Double Virtual Anal in “Happy MILF’s Day” from VirtualRealPorn!

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"Happy MILF's Day" A Movie Review Featuring Jasmine Jae and Lavana Lou from VirtualRealPorn!

Review by DirtyD

Review Setup Oculus Rift DK2 and VRP player/Whirligig

Review Score 9/10

"Happy MILF's Day"

*Watch Trailer Below*

Happy MILF's Day is a 30 minute April 2016 Mother's Day release from VirtualRealPorn featuring the oh so taboo fuck your step-mom scenario.  And in this case you get to do double duty on your mom and your girlfriend's backdoors so the Virtual Anal guys will be all over this flick.

Your step-mom for this movie is played by sexy Brit Jasmine Jae, and she has that really sexy British accent going along with a rocking body.  She is all pent up as things start out and soon gets the idea that a good fuck with her step-son is just the thing to relieve her stress.

Jasmine Jae VirtualRealPorn

Jasmine Jae is pent up and needs a good fucking!

Nice and Close

One of the things that stands out right away is that this feels like it is shot a bit closer than most VirtualRealPorn movies and Jasmine is nice and close to you as she breaks out your cock for some servicing and throughout the entire scene, the proximity is pretty nice in this one.

virtual milf jasmine jae

Jasmine gives your cock some oral attention

You get some nice sucking and Jasmine talks quite a bit to you while she works your cock and eventually breaks out her giant breastesses for some titty fucking.  At around 8 mins in, Jasmine hops on for a ride and the action is nice and close, not a lot of lean back, just big ass fake tittays in your face the way you like it.

"Oh my god it's been so long since I've had a dick like this inside me"

​You get a few minutes of this close up action before Jasmine hops off and sucks her pussy off your cock before turning around and giving you the rear view.  The camera angle is good here and Jasmine looks hot fucking your cock like this.

Jasmine Jae virtualrealporn

A view from behind

At around 13 minutes in, you get surprised by your girlfriend, played by Lavana Lou, walking in on you and in no time the ridiculously innocent looking Miss Lou is bobbing on your knob.  I don't think she utters a word for the next 17 minutes, but not a problem, she gets right down to business.

Jasmine Jae and Lavana Lou

Lavana Lou walks in on you doinkin yer step-mom!

After some nice double dick sucking by the ladies, the camera shot transitions to a laying back position on the floor and Jasmine hops on for a quickie before letting Lavana suck her pussy off of your cock.  Next up, Lavana takes a turn cowgirl, and in this entire sequence, when one girl is fucking you, the other stays nice and close on the side.

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Booty Scootin

Lavana Lou virtual anal

Lavana takes it up the ass

Lavana Lou VirtualRealPorn

The girls sharing your cock

At around 20 minutes into the scene, you are fucking Lavana's pussy one second and in a flash, you are tappin her ass in the same position, which is kind of a cold entry if you like the whole puttin it in thing like I do, but this is good butt fucking non-the-less and you get a couple of minutes like this before mommy makes Lavana get off and suck her ass off your cock.  Both girls hit some ass to mouth and then mom takes over with her veteran tailpipe.

Jasmine Jae virtual anal

Tappin dat ass!

Lavana remains close by while mom pounds her shitter on your rod and this section is pretty good beyond a few pop outs.  Jasmine turns around and mounts you forward for some more ass time, and in a first I can remember, master cocksman Juan Lucho winds up needing a bit of resuscitating towards the end of this scene, prompting both girls to go for some more ass to mouth action.

You get the standard 1 min jerk to completion here and it is a good and dirty cumshot with both girls sharing your load and drooling it back onto your chest up close.

jasmine and lavana share a cumshot

The scene ends with some nice cumswapping/drooling

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Another Solid Rear Entry From VirtualRealPorn

Overall, this was another fine vr porn entry from VirtualRealPorn and one that is sure to please fans of MILF's, Jasmine Jae, Lavana Lou, big ass titties, up close action and virtual anal fuckin.  I really liked the overall proximity of the ladies in this one, and it felt a tad closer than the average VirtualRealPorn movie to me.  Jasmine Jae is a great talker and I pretty much never get tired of hearing British girls talk dirty and Lavana Lou was silent but deadly in her performance.  More solid VR porn from VirtualRealPorn. 9/10.  View our full VirtualRealPorn Review!

Happy MILF's Day from VirtualRealPorn!

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