Carly Rae Wants You to Wank Your Balland (da fuq?) in Follow My JOI from Virtual Taboo!

Follow My JOI Featuring Carly Rae from Virtual Taboo!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  Virtual Taboo
Release date:  11/11/2016
Running time: 17:17
Starring:  Carly Rae
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Found at end of review or Follow My JOI Trailer
Notables:  Distance/closeness, Audio,
Negatives:  None
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Nice one for Carly fans

"Follow My JOI"

Checkin out Carly Rae's new Virtual Taboo feature Follow My JOI this evening.  While I don't often grab solo vids, I am a sucker for British girls and alabaster skin, enjoy Carly Rae and the preview for this looked good with some sexy dildo action added in so I decided to give this one a peep.  I have typically enjoyed all of the past Virtual Taboo solo movies I've watched and this proved no exception, featuring further refinements to their production techniques, and an up close and personal Carly Rae experience in VR.

follow my joi carly rae

Beautiful in Burgundy

Follow My JOI finds you positioned virtually across from Carly Rae who is seated on a table dressed in lovely burgundy lingerie.  She introduces herself and lets you know this is going to be a jerk off instructional movie which is your que to break out your Willy.

1 follow my joi carly rae undressing

Nice and Close to Carly

The camera placement is quite close to Carly here making for an intimate vantage point, and the audio is super crisp and clean. The room is well lit other than a slight bit of glare occasionally on Carly's pale skin and the image in general looks very nice with Virtual Taboo's recent tweeks.

Carly slowly begins to get out of the lingerie, first exposing her breasts and then unbuttoning the crotch to reveal her pussy and blonde bush for you.

2 carly rae joi
3 carly rae joi virtual taboo

Play along with Carly

Carly gets to talking and does a nice job throughout with some JOI style coaching, encouraging you to take care of your business while watching her first rub and finger and later dildo her pussy for you.

4 carly rae virtual taboo ass

Some hot British JOI talk

I always enjoy hearing British girls talk nasty cause they throw out all kinds of slang we don't often here in the U.S. like "balland"...wha?while managing to also sound proper and sophisticated when saying dirty shit.  

5 virtual taboo follow my joi

Nice dildo action

There are some nice dildoing sections here featuring views of Carly fucking her pussy from both the front as well as ass in your face style and the distance to the camera is maintained throughout.

7 carly rae-vr porn

Carly wants your cum

The rest of the scene plays out as a nice mutual masturbation session with Carly as she builds the both of you up to a climax and coaches you to dump a big pool of cum all over her.

6 carly rae virtual joi

Nice solo vid for Carly Rae fans: 10/10

Wrapping Follow My JOI from Virtual Taboo up, I enjoyed this video and feel like it should be a good choice for Carly Rae fans and fans of up-close solo/dildo movies.  Carly looked great and did an nice job with the instructional part of the movie and production was tight and crisp on both visuals and audio. The burgundy lingerie was an elegant touch and I liked the distance at which Follow My JOI was shot, providing a close feeling virtual session with Carly Rae and some tasty perspectives. It serves as a nice example of how Virtual Taboo's shooting style has evolved from early solo movies with Blondie Fesser and Kira Queen that featured the girls set back farther from the camera, to the close up presentations they have been bringing us over the last couple of months.  All in all a solid 18 mins and another nice offering from Virtual Taboo and Carly Rae to follow up Tainted Love with. 10/10.   Find more Virtual Taboo movie reviews in our VR Porn Movie section!

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"Follow My JOI" from Virtual Taboo!

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