Your Queen Elsa Jean Demands Your Barbarian Load in Game of Moans from WankzVR!

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Game of Moans featuring Elsa Jean from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with Whirligig

Review Score 10/10

"Game of Moans"

Game of Moans is an August 2nd, 2016 release from the current kings of virtual reality smut, WankzVR.  Anticipation for Game of Moans has been building up for a bit since Elsa Jean dropped a set pic on Instagram a couple weeks back dressed as Daenerys Targaryen and quite a few of us have been waiting to see what WankzVR had cooked up this time.  This one features a /GASP, credit roll, a dreamy fuck scene with your Khaleesi and DRAGONS so unsheathe your sword, don your barbarian goatee & armbands and prepare for Game of Moans!

Game of Moans WankVR credit

Schnazzy!,... a credit roll!

The movie starts off with an ace credit roll complete with music, that slaps you in the face immediately with how much we are currently lacking in such basic production values in VR Porn right now.  It is a nice bit of flava right off the bat and indicative of the kinds of things that set WankzVR apart from the pack currently.

The credit roll ends and you find yourself in a lush Bedouin tent kind of setting with your Khaleesi, super cutie Elsa Jean.  The set looks amazing for a VR porn scene and Elsa Jean is pretty fuckin funny as she starts to run her lines talking about "the Mother of Orgasms" &"the Breaker of Balls" and the half dragon half/half rooster/half 70's Godzilla sound effect is fuckin funny shit in the background.

Elsa Jean WankzVR

Your Khaleesi awaits you

Elsa Dream Jean

Lighting on Elsa is a bit bright just in the opening minutes and not sure if it might cause godrays on CV1 but it totally serves the dreamlike setup.  The opening vibe is really fun with ambient sound effects and Elsa Jeans adequate delivery.  Before you know it, you are standing in front of your queen who is stroking your sword while coming in nice and close for some face time and kissing, which overall land pretty well in this movie.

Elsa Jean Game of Bones

Don't get any clam dip on your beard!

"Mmmmmm, your dick's so hard for me"

Your queen asks for you to lay down with her on the floor, and you next find yourself with Elsa Jean's plump pussy right in your face and a fucking hilarious pony tail barbarian beard that keeps croppin up in the shot like a dust broom until Elsa tucks it aside. Elsa's pussy looks sweet here while she rubs and fingers it at point blank range, offering up her fingers and telling you to taste her.

"You wanna eat my ass don't you"

My queen backed up her royal ass next, and I had an amazing view,...I was just about ready to take my Khaleesi up on her tasty snack offer, when some other barbarian reached in to spread her Lilly for me!

Elsa Jean Game of Moans Virtual Reality

BE the hands D....

BE the hands...

Sensing a disturbance in the VR force, I then recalled a recent stay in Dagobah, where I had been approached by a wise Jedi, Obi-Wan Lifestyles, who had seen me struggling with my light saber often during these types of moments in VR porn, and his sage advice was to use the become the hands.  BE THE HANDS young Jedi. I focused his words and summoned all of my chi, channeled all of my inner VR strength to my hands, which I then raised up to grab that glorious ass just in front of me... this time i was going to feel the force dammit!

At which point my hands collided with my VR mask leaving my inner Jedi crushed!  Perhaps the force is just not strong with this one...

Elsa Jean

I actually "felt" her ass more in this shot than the last

Fuck that Jedi shit, let our Khaleesi take over

My queen soon began groping her own ass though, thus recharging my force, and I actually found myself thinking I had a better sense of her asscheecks with her squeezing them here.   Dude hands are only in for a few seconds, and you get a great shot of Elsa Jean's tight little hole and some awesome up close time with dat ass after, where you can still nomnomnom if you want.

Game of Moans

Daenerys oils up your sword

​Cowgirls n critters

Elsa hops on for some rear facing cowgirl to start things off and her ass looks super here.  It's a nice view, while feeling a bit distant at the same time but it's also cool that Wankz leaves some clothes on for the fuckings. Your barbarian goatee also makes a return appearance here, like some wiry animal tail wagging in front of you, but is at least as comedic as it is distracting.

Elsa Jean Wankz VR Movie

Barbarian Style

When I rock these armbands, I fuck like a beast!

The face away cowgirl goes on for 7 full minutes and just about as I was feeling like i was in a BaDoink production, my queen thankfully raised her ass up and bent over for some nice sword swallowing action. This is followed up by some closer up, forward barbarian grip cowgirl and a nice profile sideways oral section.

Game of Moans WankzVR 1

Sideways profile shot is nice

"I want you to fuck me till you cum..."

...Says Elsa with all the conviction of Seth Rogan in Zack n Miri and things move on to a standing missionary position. This section was probably my favorite of the fuckin with Elsa looking great and feeling present, in the only portion of the movie where you really get to look into her eyes directly while fucking her.

Elsa Jean WankzVR Game

Probably my favorite position in Game of Moans

Give me your barbarian load

After a few minutes, your Khaleesi demands your barbarian load, leading you to splatter her with man batter with a satisfying cum dump on her royal chest and there is still yet another couple of minutes left in the movie for things to slowly wind down.  

Elsa Jean WankzVR moans

As you wish my lady 🙂

Ending minutes some of the best of the movie

This section in fact sports the best kissing in Game of Moans, and I found myself really enjoying the last couple of minutes as one of the stronger sections of the movie.  I wont spoil it by commenting all over it, but there are a few things of interest after you spill your man gravy in this one. There's even DRAGONZZZZ!

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Game of Owns

Another stellar production from the folks at WankzVR and a really great Elsa Jean VR scene.  No other studio in Virtual Reality is taking their productions to this level & WankzVR ensures that their movies take viewers someplace different every time with the locations themselves often lending added character to the scenes.  I really liked the opening, the standing and jerking up front, and loved the reclined missionary in the last section, while the cowgirl section felt a bit long winded at some point, and lacked the fire of say Kristen Scott's never-let-this-cowgirl-end fuck from last week. Perhaps it was the 7 minutes of lean-away cowgirl that diluted the connection a bit in the middle despite loving the rear view generally, but the scene resumed steam for me by the end, and I really enjoyed the additional minutes after the deed was done.  There is even a section for footies in this one.  I would recommend this movie to any Elsa Jean fan, fans of Cosplay, Game of Thrones nerds and viewers that enjoy a bit of extra production value in their VR Porn.  More 10 Star VR from WankzVR! 10/10. 

"Game of Moans from WankzVR

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