review Score: 7/10 on tech, 10/10 on talent
5 words or less:  Georgia Jones kills it
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Georgia on My Mind

     Sup yall! Hope everyone had a fun 4th, I got some much needed chillaxin and time in the sun in here. Getting back to movies and just checked out the latest release from BabeVR, Georgia on my Mind featuring some Georgia Jones VR.  I was too busy with the holidays and missed Georgia's special X-mas solo scene for WankzVR in 2016 and there looked to be a new, odd looking missionary shot in the last couple BabeVR trailers so I wanted to give this one a peep. While I'm not sure about the new missionary shot in this one in terms of height..... Georgia Jones fuckin killed it I thought, turning in one of my favorite VR performances this year and turning this scene into a legit Solo GFE.

Georgia Jones VR

Georgia Jones! Rawr!

Levitating Missionary

Georgia on my mind opens up with a new shot for BabeVR, and pretty much a new shot for VR porn in general! It's a flat horizontal missionary setup....but you are raised above Georgia at probably about an arms length in height, which feels pretty trippy in VR, because you get this sensation of kind of levitating above her, with the sensation of VR gravity kind of wanting to pull you down, kind of like when the ride gets stuck upside down for a minute at the carnival.  

Georgia Jones VR porn

Funny feeling PoV

Georgia is talking to you like you are just hanging out up there too, which is pretty funny feeling to start with.  Like.... ya.....just hangin out up here, 3 feet above ya, laying flat! Sup! 

Georgia on My Mind scene review

Georgia looks great

Aside from the much too far PoV feeling, Georgia looks really nice against the red couch backdrop, and she immediately just sells the shit. She's like..... OK, the cam is way up there, whatever....lets rock this shit!

Georgia Jones virtual reality from BabeVR

Loopworthy 1st section

If this section were like half the  Because Georgia's performance in the first half here is pretty amazing, and her eyes, against this backdrop and lighting, just pop out at times as compared to the 2nd half of the scene where it becomes much harder to see them.  This shot would be every bit as good as any BG face only missionary setup and shows how BabeVR could easily adopt the mish shot for their solo scenes with a little tweak on the distance and angle. 

Georgia Jones at BabeVR

"My pussy missed you"

Georgia loses her bottoms and goes to work loosening up the kitty and seriously....for guys that like what the missionary shot offers, if this had been like 18" closer into a believable PoV space, and Georgia rings your bell.... it's kind of a holy fuckworthy performance, in terms of eye contact, and playing to the camera like it's a person. Girls got it or they don't. Georgia's got it. 

Georgia Jones virtual
Georgia Jones masturbating

Nice view

The overall view is pretty sexy in that you can clearly see the perspective shot looking down while Georgia is fingering herself, so in that sense, it is a nice looking shot, but it just kind of fails from the 1st person VR kind of thing as a PoV your brain can easily buy into. 

Georgia Jones virtual missionary

Solo GFE

This scene is pretty much full on VR GFE....without the stunt dick. I mean, everything you want in a GFE is here, in spades. 

Georgia Jones virtual reality porn

"Ya.... take your cock out, let me see. Touch yourself with me."

Georgia incorporates some really lite JOI type talk during this section and the opening half of the scene turns into a you-hover-up-there and we will both masturbate together kind of a deal.

Georgia On My Mind

Rare air

For me, this was one of those rare scenes where just the eye contact alone was intoxicating.  In much the same way as Elena Koshka, Nikitta Diamond or Sasha Heart kind of seem to be able to look beyond the camera interface and bridge that gap into something that feels very human and real, like they are looking RIGHT at you, Georgia makes the same type of connection here with her beautifully expressive eyes. 

Georgia Jones solo
Georgia Jones BabeVR scene

Natural feeling

Right down to the out-of-the-park VR kissing, which comes later on in the scene, there's nothing that feels forced or phoney and it's quite easy to get lost in the virtual moment with Georgia Jones.

Georgia On My Mind movie review

Scene transition

The opening runs right at 10 minutes before the action swaps to an upright PoV, with Georgia oddly walking back into the room on the transition and taking a minute or so to get back in the swing of things. 

Georgia Jones handjob

Unfortunately, the lighting/color ballance takes a significant dive for the worse in this section

Dat lighting though

The unfortunate part about the next 25 minutes, and really the only significant flaw in the scene, is that the lighting/color balance goes to shit here, and Georgia goes from looking spectacular in the first 10 minutes, to being cast in a quite an unflattering light, which was a shame after looking so good in the warmup previously.

Georgia Jones solo

As you can see, Georgia looks fuckin awesome in her studio stills on a blood red background with honest flesh tones

Georgia Jones porn

As opposed to the terrible color balance here with hyped up reds n' pinks which significantly alters the way Georgia's eyes and lips appear in particular. She looks like she got super baked between the 1st and 2nd setups! lol

Bit like two different girls

For every bit Georgia's eyes popped in the first shot, they are unfortunately washed out in a weird blend of shadows and over-pink highlights in the second section here. It almost looks like 2 different girls, the contrast in lighting is that severe.  The effect is so bad, I am limiting my screenshots of this 25 minute portion of the movie, because I really hate publishing bad looking VR screens of beautiful women. 

Georgia Jones virtual cowgirl

Whispering and pussy eating

There are several attempts at whispering during the 2nd half of the scene here but the audio is pretty limp in this regard, with very little close up effect being present. It's actually even a bit harder to hear Georgia during the whispering, instead of that nice, hot, in your hear type effect.


A couple of minutes of virtual pussy munching does not fair well either with the rig being a bit high for Georgia to get up to, but it winds up being in the perfect spot for the upcoming doll sexins.

Georgia Jones

Kissing is on POINT

The kissing in this section however is REALLY good, and probably about as close to virtually making out with someone as you are going to get. Georgia just nails it, not just in terms of placement, but timing and making it feel like a genuine kiss, and it's not every scene that you get this good a virtual sensation from the kissing effect. It's more about how she comes in and out of your personal space with the right timing that completely sells it. 

Torso positioning works well

The positioning of the torso in this scene winds up working perfectly. Due to the way the couch cushions kind of slope off below, the torso—which is typically flat and higher profile in the BabeVR cowgirl shots— is angled down slightly here, dropping off nicely away from the field of view and offering up a realistic feeling virtual cowgirl ride when skimming above to Georgia. 

Georgia Jones virtual fuck


Reverse cowgirl fares a little better in lighting department in terms of facial features and again, the slightly lower profile torso enhances things a bit more than the standard flat shot it seemed like to me.

Georgia Jones

Reverse creampie ending

"I want you to come inside of me"

Last couple minutes feature solid creampie coaching from Georgia, followed up by a fairly convincing, my-pussy-is-full-of-cum-i-need-to-go-cleanup routine to finish the scene along with a quick you just fucked me at BabeVR tag at the end. 

Georgia Jones
Georgia Jones at BabeVR

"You just fucked me at BabeVR"

Killer performance, shitty lighting


Wrapping it up, I was pretty stoked on the Georgia Jones VR experience here and I could probably just loop the opening 10 minutes with her, which was the best portion for me in terms of lighting and capturing her facial expressions and vibe, other than the odd feeling height of the shot. 

On the highlights, I thought Georgia did an amazing job of pulling off a solo GFE essentially, and everything was perfect in that regard from the dialog, to her tender and confident well timed kisses. The placement of the cushions on the couch just happened to make for a shallower torso presentation than normal at BabeVR, and this effect enhanced the fucking section of the movie nicely.

I'm also glad to see BabeVR mix it up by finally using a missionary shot, and while this one seems quite a bit on the high side for my tastes, you could see where if they just dropped it down 18" or so, this would have been a really powerful intro in the first person sense of things and something BabeVR could easily mix into the shot bag for a percentage of the scenes. BaDoinkVR doesn't really have a close up missionary shot, so it's good to see them trying to get in the neighborhood here at BabeVR.

On the bad side, lighting/color correction just looked plain awful during the 2nd half of the movie.  BabeVR have been fighting this hot pink saturation in many of the last scenes I have watched or reviewed, so it will be good to see them work this issue out on future shoots. It's really one of the only weak links at BabeVR, the fact that the lighting/color has often been either bleaching the girls out, or, after some corrections were made to combat that problem, are now bringing out the pinks artificially it seems in the image. As well, audio for the close up whispering was lacking in any real effect of proximity and focus into the "ear" like a good setup can yield.

Lighting/color balance issues aside, Georgia on my Mind offered up another one of my favorite performances this year from Georgia Jones and BabeVR and I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying the solo formula with many of the BabeVR scenes, when I have really not been much of a solo guy for the last 4 years in VR. 7/10 on bad lighting/color balance for the bulk of the scene, Georgia Jones VR 10/10, fuckin' loved her.


Georgia on My Mind from BabeVR!

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