Banging Your Dream Girl Natalia Starr at WankzVR!

Dream Girl Featuring Natalia Starr from WankzVR!

Review by DirtyD

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Studio:  WankzVR
Release date:  10/10/2016
Running time: 52:00
Starring:  Natalia Starr
Review Setup:  Oculus Rift DK2 with Free Whirligig
Trailer:  Following review or: Dream Girl Natalia Preview
Notables:  Natalia Starr, Solid PoV's
Negatives:  Nothing other than nitpicks
Review Score: 10/10
5 words or less:  Natalia Starr's hot in VR!

Dream Girl Natalia Starr!

​Yo, whatup peeps! Doing up a quick scene review for the latest Dream Girl installment from WankzVR featuring the lovely Natalia Starr. I was diggin on Natalia's last scene for BaDoinkVR, so happy here to get another chance to check her out in the holodeck courtesy of WankzVR.  Dream Girl Natalia Starr is a pretty straight ahead affair featuring plenty of hot action along with some solid feeling PoV's that should scratch the VR itch quite nicely for fans of this Polish goddess! 

Natalia Starr WankzVR

Natalia Starr!


Not too much in the way of setup for this fuck flick:  Your Dream Girl Natalia has appeared before you and is there to fuck your brains out. That's what ya got, and that's all ya need son!

Dream Girl Natalia Starr WankzVR Movie Review
Natalia Starr Ass
Natalia Starr

"You want me to do dirty, dirty things to you?"

Natalia looks fierce clad only in a colorful bra n pantie set, and she pretty much gets right to the point, kind of like a stripper might, losing her top before minute two has elapsed.

Natalia Starr VR
Natalia Starr virtual
Natalia Starr at WankzVR
Natalia Starr Dream Girl

"You want me to be a dirty little slut for you?"

Natalia's a fantastic dirty talker and can be fairly aggressive, so a more porny type scenario like Dream Girl suits her well I think, as opposed to say a GFE type of vibe.  It's like porno talk, when the talent is actually good at doing porno talk and can sell it.

Natalia Star Virtual Reality WankzVR

​Distant kissing attempts

Kissing is for the most part pretty distant in this movie, with a few attempts made throughout, the first of which occurs here. I will spare lovely Natalia the point blank screenshots, but there's some kissing here and there for the VR smootchers.

Natalia Starr Blowjob

​Nice seated PoV

Natalia gets goin down below around 6 minutes into the movie and the seated opening PoV works well and felt about right in space for me.

Natalia Starr oral sex

Sexy looks from Natalia

Solid blowjob section with plenty of sexy eye contact from Natalia, who can definitely shoot a hot look or 2 your way.

Natalia Starr titty fuck

A little bit of titty fuck time is featured as well.

Natalia Starr booty
Natalia Starr 3D

"You want me to sit on your cock?"

Natalia pulls her panties to the side around 12 minutes in and takes a bit of an awkward seat on your virtual meat due to the corner style couch setup, but this kind of works out after an edit and a reposition to produce a nicely angled profile-ish shot.  Natalia has a great looking ass and panties-to-the-side is always sexy, making for a nice opening to the action.

Natalia Starr reverse riding
Natalia Starr reverse cowgirl

"That cock feels soo good in my tight little wet pussy"

Off with the panties next and Natalia has a dead-on seat between your legs for another awesome look at her ass and a nice feeling shot in the virtual sense.

Natalia Starr cowgirl

​Spinner moves

Natalia literally spins around on your disco stick into forward cowgirl at around the 19 minute mark for more excellent seated action.

Natalia Starr virtual fuck

"Make me your dirty little fucking slut"

Plenty of aggressive fucking with dirty talk from Natalia and overall the opening cowgirl section is pretty great in the VR sense as well as the sexins.

Natalia Starr virtual doggie

"You want me to bend over so you can take me from behind?"

The scene transitions to a nice feeling kneeling doggy shot next at around 28 minutes in with ample ass time spotlighted in this one for fans of Natalia's first class ass.

Natalia Starr face down ass up
Natalia Starr 3D VR

​Head down, ass up

Some nice head-down on the floor positioning is featured here from Natalia as well, providing maximum arch and ass as well as delightful views of her super tight O-ring.

Natalia Starr upright doggie

​Upright doggy

Always awesome in VR upright doggie is next, with an arms locked behind the back spin. 

Natalia Starr virtual reality WankzVR
Natalia Starr pussy close up

​Snatch snack

Virtual pussy eating is up next with a fairly perfectly placed chow shot for you.

Natalia Starr virtual pussy eating
Natalia Starr naughty bits
Natalia Starr virtual missionary

​Close up missionary with penetration

Action switches to kneeling missionary with both a raised-up-close Natalia in front of you and penetration still visible in the frame below for you missionary aficionado's wondering about such particulars.

Natalia Starr vr missionary position
Natalia Starr virtual sex

"Stretch my little fucking pussy out baby"

Lots of talk about stretching Natalia's hot little pussy out, and some nicely present feeling VR for the missionary stretch which transitions to an upright perspective view around 44 minutes in for the final setup of the movie.

Natalia Starr 3D XXX
Natalia Starr cumshot
Natalia Starr cumslut

"I love being your dirty little cockslut"

"A" for effort from Natalia here, putting in an enthusiastic fuck and keeping the heat up right until our stuntcock goes all Peter North on things for a cumtastic finale. 

Natalia Starr virtual reality porn

"Is this what you dreamed of baby?"

There follow a couple of minutes of low key cooldown to end the scene and nasty Natalia keeps the dirty talk going right up until the final note.  There's a nice little asshole show I can always count on WVR throwing in at the end, accompanied by dick teases of getting to hit that one next, and Dream Girl Natalia Starr is then off to make other dreams come true!

Natalia Starr asshole
Natalia Starr WankzVR movie review

"I gotta go now, there's other dreams I gotta go fulfill"


Wrapping Dream Girl Natalia Starr up, I thought this was another great VR performance from Natalia and a nice scene setup for her from WankzVR. She does the dirty girl pornstar kind of vibe well and gets to just fuck your shit here with little other pretense needed to put together a hot VR vid.  Natalia has a total confidence about her that allows her to own her scenes, and she is just overall a pleasure to watch in VR in my book. 

On the positives, all the PoV's felt on point for me, I love seated action, and the subsequent doggy and missionary all looked good with the "close up" portion offering kind of a combo platter with how high long limbed Natalia was able to raise herself up into the frame. Stuntcock was solid and no performance issues on that end, grabbing on when it felt appropriate and rarely intruding into the shot.

On the negatives, nothing really I would pick out here worth mentioning. Some transition hiccups with in-between position changes being left in by editing are really the only strings showing beyond audio coverups, and overall it was just a solid scene on all fronts for me.

If you are a Natalia Starr fan and just want a hot feeling VR fuck scene without frills, this one will be a no brainer to add to the fap hut. 10/10.

Dream Girl Natalia Starr from WankzVR!

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