Getting the First Class Treatment at WankzVR with Stella Cox! (Spoiler Alert!)

First Class Treatment Featuring Stella Cox (and Casey Calvert) from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  3/21/17
Running time: 72:00
Starring:  Stella Cox, Casey Calvert
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following Review or First Class Treatment Trailer
Notables:   Stella Cox, Surprise Plot Twist/Appearance, Anal Asstravaganza, 2 scenes for one.
Negatives: Drained my chi 
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  WankzVR keepin us guessing

"First Class Treatment"

Checkin our the brand new Stella Cox scene from WankzVR tonight, First Class Treatment. Stella just popped up on my radar when her Harry Pudder movie came out at VRCosplayX and her scene was the first one I jumped on after getting access there.  I was immediately taken with the busty Brit, already having a soft spot for fair skinned English girls with accents,  so it was exciting to hear recently she was Stateside and working with Wankz on some VR shit.  First Class Treatment not only offers up a great scene with Stella Cox but also picks up on the Parting Gift story arc with a surprise twist midway, offering a Stella Cox fan 2 scenes for the price of one and showing why it is that WankzVR is at the forefront in making immersive, cinematic virtual porn in early 2017.

 *Spoiler alert* This movie has a plot twist. If you are not down for full description spoilers, I recommend just watching it 🙂

first class treatment

Stella Cox!

Across the pond to bond

Setup finds you in a hotel room with sexy stewardess Stella Cox, who has flown a long ways to scratch an itch...and in fact she admits to having scratched it herself a bit in the bathroom on the flight over! The stewardess outfit is workin well for Stella and there is not a lot of preamble in this one as she leans in for a kiss to start things off.  It's pretty much: I just got into town, I'm horny as shit, lets fuck!

2 first class treatment wankzvr movie review

"I'm so happy you and Casey broke up"

Stella mentions your Ex, Casey, and the WankzVR faithful will immediately recognize the story arc that has been brewing for the last few weeks now with Trading Up, WanzkVR Rebound Squad and Parting Gift.  Stella, like Lily Labeau before her, seems to be another one of Casey's "friends" and like Lily, she is now telling you what a bitch Casey can be while saying how glad she is that the two of you have split up. 

3 stella cox
4 stella cox wankzvr

Release the jubblies!

Stella quickly dispenses with her top, unleashing her substantial natural assets and she leans back briefly on the bed for a sexy full body look before coming in close to you for some titty time.

5 stella cox virtual reality
6 stella cox vr porn

"I can't wait to taste your cock"

Oral action starts around 6 minutes or so into the scene, finding you in a standing position at the foot of the bed, with a reasonable feeling PoV, perhaps a little low. Stella starts in on her knees, ass up and she makes it clear her intention is to get you rock hard so that you can stretch out her tight little pussy.

7 stella cox virtual fuck
8 wankzvr stella cox

"I want to feel you inside me"

Spinning around to assume a delicious doggie position at around 10 minutes in, Stella tells you what a fool Casey was for breaking up with you and places you inside her for some hot rear view action to get things rockin.

9 stella cox virtual doggie

​Nice from behind section

The following doggie action is all pretty tasty with some upright sections thrown in and Stella even reaching back to grab onto your neck a couple of times.  Lots of hot commentary here as well, along with a couple of P2M breaks.

10 first class treatment stella cox

Standing missionary

Stella lays on her back next, removing her knickers and making with the presentation below and I was expecting a scene cut here for a pillow, as the height difference is off by almost a foot between the pole and the hole.  But Damon Dice instead assumes a split leg, bent knee'd, standing Y position to lower himself down the required distance, and that shit looks like a fuckin groin burner to me, ha ha.  You can hear him huffin n puffin here more than usual too, lol. 

11 stella

​Bed frame is a little awkward here

The laid back section is quite tasty other than the fact that the bed has a raised wooden frame member bordering the foot of it that makes it a little harder for either performer to position around, having to either get up on top of it or have Stella sit right behind it. 

12 stella cox wankzvr vr porn
13 first class treatment stella cox

​Sweet legs kicked over to the side section

One of my favorite shots in the movie occurs during this section where Stella cheats her legs off to one side giving you a non symmetrical ass shot from this vantage point that we rarely get right now and this segment offers up some really sexy lines of a spoon type view, ending up with Stella placing her feet up onto your shoulders for another great effect. 

14 stella cox virtual missionary

​Close up missionary

Just about the time I was starting to feel a bit distant from Stella, the action drops down to a face/torso only missionary shot, where the focus is right on Stella's face while she is getting fucked, providing some welcome presence with her up close. 

15 stella cox cum

"C'mon.... give me your fucking cum!"

Stella starts telling you how she wants you to cum with her, which, glancing off to the clock and looking at being only 24 minutes into the movie, had me going hmmmmm, interesting.  Shit builds up to a peak and you dump some spunk in Stella's quim, which she then samples from her fingers right in front of you, and I was thinking that this actually felt pretty good on scene rhythm.  Like, you just hooked up with a chick in a hotel and dumped a reasonably timed nut, and I was like cool....what are we doing now? looking down at the remaining 50 minutes or so on the clock. I was't expecting the next plot twist however!

16 first class treatment stella wankzvr

"I've just got one question..."

After playing with your cum for a bit, Stella says maybe she should go clean up, and excuses herself, returning after a scene cut looking freshened up.  She lays down to join you on the bed after fartsing around with what looks like some underwear over on the side, saying that she could just stay there forever with you, but first.....she says she has a question for you.

"Does this smell like chloroform?"

17 casey stella

Regaining consciousness

Dah fuq?

All of a sudden your little English tart has a chloroform soaked rag stuffed in your face and after a blackout cut you find yourself blearily coming to in an entirely new setting, with the rapidly coming into focus image of a girl riding your crotch with another girl standing in front of her spread above you while being eaten out from behind.

18 stella cox casey calvert

All becomes clear

As you regain your clarity, you can see Stella, armed with a rippled white dildo standing above you and the familiar shape of your GASP! ex Casey Calvert sitting below on your dick! /shakesfists

19 casey calvert wankzvr

Casey toating Lily's Labeau's Pink panties


Stella steps to the side exposing the girl on your crotch for who she is and there follows some comedic hand acting from stuntbro here who is rocking fuzzy pink handcuffs and is none to pleased about it.  Casey explains she knows exactly what you have been up to lately and begins recounting your exploits from the last few weeks one by one, even pulling out Lily Labeau's pink panties to submit for evidence while she grinds away grudgingly on your dick below.

20 casey stella wankzvr

"Why didn't you call me???"

Casey lays the guilt trip on thick, telling you you were supposed to be sad, not out fucking her friends, and asking you why you never called her? She tells you that she is now craving cock in her ass since your parting fuck, but there was no way in hell she was about to call you up for it and it soon becomes clear these 2 intend to use your dick for their own pleasures and you are just going to have to lay there and take it son! 

21 casey calvert wankzvr anal

"You wanna put something in my ass?"

After both girls warm you up with their mouths for a bit, Casey asks Stella if she wants to put something in her ass and Stella retrieves the white dildo while Casey spins around to give you a front and center view of the poke n smoke show. 

22 stella cox ass to mouth
23 virtual dildo
24 wankzvr anal

Patented VR ​mouth mount

Stella buggers Casey's backdoor for a bit, pausing every now and again for some A2M action, and then she actually places the dildo into your mouth so that you can hold it as Casey fucks back on it! The alignment and positioning feels pretty realistic here, providing a fun and unique VR effect and some up close n personal assplay for the dirty birds. 

25 stella cox anal dildo

Kung Fu Grip!

​Fun with Stella's bum

Stella backs her arse up next for the same dildo dipping treatment from Casey before slipping your shaft up her back passage for some tasty reverse cowgirl at around the 37 minute mark of the movie.

26 stella cox anal
27 stella casey
28 casey calvert virtual anal

​Casey's turn

After a good time in Stella's sweet ass, followed up by some A2M action, it's Casey's turn to feed her hungry hole with your knob as she mounts up in forward cowgirl while Stella taunts you with your freedom from the side with the key to your handcuffs.

29 stella cox virtual anal
30 stella cox anal wankzvr

Futt buckin n toe suckin!

More reverse and forward anal with Stella follows with Casey on clit rubbin duty from the side before Stella pulls your cock from her ass and begins to jerk it off with her feet, pausing to suck on her toes every now and again for some extra lubeage, while Casey places her own red stocking covered feet directly in front of your face. 

31 feet
32 casey calvert virtual reality anal

​Free at last

Casey is back on next for more tasty reverse booty scootin after which the girls finally decide it is time to release you from your shackles.  They then swing around to present both their asses to you in stereo after a scene edit that finds you in kneeling position behind them while Stella gets to work on her hungry asshole with her fingers.

33 casey stella asses
34 wankzvr first class treatment
36 wankzvr first class treatment

​Delicious doggie

Stella is first to stuff your rod up her ring piece for a few minutes of heated doggie fucking before going ass to mouth and getting things nice and wet for Casey's waiting asshole on deck.  

37 stella cox oral
38 casey calvert anal sex
41 first class treatment wankz vr

​Awesome cumshot positioning

The home stretch finds Stella positioned nicely below on ball lickin duty while you plow Casey's ass for the last few minutes, finally finishing up with you drizzling your man gravy down Casey's asscrack and into Stella's waiting mouth for a fantastic pop shot. 

42 casey stella cumswap
43 stella cox ass lick

Dine n' dash

The girls finish up the scene with some dirty cumswapping and Stella performing some mopup duty on Casey's cummy asshole before Casey tells you that you are her whore and you better not forget it before flipping you the bird, calling you a loser and leaving your pathetic ass sitting there!  

44 casey calvert bird

"You're MY whore"

​First Class Treatment indeed from WankzVR!


​Wrapping First Class Treatment up:  Overall, I thought it was yet another great scene from WankzVR and an awesome debut for Stella Cox who clearly came to play here.  The first section with her was fire and the 2nd section of the movie felt like a bonus scene and it is pretty hard to find better value right now for your VR porn dollar than a WankzVR sub. This fucker is 1 hour 12 minutes long—which for me equaled 2 nuts and a siesta.  

From my point of view, First Class Treatment serves as another example as to how WankzVR are crushing the virtual reality porn game right now and on multiple levels:  Runtime.  Storylines. Recurrent characters. Casting. Fun. Inventiveness. Creativity. Surprises. Thinking outside of the sandbox.  And just creating a VR environment that is fun to inhabit for an hour or more and somehow pulling that off within the context of a porno movie.  Movies like this that offer little breadcrumbs to fans, make you feel like you are part of something fun week to week, kind of like you will watch a new episode of a weekly TV show you get sucked into following and this adds another layer of depth to the WankzVR catalog.

Pro's n cons

Positives in this scene for me were Stella Cox's enthusiastic performance, the sexy stewardess outfit that she more than filled out, the well paced quick motel room fuck up front, legs over to the side bed action, a wtf is happening switcheroo mid turn, the surprise appearance of Casey Calvert, more anal than I could have hoped for,  decent PoV's, comedy elements with some nice hand acting from Damon Dice, hot dirty sex, and that feeling that once again, that I was watching a new spin on VR porn from Wankz and that the folks producing the product are trying from week to week to keep things interesting and keep things on a growth trend., maybe that bed frame kind of sucked to fuck over, and a non tagged surprise anal scene could be a bummer for some. Not much for close up pussy and ass time other than the mouth dildo sequence may be a negative to some fans, I know there is a faction that is becoming spoiled on these elements from Wankz.  Might have been fun to have Casey force her asshole in your face for a bit of that usual Wankz flava, but I also enjoy the fact that they don't need to use the same crayons in every single scene inducing formula burnout.

In the end, I thought Stella Cox was awesome, Casey Calvert nailed the cold ex who just wants to grudge fuck you perfectly, Damon Dice was strong as always, and these are the kind of movies that are fun to review.  A definite must watch scene for Stella Cox and Casey Calvert fans, and one of the best double anal scenes in VR in my book. 10/10. 

"First Class Treatment" from WankzVR!

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