Checking Out StripZVR’s New Moving Rig with Pippa Doll in Follow Your Dreams!

Follow Your Dreams StripzVR

Pippa Doll Featured in Follow Your Dreams from StripzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  StripzVR
Release date: February 15, 2019
Running time: 9:42 minutes
Starring:  Pippa Doll
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review
Notables:  Smooth moving rig, cool concept, arty cam work
Negatives:  Eye contact at times
Review Score: 10/10 
5 words or less:  Sweet moving cam setup

*2/29: StripzVR has requested I cover up the naughty bits here bros so.......ya, lol

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Follow Your Dreams!

Sup guys,

Was just checking out the latest vid from StripZVR today, Follow Your Dreams featuring Pippa Doll.  StripzVR rolled out a new moving setup for this release so I was wanting to take a look this weekend and I have to say that this was probably one of my favorite scenes utilizing a moving rig in the last 5 years now, both in terms of the fluidity of the setup and in the use of the camera in a manner that works well for VR. 

Follow Pippa... to the Bedroom!

Follow Your Dreams runs just shy of 10 minutes in length and as the name implies, much of the footage focuses on following sexy Pippa around what looks to be a mid sized apartment, eventually resolving to the bedroom for a short, quick-cut series of on-the-bed shots.  Not much for me to really color comment on that can't be said faster in the galleries below which should give you a nice idea of the flow and progression of movement through the room.

  • pippa-doll-0001
  • pippa-doll-0002
  • pippa-doll-0003
  • pippa-doll-0004
  • pippa-doll-0005
  • pippa-doll-0006
  • pippa-doll-0007
  • pippa-doll-0008
  • pippa-doll-0009

Well Choreographed

There are some nice close up moments featured as well as a few kisses incorporated and overall you get to flirt in and out of proximity with Pippa in a way that many of us would appreciate for VR as she slowly leads you back to the bedroom.  You are changing height too often for it to really feel like any sort of PoV view at times, but it doesn't necessarily scream "I am a camera" on the other hand either and in the end I found it pretty easy to go along with.

Music in place of room audio

The only audio present in the scene is background music, which kind of lends itself to a dreamy kind of flow, vs. raw ambient room audio that firmly roots you to the environment and I felt like the music and lack of room audio was complimentary in the end to the "artsy" style of shooting employed here. 

  • pippa-doll-0010
  • pippa-doll-0011
  • pippa-doll-0012
  • pippa-doll-0013
  • pippa-doll-0014
  • pippa-doll-0015
  • pippa-doll-0016
  • pippa-doll-0017
  • pippa-doll-0018

Tech Stuff

On other merits, the image quality is quite high at StripzVR, toward the top of what is available at the moment, with the only noticeable nitpick for me being the feeling that scale was slightly elongated to my eye when judging features in the room such as doorway openings. Otherwise, this rig handled well what would be more challenging lighting conditions for must current gen VR rigs — frequent stops to setup in front of the various windows— allowing for some really great looking sunlit moments with Pippa.  This setup with the windows immediately made me think of a classic Madonna shot from back in the day featuring her standing naked in front of a similar looking window setup.  

  • pippa-doll-0019
  • pippa-doll-0020
  • pippa-doll-0021
  • pippa-doll-0022
  • pippa-doll-0023
  • pippa-doll-0024
  • pippa-doll-0025
  • pippa-doll-0026
  • pippa-doll-0027
  • pippa-doll-0028
  • pippa-doll-0029
  • pippa-doll-0030
  • pippa-doll-0031
  • pippa-doll-0032
  • pippa-doll-0033
  • pippa-doll-0034
  • pippa-doll-0035
  • pippa-doll-0036
  • pippa-doll-0037
  • pippa-doll-0038
  • pippa-doll-0039
  • pippa-doll-0040
  • pippa-doll-0041

Solid First Effort at Moving for StripzVR


Wrapping it up, I thought Pippa was super cute here and for a short softcore VR scene with a moving rig, I'd give Follow Your Dreams a 10. The approach is quite arty in contrast to other approaches we have seen from producers to this point in terms of the shot selection and scene construction and the moving rig for me, was super smooth.  Literally, not a moment of discomfort in terms of motion sickness triggers, despite what I would consider to be really aggressive movements for VR up to this point. I have seen guys do a lot less, and produce a lot more in the way of motion sickness for me, so bravo on whatever ole Nick mounted to his stick at StripzVR!  I mean, this contrasted to the Abella Danger scene at VRHush earlier this month for example is a no contest on rigs. *Sidenote: If you caught that Abella scene at release, I was told it has now been re-cut to omit the bulk of that brutal (for me) moving footage. 

So a promising first effort in my book from StripzVR, I would rate it as one of, if not the best moving experiences I've seen in VR to this point, and other than some off camera looks from Pippa here and there—totally understandable with her walking around—it was a cool vid.  I mean, for me...... it's definite warmup material that would need a feature followup to get a nut, but a nice virtual appetizer nonetheless, and if you enjoy just checkin out a beautiful woman in VR with some nice follow from behind shots, this recipe should do nicely for ya.  10.10,


Follow Your Dreams from StripzVR!

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