Paige Owens Featured in Full Paige Spread from WankzVR!

Paige Owens Featured in Full Paige Spread from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio: WankzVR
Release date:  July 31, 2018
Running time: 52:00
Starring:  Paige Owens
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or ​here
Notables:   Paige Owens, Solid PoV's, Tilted cow shot, Stripper pole
Negatives:  Small spot on lens
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Quality VR porn scene

Full Paige Spread

Sup guys! Throwing up a quick scene review for Full Paige Spread, the July 31st release from WankzVR featuring Paige Owens.  This excellent scene wound up getting my vote for movie of the month at the last moment in July so I wanted to make sure to get a review up for it this weekend .  

Paige Owens

Paige Owens!


Setup for Full Paige Spread has you planning a birthday party for your girl and the 2 of you have arrived early to check out the location. Paige is a total cutie from jump and sets the scene up nicely outside here.

Paige Owens WankzVR
Paige Owens VR porn


On the tech side, still lovin the new WVR camera setup which sees screenshots for this previously utilized WankzVR location looking crisp and clean for the first time.

Paige Owens blowjob

You can see a slight blur on the lens here on the far left base cabinet

Spot o' shit on the lens

The only tech blemish here is a little dot of smutz on one of the camera lenses that produces a small blurry spot in the image, more noticeable when Paige is close to the rig, say for a kissing sequence where it can blur portions of her facial features on the left.

Paige Owens stripper pole

Stripper Pole setup

The 3rd location of the scene features a rotating stripper pole located in a well lit room and Paige looks fantastic against this backdrop while givin you a bit of a pole dance prior to a nice feeling upright fuck where she can utilize the pole for support.

Paige Owens
Paige Owens ass
Paige Owens standing fuck

Great standing PoV

The standing section here was one of my favorite parts of the movie allowing for Paige to lean back into you nicely for a choice feeling VR shot.

Paige does an effortless job with the transitional elements of the scene, motioning you off to the next location between setups

Paige Owens virtual

Improved cowgirl angle

Full Paige Spread sees WankzVR catering to fan requests with the inclusion of an upwards tilt on the rig for this cowgirl section here, which many viewers have pointed out provides a more realistic feeling PoV, and gives the girls a chance to play around with proximity without fear of breaking frame on the top border, or the shot being set dead ahead on the titties.  

Paige Owens close up cowgirl

Good to see WVR gettin wit the times

I'll give BaDoinkVR VRCosplayX the credit for being pretty much the first ones to start doing this on flat cowgirl shots a good year and a half ago, and then Czech VR taking it a step further in 2018 with an even more laid back angle on the rig so it's good to see Wankz working this popular shot into their trick bag and there are some really nice up close VR moments with Paige to be had here in this section.

Outdoor lawn setup

Action moves outside to the lawn for the 5th location of the movie and this was another solid feeling setup for me in terms of PoV and fuckins. 

Paige Owens bar stool fuck

Bar stool finish

The last setup of the scene features a solid feeling legs up bar stool fuck that comes together really well and was another favorite moment for me from a PoV and positioning standpoint. 

Paige Owens cumshot

Paige Owens rocks it for WankzVR!


Wrapping up Full Paige Spread, I thought Paige Owens rocked it for her first scene for WankzVR and I felt like this was a great representation of a VR porn scene in Summer 2018. Nothing felt boring or drawn out as the scene progressed from location to location making for a satisfying feeling virtual encounter in the end with Paige Owens. It was my first time seeing Paige in action, and I thought she looked amazing and did a fantastic job with her scene in all regards.

On the highlights, PoV's on the whole in Full Paige Spread felt good to great for me, with personal favorites being the stripper pole setup that enabled a nice upright fuck and the improved cowgirl section featuring a more realistic back tilt on the rig. As well, I was diggin on the outside seated reverse lap ride along with the excellent feeling butterfly barstool finish and all of these shots provided a solid virtual experience over the 1 hour runtime and served to give the scene an organic feeling fuck flow.

On the negatives, really not much to nitpick for me, beyond the dot of smudge on a lens and some funny feeling VR kisses where the audio drops to cover off screen direction cues, amplifying the awkwardness of the moment a bit.

All in all, I thought Full Paige Spread was an awesome WankzVR debut for Paige Owens and another technically sophisticated production from WankzVR direction that allowed Paige to shine for us in the best virtual light. 10/10.


Full Paige Spread from WankzVR!

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