Emma Hix Shines Through WankzVR’s Crappy Image in Tease Me Baby!

Tease My Baby cover large from WankzVR

Emma Hix Featured in Tease Me Baby from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio: WankzVR
Release date:  4/20/18
Running time: 48 minutes
Starring:  Emma Hix
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Tease Me Baby Preview and Gallery
Notables:  Emma Hix, nice cowgirl, strong eye contact
Negatives:  Blurry/out of focus image
Review Score: 9/10
5 words or less:  Emma's a sweetie

Tease Me Baby!

     Sup guys!  Writing up a quick scene review today for the new Emma Hix release from WankzVR, Tease Me Baby. It's been since last July since we have seen Emma at WankzVR and I think more than one bro was waiting for a one on one scene with her at this point at Wankz. If you're one of those guys then Tease Me Baby should hit the spot nicely, with a super sweet performance from Emma Hix and some solid feeling PoV's.  On the negative side though, the image quality is pretty bad in this scene, as with many WankzVR scenes released following last years rig "upgrade" and I'm just left wondering how much longer this is going to go on before they either fix it or backtrack to the previously consistent solution, because I think I have yet to spot an "upgraded" pixel following the last upgrade!

Emma Hix at WankzVR

Emma Hix!


Setup's pretty lean for Tease Me Baby, just a nice, simple 50 min GFE style scene with an engaging Emma Hix pretty much, who looks fantastic and does a great job throughout the movie.  Emma comes across as a total sweetie here and has a really easy goin vibe that makes spending 50 minutes in VR with her a pleasure.

Tease Me Baby movie review WankzVR
Emma Hix VR from WankzVR
Emma Hix virtual reality

Seated PoV

The opening PoV is a seated shot, so not much to go wrong there in terms of your perspective and there's some super solid lap action featured during the first section of the movie.

Emma Hix in VR
Emma Hix virtual

That......is about as good as the image ever gets, when Emma is about a foot or two away


Tech is about the average WankVR mixed bag this year, with some shots looking clearer than others and the overall image quality being pretty damned .....sucky, lol.  As I am screenshotting it, I can really see how out of focus background elements are or Emma herself when she changes her depth to the rig.   I have to say....it's a bit fatiguing on the eyes to watch for 50 minutes, and makes me less stoked to watch a WankzVR scene this year, for sure.  There's these beautiful women here and......this...this.... rig!  Fixxxx eeeettttt!

Emma Hix in Tease Me Baby

Some really great eye contact from Emma all the way through

Nice Kisses

Emma's tender VR kissing technique is on point also, with most of the kissing in this scene playing/hitting well in placement and effect.  She just has a really nice, warm vibe about her and the whole opening up to the fuckin is quite good for setup and pacing.

Emma Hix blowjob
Emma Hix virtual sex
Emma Hix virtual cowgirl

Sweet Lap Cowgirl

Fuckin gets going with some up close in your lap cowgirl, and this is all solid action with tons of eye contact from Emma and a nice sense of her being in your virtual lap in terms of the virtual PoV.

Emma Hix VR cowgirl
Emma Hix cowgirl
Emma Hix reverse cowgirl

Image quality looking pretty bad here the further Emma gets from the rig


Action switches to reverse riding at around 19 minutes in, showing off Emma's long, beautiful lines as she cops a squat on yer cock.

Emma Hix seated fuck
Emma Hix virtual fuck
Emma Hix pussy close up

A quick close up pussy shot before moving on to doggie

Emma Hix movie review

Image quality looking pretty much like ass here.  At least the glamour pics of the same shot came out hot!

emma hix studio shot
Emma Hix virtual doggie


Emma takes a come hither seat on the couch across the way around the 25 minute mark and you get your first PoV transition to a standing doggie shot.  

Emma Hix VR doggie
Emma Hix virtual doggiestyle


Emma....looks fuckin great, kickin up this shot a notch with some spread legs action below. The WankzVR image however....does not look great in this section.  At all.  The PoV is OK here.... it's a "no-arm's-ma" stance with no hip grabbins, so whatever your feelings are on that variation. 

Emma Hix
Emma Hix virtual missionary


The last position transition finds you in standing missionary followed up by some close up action with penetration still visible below, all quite nice from both Emma action and PoV standpoints.

Emma Hix VR missionary
Emma Hix cumshot

Hose down

The PoV stays with the close up view for the geyser style cumshot to finish things off followed up by around 4 minutes of cooldown time before Emma heads off to the shower to end the scene.

Emma Hix fingers pussy
Emma Hix 3d porn

Emma Hix rocks it. WVR's image sucks it.


So, moppin up the cum on Tease Me Baby, I thought Emma Hix was absolutely awesome in this scene, and I was more than happy to take the 50 minute virtual ride with her.  She totally nailed the eye contact and kissing, and not one second of the movie felt forced in terms of her vibe or attitude. Nothing porny, just a naturally comfortable and sexy show from Emma and I would rate it an easy 10/10 on those merits and say this would be the VR Emma Hix one-on-one to watch.  

The visuals here are the weak link in this chain, and I gotta say....after nearly 6 months, it is bummin me out.  Wankz puts out some of the longest movies in VR porn, and I frankly, don't care to spend an hour staring at visuals of this quality on a screen a couple inches away from my eyes.  It looks like turd and it's just fatiguing to sit through for any length of time, no matter how hot the action that is going on is or how good the other production is. 

As a WankzVR fan, it's a bummer.  For me, it is worse than 16' at this point, which started off with 25 tiny scaled, 30 fps, distorted movies before they got things sorted out initially.  Now, post 17' "upgrade", we are working on some 50-70 scenes affected by this in one manner or another and it's getting to be a substantial amount of the overall catalog. How long do you continue.....before backtracking to the previous consistent solution becomes a practical consideration?  I just don't get this move at this point, and can only hope WankzVR cleans it up on visuals here soon, before too many more scenes and loverly ladies suffer the same fate. 9/10 on blurry visuals, Emma Hix was great.  


Tease Me Baby from WankzVR!

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