Elevating the Virtual Girlfriend Experience to New Heights! Elena Koshka and WankzVR!

The Elena Koshka Girlfriend Experience from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

Quick Cuts

Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  June 30, 2017
Running time: 66:00
Starring:  Elena Koshka
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Elena Koshka GFE preview
Notables:  Elena Koshka, putting the real in Virtual Reality porn, feels real, best VR GFE yet?
Negatives: Little bit of set light glare from time to time, still waiting for transparent edit effects to appear at WVR
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Holy shit!

Elena Koshka GFE

    Sup fappers! How in the fuck is it July 2 already??? Hope you have some downtime funtime planned over the 4th of July holidaze week, and if you are searching for some prime VR fappage to spark yer festival ballz this weekend, you will need look no further than this explosive new Elena Koshka GFE offering from WankzVR.  Anticipation for a one on one VR scene with Elena Koshka has been building since she lit up the WankzVR faithful a few weeks back with Nina North in Model Misbehavior, and I was pretty excited about this release already on paper going in.  But...once I peeped the trailer Thursday night.... I knew this was going to be an instant winner for WankzVR and something special altogether. I think I would have to say Elena Koshka GFE is my VR porn scene to beat right now in 2017, and would call it a new high water mark for WankzVR on their GFE series and for VR porn in general.  If you like a more fantasy, be with a pornstar presentation, this one may leave you flat, but if you are seeking the reality in your virtual reality porn, this 1 hour movie will likely fit the bill for you in ways that not many scenes today will. 

1 elena koshka

Elena Koshka!

Shower Setup

Setup has you watchin yer girl Elena Koshka taking a shower, perv style, from the doorway of a narrow tiled stall and that's really about all the "setup" there is to this movie, beyond some laundry chores you keep putting off like a slacker.  This is is pretty much just your everyday domestic situation, no porno ploys, just a day chillin with your girl at home.  And look at your girl! 

2 elena koshka vr porn

Holy fuck!

The opening shower section is pretty much all win: You get a great view of Elena who is setting at a nice distance for this type of a shot, occasionally coming up and approaching "you", and overall it serves as a great means of getting to see some of her personality shine up front along with everything else.

3 elena koshka virtual

​Effective opening

Where say the opening shower scene in PSE Mia Malkova at Naughty America a few weeks back was nice to watch but offered little in the way of anything else, this opening gives you an introduction to Elena herself, not just Elena naked in the shower.  You have a reason to be where you are virtually and it does't feel like a flat camera shot as much as it does a viewing perspective. 

4 elena koshka gfe

​Little bit of set light glare

Perhaps the only thing that appears artificial in this section would be the set light/s that are obviously illuminating Elena in an otherwise dark alcove, casting a bit of a glare on her when she approaches closer, but beyond that, the scene has a realistic quality right from the start and Elena looks spectacular.

5 elena koshka wankzvr
6 elena koshka wankzvr gfe

​Perfect personality for a GFE

Elena has a ton of personality and a perfect combination of confidence and everyday girlness/awkwardness that suits this type of a VR scene perfectly.

7 elena koshka gfe wankzvr

​Solid first 7 minutes

It just feels more like legit watching your girl take a shower than it does watching a porn actress on a set and Elena should pretty much have you wrapped around her finger by the time the opening 7 minute shower to draws to a close or you may just be immune to her wares altogether lol. 

8 elena koshka virtual reality

"I unplugged your Gamecube"

Virtual Nagging

Action resumes on the couch where you are trying to get yer game on but Elena has done disconnected your shit cause you been slackin off on the laundry duty.

9 elena koshka wankz

Laundry day duds

​"whhaaaah wahhaaaha wahhaaa whhaaahhhaaa"

Elena is rockin the hot laundry day duds, spitting some ......."laundry"........."responsibilities".........."to-do-list"...."I turned your gamecube off...." shit at ya and her mini-rant, plus some comic hand acting from stunt dick Damon Dice sets the tone for a just another day at the crib with a scenario most can more than relate to.

10 elena koshka

"So I need you to step it up and be a good boyfriend"

/Bro sigh. Elena rips your shit for about 2 minutes straight before having a seat in your lap and fessing up that she actually might have got a little horny from you watching her in the shower before, and that perhaps she should take care of herself with her little vibrator thingy. Or better yet, maybe she should just tease you with what you could have had, had you been a good boyfriend and done your chores.

11 elena koshka

​Pretty funny shit

For me, Elena sets it all up perfectly and she genuinely made me laugh out loud probably more than any other VR scene I have watched, with her slightly silly and often very real girlfriend vibe.

12 elena koshka dildo
13 elena koshka vibrator

"I want you though..............but I cant reward you"

Elena grabs her vibrator from the next room, comically bumping into the shit on the other side of the curtains in the process and next assumes a one leg up position in your lap where she can tease you for a couple of minutes.

14 elena koshka

"Do you like my butt babe?"

Like I said... authentic GF chatter goin on as Elena stands up and bends over in front of you next, showing off her awesome ass while you make busy with easing the dildo into her tight little pussy.  

15 elena koshka dildo fuck

All the dildo action works out really well as the stuntdicks hands are coming from a logical area of the screen, instead of say from out of your face kind of thing. 

16 elena koshka

​Clean audio

Audio is on point here offering up some nicely moist detail and you get a real sense of how tight your girlfriends pussy really is over the next few minutes.

17 elena koshka pussy

Wut dreams are made of

"Can I use your face?"

A quick pussy in your face section is next before Elena decides she is horned up and might just want to use you instead of the vibrator, as long as you promise to do the laundry afterward, and use the new organic detergent she bought.

18 elena koshka

"Now we're gonna make me cum OK?"

Elena breaks your cock out around 23 minutes into the movie, and instead of just gak gak gak straight off without any prelude, she pretty much slowly worships your cock with a much sexier approach, first slowly handling it, before beginning to lightly... gently, nibble on it.

19 elena koshka blowjob

​Not even going to try to color comment this shit

I really can't do anything to illustrate what is sexy about Elena here, so I am simply going to highlight some shots, but the real magic in the bottle here is everything I can't describe that is unique to Elena and her approach/vibe, etc. 

20 elena koshka oral sex
21 elena koshka

For my money, one of the better VR blowjobs with loving attention lavished on your junk from Miss Koshka.

22 elena koshka virtual fuck

"Can I sit on you now?"

Fucking gets going at around the 28 minute mark with Elena easing you inside for some hot reverse action to start things off but only for a minute or so before she returns to her knees for a little more cock worship.

23 elena koshka
24 elena koshka
25 elena koshka

...and I mean, she even nibbles on the area between your sack and your thigh, lol. 

26 elena koshka
27 elena koshka

"Do you think you can stretch me out with your fingers first and then we can give it another try?"

28 elena koshka
29 elena koshka

"I think I'm stretched out enough now"

The fingering section here is quite nice and Elena, sufficiently loosened up, then hops back on for some forward facing, legging lover centric cowgirl action next.

30 elena koshka

​VR gold zone

And I thought it was just batshit bonkers good here.  It's really close, so I am not going to screen it much, but I just have to say in the virtual sense, it felt like Elena was about as present as the fucking Holodeck can get at the moment. I mean, it was just really really easy to turn myself over to the illusion before me. 

31 elena koshka cowgirl

​Standout scene

Elena just goes off into like the VR performance of the year for me in terms of believability and a scene like this when shot really well, it's easy for me to just view the upper portion of the frame, where Elena feels located about where she should be in the virtual sense. There is enough power just being able to look at her face and honest expression from there to where I don't even find myself looking down much at the actual fucking below. 

32 elena koshka feet
33 elena koshka footjob

​Footjob break

There's a bit of time for feet lovers next as Elena slumps back onto the floor and removes her socks so she can jack your dick for a couple followed up with yet more quality ball licking and cock stroking.

34 elena koshka
36 elena koshka

​Turnaround reverse cowgirl

Elena gets back on for more reverse lap riding next with some nice turn around time incorporated also, before going down, slurping on your cock and coming in close for a kiss while asking you to taste her.

37 elena koshka
38 elena koshka

​Profile view

Sexy sidesaddle action follows featuring some great profile views, after which Elena spins around to face you again for some legs up on your shoulders, couch rocking pounding.

39 elena koshka
40 elena koshka

"Taste me"

Close up time with Elena's freshly tenderized cutlet up next where she asks you to blow on it a little bit for her to help cool her down.

41 elena koshka wankzvr doggie

Great color background mix on the doggie portion

"I want you to fuck me doggie now, OK?"

There is an extended, black out, audio only scene cut at around 46 minutes that serves to transition things to an excellent standing doggie section and again, no point in me describing the red hot action here, so just enjoy some screens.  It's all about Elena's intensity here beyond the obvious eye candy.

42 elena koshka wankzvr
43 elena koshka wankzvr
44 elena koshka wankzvr
45 elena koshka wankzvr
46 elena koshka wankzvr
47 elena koshka wankzvr
48 elena koshka wankzvr
49 elena koshka wankzvr
50 elena koshka wankzvr
52 elena koshka virtual missionary

​Close-up missionary

The action moves into a couple minutes of close-up face only, couch rocking missionary and it's pretty hard to get nice looking screens here due to the proximity but Elena is right there before you and it looks great. 

53 elena koshka wankzvr

​Standing missionary finish

 Action winds up in an epic standing missionary shot for the final minutes where Elena gets hers and manages to squirt all over you in the process and again, it's just hard to describe how genuine her reactions are here or anywhere else in the scene.

54 elena koshka wankzvr
55 elena koshka wankzvr

When dem toes curl up

57 elena koshka wankzvr
58 elena koshka wankzvr
59 elena koshka wankzvr
60 elena koshka wankzvr

"Dump your cum inside...of...me....."

Elena issues you your marching orders and there follows more than enough begging for your cum to get the job done son.  The scene winds up with a stellar creampie ending before Elena exits to shower up again,  and our stuntcock makes with the butter churn motion on the final fade.

61 elena koshka creampie

Post pie

62 elena koshka virtual creampie
63 elena koshka wankzvr
64 elena koshka wankzvr
67 elena koshka wankzvr
66 elena koshka wankzvr
65 elena koshka wankzvr

One of the most real feeling VR scenes I have watched in the past 3 years, and a new level for VR Porn GFE's in my book

10/10 - Virtual fuck of the year so far for me!

     Wrapping up the Elena Koshka girlfriend experience.......fawwwwk!  I could tell from the trailer it was going to be a special movie, but Elena Koshka surpassed all expectations and delivered one of the most amazing virtual experiences I have had in the last 3 plus years of watching VR porno, in terms of just carrying it from tip to tail and making me feel like I had spent an hour with her by the time it was all over.  The scene never got dry for me, I pretty much ate up every second that was served and I appreciated the fact that some of the most endearing sections, that might have possibly been cut out of a traditional porno, were left in by the editing department and allowed to flow and show off Elena's personality.  Just, off the cuff, natural, sometimes goofy shit (and I say that in the most endearing way, she just reminded me very much of actual past girlfriends) that makes it feel like you are with a real girl and not a porn performer. 

For my sensibilities, movies like this offer up some new ground in adult entertainment, and this is also a new type of adult performance.  Girls like Elena Koshka that can adapt to this and rock it,..... these are the rockstar performances in VR right now for me.  

WankzVR is really one of the only studios in my estimation nimbly moving around both new level VR centric shit like this, as well as being able to bring in everything we love about traditional porno and mixing it in with newer VR focused elements in other Wankz scenes.  

I enjoy both ends, virtual fantasy as well as reality but I find that the shit that is the most intoxicating in the virtual sense are scenes like this that flat out don't try to be anything but relatively honest with us, and I feel like that shit really lends itself to such a transparent medium when you get a performer like Elena Koshka in front of the cam.  

When things feel honest in terms of performance, camera setups, story, setting, then there becomes less and less for your brain to call bullshit on when you are in the Holodeck, and there becomes more and more that just allows your mind to largely buy it and surrender to the experience.  It becomes an experience at that point.

​Rare air

As far as one on one scenes go, I thought Busting a Nun with Blake Eden (also featuring Damon Dice) last year was one of the most real feeling scenes I had ever watched.  For whatever reason, that movie just largely worked and wound up going somewhere else for me and I get the same type vibe from this scene, it is rare VR air when there are a couple thousand videos out there now, and you can count scenes like this on one hand.  I think the 2 bell ringers for me this year at Wankz have been this movie as well as Trading Up which was also another GFE.  It is not that I am really even into GFE as like a thing.... it's more that I am into seeing how far we can push into new shit in terms of virtual content that ranks more as something you feel like happened to you in many ways, rather than the type of reaction you come away with after viewing a movie at the theater and the Elena Koshka GFE offered that up for me as well as anything has in VR up to this point.  Elena's performance was fire and production did a great job of crafting up a stage for her to shine on.  10/10.

Elena Koshka GFE from WankzVR!

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