Exploring the Taboo with Mistress T in Turning My Step-Son Straight from HoloGirlsVR!

HoloGirlsVR Mistress T collection

HoloGirlsVR Movie Review: The Mistress T Collection- "Turning My Step-Son Straight"

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup: Oculus Rift DK2 with MaxVR/Whirligig

Review Score 8/10

Turning My Step-Son Straight

Turning my Step-Son Straight is a new 20 minute, April 2016 release from HoloGirlsVR featuring Mistress T in a Taboo jerk off scenario.   One in which you, her step-son has been caught looking at gay porn on the computer and Mistress T is none to happy with the prospect of you playing for the pink team and is bound and determined to do her best to illustrate why you need to be looking at the ladies.

Mistress T in Setting my Step-Son Straight

Mistress T ain't havin no homo's in the family!

This is pretty niche stuff, but that is Mistress T to begin with, so if you are not into having a mom type coaching you while you jerk off and she teases you, you may want to skip this one.  But hey, you may like it, you never know.

Mistress T collection from HoloGirlsVR

Mistress T's awesome set

Mistress T Kills It

Mistress T is sporting an older mom look in this one , and she does a great job of playing the role, and in fact, I would say this is a really great performance just on acting merits alone, and Mistress T is amazing at doing this kind of thing where the performers ability to talk naturally really sell the scene.  She is a professional and for the next 20 minutes delivers one believable line after the next and by the end of the scene, I was really impressed with her just on this level alone.

Mistress T stockings

These close up shots distort on the small side

She kills the dialog, so I am not about to spoil it or walk you through it, but essentially, she found some gay porn on the family computer and after a bit of WTF are you thinking scolding, she sets about coaching you to jerk off to her while she shows you the beauty of the fairer sex.

Her delivery is solid and nonstop over 20 minutes, so if you enjoy lots of talking, this one has tons of it.  Mistress T is hot and quite effective at teasing and telling you what to do with your cock.  While not really my thing, I have to admit she got to me.

Mistress T ass

Mistress T shows you her juicy ass

Pros n' Cons

Pros for the scene for me were the chatting and the way Mistress T teases you with glimpses of the goods, and some of the things like dangling the leg over in your direction to simulate her foot on your cock were really effective.

On the negative side, on Oculus, whenever she would approach closely with a foot, a hand or come in close with her face, the image would shrink noticeably, which diminished the effect of these close ups and especially when she came in close with her face, it was both off in scale, and juuuuuuust to far out of reach to want to kiss, which was a shame.  HoloGirlsVR, and many other studios have to learn to get a bit closer on these face shots, and the camera rigs have to be able to deal with both up close and farther back action, which only a few studios can lay claim to right now in my estimation.

Mistress T shows the pussy

Mistress T, ready to Indian wrestle!

Hands Down, the Worst Eye Contact in VR Porn ATM

Another negative that HoloGirlsVR movies have been plagued with, is off center eye contact and it is among the worst in VR Porn right now.  In the Chanel Preston video from a couple weeks back, she is looking about 15 to 20 degrees right of the camera the entire video.  In other HoloGirlsVR releases, you can see the talent looking first into one side of the camera, and then into the other, and neither side particularly focuses on your line of sight effectively.  Studios such as Naughty America have advanced their eye contact to a precise level as compared to efforts by HoloGirlsVR so far, and this continues to be a major distraction in many of their releases including this one where Mistress T is staring predominantly to the right of center.

Mistress T eye contact

As you can see in almost all of the pictures here, she is looking off to the right most of the time

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Mistress T Fans Should Be Quite Happy

​Other than the flaws with some of the close up shots and eye contact, and the fact that almost all VR studios need to shoot these types of scenes closer, this was a really solid video for the niche it was intended for I think , and I think for fans of Mistress T, you may really enjoy this one and I would rate her performance an easy 10.  Eye line focus, shrunken close ups and being shot a bit too far back I would rate around a 6.  They really need to get the eye lines down for eye contact at HoloGirlsVR, as that is huge in VR for most of us.  8/10

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