VRBangers Turns In Their Best Movie…Evar? Ella Nova in Blow Dried!

*The poster says 360, this review is for the 180 version* 

Blow Dried Featuring Ella Nova from VRBangers!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  VRBangers
Release date:  February 16, 2018
Running time: 43:12
Starring:  Ella Nova
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 (for comfort) with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review
Notables:  Ella Nova, Very nice looking image, Proximity, Voyeur aspect, Cool setup
Negatives:  Nothing really significant
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less: Bangers squeezes out a diamond

Blow Dried with Ella Nova

     Just checked out last weeks release from VRBangers featuring Ella Nova in Blow Dried and have to say.... I was pleasantly surprised! I'm already an Ella Nova fan and was stoked to get another look at her in VR as it's been awhile since Side Piece at WankzVR, so once I reconciled the lack of butt sex with a verified anal queen here, I decided to roll the dice on a VRBangers scene. In the years that VRBangers have been releasing movies, I can't say the word "impressed" has ever really come to mind before now, but Blow Dried turned out to be one of my favorite scenes this year, and without a doubt.... for me, it's the best thing I have personally seen come from VRBangers.

Ella Nova

Ella Nova!

The setup

Setup for this movie is half of what makes it cool, in that you find yourself located in what appears to be a very real beauty shop, that has been repurposed for the day, Zack n' Miri style. There are 3 ladies in the shop including Ella— one playing the role of your fussy wife— and another dude up front in the waiting slot, and between the ambient noise and the very real looking set, you genuinely get the feeling you are sitting in the barber chair in a small salon.

Ella Nova VR porn

Tech shit

One of the other highlights up front is a really strong looking image that I would have to rate at the upper end of the visual scale in early 2018, and this extra crispness lends quite a bit to the fidelity of the scene, and does a fair job in extending the "effective" zone out a little further when it comes to presence.

The image feels rich, with shadows that provide depth and contrast, and Ella Nova, your hairdresser for the day, looks absolutely stunning in front of you.  If you are an Ella Nova fan you are going to love this movie, as you really get a fantastic virtual sense of her presence and her wardrobe and makeup are on point as well. 


PoV is full time seated in this scene, so on the positives, this is like the hardest PoV to fuck up and this one feels pretty solid.  On the slight negative, there is only the one position in terms of variety, but it plays to the scenario and works in the end for the overall effect. 

So right up front I was 1. Impressed with the total package. 2. Quickly immersed in the environment, and 3. It was taking no time for Ella Nova to take effect.

Ella Nova Blow Dried

Back to the setup

Ella grabs the spritz n' some snips and gets to work on your doo while the other hairdresser in the shop escorts your grouchy wife back to the seat beside you and for the next several minutes, you get a very familiar feeling VR haircut with a hairdresser that is slowly beginning to hit on you.

Ella Nova movie review
Blow Dried movie review VRBangers

Hairdresser setup works well

The whole hairdresser thing works as a great setup, as you have those moments you get when a woman that you are attracted to is cutting your hair and you get all those teasy close bits of feminine proximity.

Blow Dried VRBangers

"Your wife's a little high maintenance huh?"

Your old lady is all high tension next door, makin sure no newbie hairdresser messes up her relaxer and Ella's snippin away on you for a couple minutes before she leans in to whisper in your ear exactly what she thinks about your wifey's uptight vibe.

Ella Nova at VRBangers

Whispers used nicely

There is quite a bit of whispering thrown in with the scene setup and it plays naturally given the circumstances. The audio quality is toward the top end of what's out there atm in terms of effect and while not quite the bell ringer, hot-in-your-ear effect VRP used to achieve for instance, it's starting to get into that breathy feeling focus at close range.

Ella Nova virtual reality

"Has anyone ever told you you have beautiful eyes?"

So the extended opening here, is all about establishing vibe, setting, proximity and presence, and all this serves to start some slow sexual tension building, as Ella becomes increasingly friendly with you. 

Ella Nova VR porn

"Sorry....most of my clients aren't as handsome as you"

The solid opening has been running around 5 minutes, when Ella gets an ornery look on her face and begins to untuck her shirt from her skirt. Your wife is continuing her bitchfest next door, and Ella takes a peek under your apron to reveal your freshly pitched tent.

Ella Nova virtual porn

"Is your cock hard under there!???"

The tension slowly grows as Ella pulls her shirt up for you and goes in for the scalp massage, giving you some close up views of her bra clad bosom.

Ella Nova breasts
Ella Nova bra
Ella Nova VRBangers
Ella Nova porn
Ella Nova handjob

"I love seeing your hard cock under my apron.....what if your wife sees?"

Ella slowly keeps ratcheting things up and it's around the 10 minute mark that you find your dick in her hand as your wife continues to gab with her stylist in the background.

VRBangers Ella Nova
VR Bangers Ella Nova

Distracting wifey

A seamless transparent crossfade at the 11 minute mark is one of the the only edits in the scene and serves as the transition for Ella to signal to the other stylist to keep your wife distracted for awhile by placing her head under the hair dryer. 

Ella Nova sucks balls

"I don't give this service to just any of my regulars"

Ella gets yer twigs n berries warmed up and she's an all pro cocksucker, effortlessly deep throating your full length several times throughout the scene. Meanwhile, the other hairdresser, turns out is a freak and her an the dude up front are peepin the action from the back of the room lending a nice voyeur vibe of being watched to things.

Nice kisses

Kisses come next for those that like em and these are pretty damned solid in vibe. Some drift out in the air a bit on placement, but Ella's technique itself is excellent.

Ella Nova ass

"You're a really good kisser.....I usually don't do this but....."

Ella drops some steamy whispers in each ear regarding the current state of her hooha, followed by raising her skirt up to give you a sexy ass n' pussy show.

Ella Nova plays with pussy
Ella Nova VR porno
Ella Nova Panties

"Smell.....smell that wet, pussy drenched pair of panties"

Off come Ella's undies as well as your pants and Ella then grabs a bottle of lube to shine up your shaft before having a seat in reverse at around 23 minutes in.

Ella Nova handjob
Ella Nova cock in asscrack
Ella Nova spreads ass
Ella Nova from behind

Nice lap action

Being a fan of seated action to begin with as well as being a fan of Ella's big ole' backside, I thought all the action felt pretty solid here and gave a nice virtual sense of having Ella's mass and ass in your lap.

Ella Nova seated cowgirl
Ella Nova tits

"I bet you never dreamed my tits would be bouncing in your face while you sat in this chair"

The strong sense of presence continues with several minutes of forward cowgirl action, with lots of close-to-titty time featured.

Ella Nova deepthroat

"Let me taste it....I want to taste my wet pussy"

A deepthroat interlude is followed up by some sexy sidesaddle action next as the folks up front continue to watch and snap footage on the cellie.

Ella Nova sidesaddle
Ella Nova

Wifey gets checked on

Ella Nova VR
Ella Nova reverse cowgirl

"I love tasting my pussy cum on you"

More knobslobbing followed up by a kiss so you can have a taste of pussy juice too and the action then resumes in reverse.

Ella Nova VR deepthroat
Ella Nova tit job

"You guys almost done...I'm getting bored over here!!!"

The wife starts gettin lippy with the help off to the side and Ella decides she is going to have to finish you up quickly, returning to her knees for yet more solid deepthroat action with a side order of tittyfuck.

Ella Nova close up cowgirl

Some final close up cowgirl

Ella places you back inside the honey hole for one final dose of up close cowgirl before dropping to her knees to finish you off.

Ella Nova cumshot

"I'm gonna suck your cock, till you blow that big load all over my face and tits"

And all over her face n tits is where your sauce goes next.  What doesn't land there, Ella then laps up and dribbles back out again down her chin.

Ella Nova licks up cum
Ella Nova cum on face
Ella Nova busted
Ella Nova virtual porn

"What's goin on .....what tha?!?!"

The scene ends up with wifey getting the hair dryer removed, only to turn around and see a cum covered Ella and going "wtf is goin on here?!?!!"  Black Thunda storms out of the shop in a huff, and after helping her out the door, the guy up front is comically asking if he can be the next customer as the scene draws to a close.

Ella Nova VRBangers movie review

This Bangers cut is tight n' right!


So ya, shit.....VRBangers and Ella Nova in the house! Glad to see a movie that lives up to the casting potential from VRBangers and Blow Dried might actually be my favorite VR porn experience of 18', mainly because it just felt like a sexy, cool VR experience in the end. Ella Nova killed it and the only way it could have got any better for me, was if my virtual cock had went in her big, beautiful butt at some point. If you are an Ella Nova fan, this is likely the go-to VR title atm. 

On the positive notes, an awesome performance from Ella and I thought the image was pretty damned crispy with a nice amount of depth with regard to shadows, that lent a richer quality than a lot of the washed out footage we might see currently at say BaDoinkVR or WankzVR. The combination of both clarity and depth seemed to add to the immersion a fair bit, and the scene felt really present, with Ella looking downright striking at close range.

The beauty shop set/theme served to add another level of realism to the presentation and on the PoV front, everything felt solid from the seated perspective. Action was kept close and intimate with lots of whispering and kissing thrown in, and the pacing of the scene from front to back was excellent in terms of both building tension up front, and taking you on a bit of a virtual journey over the 45 minutes, especially given the static, one position setup.

Negative nitpicks for me would only be tiny things like bro tossin his own junk from time to time.... I really can't think of much else that detracted from the overall illusion for me, which goes a long ways in itself to improving the immersion of an adult VR scene.

So shit ya! I think Ella Nova's a gem, she's super sexy, has a smile that lights up the room and she did a really great job with her scene for Bangers here. If VRBangers can continue pumping out scenes of this similar caliber this year, they will be making some new fans fo sho, and it's good to see them really hit one out of the park here with Ella Nova in Blow Dried. 10/10

*About the best version of the trailer I could find, looks to be the 360 version

Blow Dried with Ella Nova from VRBangers!

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